Our rough future plans to sail with our baby! – Pregnancy recap

We wanted to make a video to explain a little more about our future plans to sail with our baby and also so that Riley could share what he has to say about the exciting news! For those of you who missed yesterdays big announcement, YES! it’s true! We are welcoming a new crew member onboard late this year. We are over the moon. Thanks for all of your incredibly kind words of love and support. It takes a village to raise a baby and we’re so lucky to have quite a big one. Love you guys! Elayna and Riley.
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Comments 52

    1. Ok I don’t hardly ever comment on anything but I feel I have some useful information. First I’m so excited for you both and your new edition….. What a Blessed Child…. Second you will absolutely be able to raise a child on a boat … you’ve already raised yourselves on one…. Third My cousin and Her husband run a Yacht club in the Bahamas they are Awesome and I truly think y’all yes I’m Southern. would be life long friends. I believe this is Divine Intervention. I don’t know if you can contact me from this but I’m Calling my cousin !!!

  1. I love the way you are handling the situation. First video must have caused some concerns for some ….but me personally loved it. I was waiting for the day!!! Good touch to do the follow up video and explain more as how you want to move on. That will change too. I don’t feel at all like it’s the end….but a new beginning. Moving forward, and in your case most often then not change course. Keep up all that you are doing and know that you are supported and loved.

  2. You will both be great parents with a fantastic lifestyle. Your child will benefit from all of your experiences and those you will share together….Sail on!!!

  3. Love the news!!
    You are fantastic! You can do anything!! Your Can share as much or as little as you want, but I would love to see a lot of that baby!! And as he gets older he will tell you when it is too much!!
    We love you!
    And feel lucky to have you in our lives

  4. Congratulations, but make no mistakes you guys, life as you know it has ceased to exist.

    Absolutely amazing having a kid, it will blow your minds.

    Glad to hear you have decided to forget the ice, I am not sure that the Outremer is really built for those conditions.

  5. You guys really are charming. A pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Listen. My children are my best friends. Best thing I’ve ever done. They grew up sailing. They both love it. You’ll be fine. Your child will be fine. What children need more than anything is love, and I’m sure you two will provide love in abundance.

    I’m glad y’all are spending time in the Bahamas and Florida. I love the Bahamas and I’m confident you will too. Just be wary of hurricanes and be ready to get out of the way.

    If y’all make it up to South Carolina (an easy sail from the Bahamas), look me up. I’ll help any way I can.

    All the best.


  6. Congratulations to you both. You are going to have a wonderful time. A new adventure for you three. Be well and safe.

  7. There is this thing called GESTALT, and you are about to experience it. When we are young, and without offspring, we are half of who we can manifest to be…I know that is a bit harsh, since many people decide to never have children…BUT…BUT, when you do experience that phenomenon, something very profound takes place. You are no longer living as an entity, unto yourself, but are forever cleaved to a new life…one that is completely equivalent to your own. It is very similar to the face of a clock…your life takes you to the halfway mark, your child takes you the rest of the way. You two are so lucky to be in the mindset that I think you are in…this little “squee,” whomever she/he may be, will be a pathway to the opening of a flowing pipe of love that you won’t believe is possible, but will redefine your opinion of how huge love really is.

  8. Hey guys I’m a father of five when the first one came every little noise, every little moan, every little cry we would go running. Sometimes we would go running for no reason at all. I would actually find myself sneaking in ever so quietly just to make sure that he was still breathing and I would catch my wife doing the same. When the second boy came it was much of the same. However the third one was very very stressful for me. She was the most beautiful little baby and is daddy‘s girl and is to this day. There is something special about having a little girl especially for the fathers. And as special is that is number four was just as special. I think I lost more sleep over those two little girls that I have ever lost in my entire life. By the time number five arrived we kept him in a draw beside our bed. Children are precious and it is a magical time enjoy every minute. We love you and we pray for you.

  9. You got it Right! No worries, its all good.

    I for one am excited about “our” new baby. After all these years of following you two I consider you family after all.

