Surprise! We are over the moon to be announcing THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER. You’ll have to watch the video to find out. We’re so excited you guys… Join me for the day as Riley goes spearfishing and Steffen hits the town. With the boat to myself I get into a bit of yoga, have a jam sesh and potter around the house. Eeeeeeeek I can’t wait for you to find out ???


? Pick up my cover song here:

Song Credits:
00:09 Mimi Gilbert – Strangers Won’t Exist – 01 Saints & Sinners
04:20 Miss Max – Get Going (feat. Dave Mann)
06:24 Drop Legs – Criminal
08:46 Song for Luka – Colm O’Reilly

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Comments 54

  1. Congrats guys,
    been following you from day 1, Doin’ well for an Adelaide boy and Gerro? girl!

    Envious but working on not being.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! You are in for the most difficult series of tasks you have ever imagined in exchange for more joy, happiness, love and outright bliss than you ever dreamed possible! It will be hard work, and worth every minute of it many times over. My blessings on you both, and your child to be, for enduring good health, happiness, and love.

  3. WOWWWWW I didnt expected that! Congrats both of you!! excellent newsss. I wish you the best for your future.

  4. best decision yet Congratulations!!!! your life is just begining there are just people with kids and people without welcome aboard all the best to you to you both ;^)

  5. Congratulations to the two of you! You will wonderful parents. Good luck and keep us abreast of your status.
    Fair Winds,

  6. Good work guys! Very happy for you both. We’ve got one joining us in the next week or so. Fun times for all.

  7. Congratulations – Awesome news! Check out sailing Zatara – they have this down pat with 4 of them, so you will learn a lot about all the things you need to know and maybe more.

  8. Congratulations. You can take a young one on the boat but I understand there must be a bit prep.

  9. How exciting is this!

    This lucky little guy, or gal, or both, is (are) going to have the most beautiful parents on Earth!


  10. My little girl turned 42 this year! You are about to start a voyage with more surprises than sailing around the world. Congratulations from a father/grandfather!

  11. 8:55 point of the video!!! The best surprise you could have ever shared. If it’s a boy TRUMAN the first child conceived and raised on the internet. I see a children’s musical Album in the future. I would a 24 hour baby cam like a baby panda in the zoo.

    Congratulations 🙂

  12. Fantastic news and congratulations to you both, wow lives are sure going to change now lol

  13. Congratulations.
    As a Father I can assure you that a whole new world will open up to you.

    I will be happy to Sail and Maintain La Vagabond for you while you take your break for the children years. No charge.
    ~ Laughing~

    Love you Both

  14. That’s great news, Elayna and Riley, congratulations! Big changes ahead, but you two will take them in your stride … your child will have great parents!

    Cheers, safe sailing, and congratulations,


  15. Congratulations how nice for you both. Great to see people enjoying life and making the most of it. I never miss an episode over a number of years now it’s so enjoyable. It’s been good to see you haven’t changed since you got the new la vagabonde. I was thinking it may all become too commercial and loose the down to earth / water, feel. Good job.

  16. My sincere congratulations!!! I am really happy to hear that. So how will you approach it,will you take a little timeout on the shore or will you make hem/her a little sailor from day one? ??
    Once again, Congratulations!!! ?????

  17. Huge congratulations to the pair of you! WOW great news indeed!
    My 4 children and I sit and watch you guys and your inspiring exploits every week and you’re awesome! 🙂
    We all think you will make great parents and we are looking forward to seeing you undertake this next journey too, as it will be even more wonderful, larger and more rewarding than anything that you’ve done or imagined so far.

    All our love to you three!
    Valentina, Savannah, Angelo, Niccolai and Brett -x-

  18. Congrats kids! Wow! You’ll both make great parents and your child will be very fortunate to be raised by you both!

  19. So pleased for you both.
    Welcome to another chapter and rollercoaster!
    Is he going to make an honest woman of you?

    Don’t stop doing what you do, we love you for it.

  20. Fantastic news guys. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family.
    The new baby should have a good life cruising with you both.
    Well done
    Take care and fair winds

  21. Our congratulations to you, wow, what beautiful news!!! Enjoy the next months and stay well and happy – all three (or more?! ?) of you!!! We are happy to accompany your further journey from far but with all our heart, blessings and best wishes
    Love Anja & Nic

  22. I thought your previous video was THE best. However, this one that included yoga and only Elayna is now in first place. You are amazing.

  23. Hi! 🙂

    Congrats, guys! We hope you will get a beautiful and healthy kid. But, “How old does it need to be to sail to the Caribbean”? No panic. We know lots of people who are continuously traveling with babies and young children, and even couples who get them on the road, in the country where they are at that moment. Why speeding back to Australia and put your lives on hold for a baby? The baby is added to your lives, not the other way around 🙂
    Anyway, enjoy the pregnancy!


  24. Oh wow! That is very exciting news. What a lucky baby! This will add all sorts of new joy and challenges to your lives and I’m sure you will be very successful.

  25. So over the moon excited for you!! We all know you will be such great parents. Let your next journey begin…

  26. Congratulations! Welcome to parenthood and the most important and challenging job you will ever have! It is also the most rewarding!

  27. Congratulations Elayna and Riley that is such great news now you will have to take care of each other and no risks!! I am so happy for you both lots of love and best wishes.


  28. Congratulations on the wonderful news! It is the most exciting time indeed….and such a big change in life! Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy, take care of yourself.

    Danka & Paul

  29. Ahhhh, I’m so excited for you two. Congratulations. When your baby comes it’s like falling in love again but in an even more profound/better way. Seriously. You’re going to be the best parents! So, so happy for the two of you! So meant to be.
    Elayna, I had a similar feeling with my pregnancy. In fact, my husband said, well, never mind, TMI!. My next few days following conception I experienced these incredible hot flashes in the middle of winter. I had to turn in Ac on in the car! Continue to be well!!!!

  30. Sooo happy for you guys! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Very strange but I was wondering the last few episodes if Elayna might be pregnant. Don’t know why. If it’s a boy I like the name Cleat. ?a girl Compass Rose.

  31. Congrats! One lucky sailor to be. Great boat, brilliant lifestyle and without doubt you’ll be fabulous parents.

  32. Could be triplets, of course. That would be fun. A ready-made crew – in a few years time.

  33. Gefeliciteerd Elayna en Riley, een mooie klein wonder groeit met geweldige ouders,ben net opa geworden van onze derde klein dochter ???

  34. Wow talk about dropping the “P”Bomb , so calm cool collected. Congratulations.
    You dont need any pregnancy test you’ve got the “Im going to be a mum glow”.
    I hope you will continue your adventures on the high seas, dont let kids stop you from what youre doing now.
    As far as family planning is concerned its never the right time just grab the short time you have with your kids and run with it, soak up every minute. You two are so down to earth you are going to be the best parents for your kids just keep ignoring nay sayers as you have an oportunity to raise a special individual in a special environment as opposed to running with the sheep

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