    You two will make Excellent parents…no question about that. What a lucky kid to be able to grow up in your world.

    All three of you are in all our thoughts and prayers.

    Fair Dinkum


  10. Congratulations to you both. So very happy for you and wish you all lots of Love, Health and Life to enjoy sharing with your child and each other.

  11. Well, this certainly will be “exceptional”. But with such exciting promise. In “my day” this sort of
    decision and experience didn’t exist. So we can’t wait. God bless you all

  12. Hi guys,
    First of all congrats! No downside to having dual citizenship…you’re in for a wild ride, soak it up. You’ll find that it will seem overwhelming with a steep learning curve, but no worries, it will be like everything else you do….Awesome!
    Sending positive energy…all the best.

  13. Congratulations to the two of you, I am a father and there is no more valuable possession I own then my memories of watching my daughter grow from infancy to adulthood. There will be some minor learning points along the way but you will enjoy each and every moment of it! Patience and planning have served you well and this journey will be no different. Enjoy!


    Ray from Oahu

  14. Congrads you 2 and stop worrying, from the father of 4 now enjoying 8 grandkids. You will be fine.

  15. Just perfect and beautiful.
    Your story continues… for all of us really. So happy to see two wonderful young adults become a loving couple with precious respect for each other and now blessed with this! So cool!
    Your parents must be over the moon with joy, because you’ve got your ‘thousands of parents’ feeling the same way! So happy for you!!!
    From a grateful dad of three…Support and Love always to you three.

  16. Congratulations. You are going to be incredible parents, what a lucky little bubba and amazing life they have ahead of them. It will all fall into place once they arrive. Enjoy the pregnancy xx

  17. Hi You Beauties
    Great news, well done.
    I’m now an old guy (72) living aboard my beautiful Yacht based at Chatham UK.
    You have bought back so many memories of my two boys arriving, growing up and as they are now 48 & 50 they are amazing family men.
    You both are on the biggest adventure with your new crew member and she/he will bring you happiness beyond your wildest beautiful dreams.
    Take care of each other.
    Love n Hugs

  18. Thank you Elayna and Riley for a really nice follow-up to your wonderful news of yesterday, and again … Congratulations!

    I wonder why some people would see this as the beginning of the end? To echo Winston Churchill, this could be considered the end of the beginning. ?

    Yes, your world will be turned upside down, but in the nicest way. I am extremely confident that you will both meet any challenges that come your way, and look forward to witnessing that through your future videos.

    All the best, and safe sailing!


  19. We loved (still love) having kids (we found ourselves so funny, that we thought, there ought to be more of us 🙂 ), and seeing you happy with eachother and with the knowledge a little niño or niña will be making his or her grand entrance, you’ll deffunuttullie love it too!
    And guys, don’t be afraid to take that little one on long sailing trips (to Australia or even the Arctic). Maybe it feels safer to not do those trips with a baby or toddler, but in real life it actually makes no difference. On this planet there is no real security anyway. The only security in this life is God. And especially if a kid is healthy, there isn’t much chance at sea to catch a disease or walk under a bus, or getting hit by a car while sitting in your stroller or hanging in a bellybag.
    Anyway, congrats again to the both of you, and we wish you a lot of wisdom for that little one!

  20. Wow – Congrats on your new crew member! Let the adventure begin. We cruise the Bahamas every year and the islands are fantastic. Many family crewed boats and spectacular water loaded with edible delights.

  21. Congratulations! This is fantastic news. I’ve been watching you both grow over the past two years, and although it would be amazing to see the next stage in your lives and to watch your new crew member gain his water wings, you need to enjoy every second with your baby. They grow and change minute by minute and before you know it they’re onto the next stage of their independent lives. I’ve recently been blessed to have my grandson live with me from his birth last year and there have been so many momentous stages that I had forgotten my own children going through, so I am making every second count, taking time to talk and play and notice everything in the world with his fresh eyes. Slowing down is the best decision you could make, make time for the baby and if that means we see less of you for a little while, then don’t feel bad about that, this is your time with the most precious gift you’ll ever receive, treasure every moment. Remember to just remain as chilled out as you always seem to be and baby will be the same. You will be providing your baby with the most amazing life experiences anyone could ever wish for. Stay safe, healthy and loved x

  22. You guys are awesome!

    Thank you so much for sharing this precious moment with all of your fans – I should say all of your Family – I really look forward to this new and heartwarming turn in your adventures

    But enough of this sentimental stuff – let’s get to the important side of things – I suggest we start thinking about names – are you open to suggestions?

    Love and multi hugs

  23. Well done you two. Now the adventure really begins. As a father of two beautiful children there will be challenges but the joy of watching your child grow and develop into adulthood will bring huge amounts of joy and a deep sense of awe. God bless and lee all 3 of you

  24. I am a professional sailor and certified captain. My husband and I raised six kids. Believe me, after all the two of you have accomplished, raising a little “Mini Me” on La Vagabonde will be like a walk in the park. Much love & luck!

  25. Hey Riley, As you said, welcome to the club 🙂
    Yes, I’m a father of 3 and today my girl told me, “that’s OK you can have a boat when we grow up”. We’ll see if she is right.
    However, the most close experience to having a baby while sailing I had was when I was a navy ship captain in the Israeli Navy. The long nights when you are doing your shift, you are tiered and eager to sleep and than, when the shift finally ends… an emergency starts and guess what… No sleep for you.
    So… baby, might be like that. They don’t wake up at your shift schedule, never.

    However, I would go back to those nights at sea in a second if I could. Eventually it all being written in the good memories book.

    Love the content you guys do and happy to be a patron.


  26. All good you guys! You will find that life is continuous, not jagged, and that this is another chapter in a very good book. I had a wonderful run pre-dad and now all that it was and so much more. Riley, you’re not in the club yet – just peeking in the door from the door step; your lack of sleep experience will come in most handy. Read all you can on attachment parenting because everything will apply to what you are about to embark. Also, read ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ having nothing to do with parenting, it’s just a good read in line with David Foster Wallace.

  27. Congratulations!

    My parents sold their 45 foot Whitby recently to a couple raising two small kids and a cat. They turned one of the heads into a berth! :). A boat is a natural place for kids to grow up, the perfect jungle gym, so don’t worry about it. As for including them in your story, I don’t think there’s any problem showing the baby (it will be impossible not to). And I think lots of people will be interested in this natural evolution of your lives. The bigger question will come when your kid gets older and wants to make their own friends. All will be revealed.

    Just an observation, the love you have for each other, while always present, is just overflowing now. Beautiful to see. When the time comes, let me know if you need crew to get the boat back to Australia Riley!

  28. Hey guys. Congrats to both of you! As a pediatrician I can say this will be the best thing to ever happen to you. This should not dampen your enthusiasm for sailing . On the contrary, you will now have your little one to teach and enjoy the journey with. Let me know if I can help in any way! All my best , Dr J

  29. I actually hope you have the baby on the boat with a midwife so that your child can experience a birth under circumstances that do not involve the trauma of what they do in hospitals. It is a shock to come into this world in the first place so why not have it all set up holistically with soft music, and everything calm and peaceful so the child can come into this world with out that trauma. And do it in the Bahamas because in the USA, the medical people are too militant and if there is one thing slightly out of place in their minds, it could spell disaster for the child. And I will not expound on that any further but do your homework regarding this subject as it is vital to the health and well being of your child if you are even remotely considering the USA as a place to deliver.

  30. Congratulations guys so happy for you both!!
    Thanks for sharing and your plans sound great.
    As always look forward to every adventure you have.
    Keep it all up and stay safe all three(?) of you.

    That’s not just good news but
    G R E A T. N E W S….
    so excited for the both if you…
    Now you get to play The NAME GAME… be patient with that one and change your mind’s a lot…
    You ‘ll know when it feels right and fits…
    Hey where ever he/she is born they’ll be a citizen…so think it through…
    Check out J.Mantzel videos…
    Couple of great Canadians that bought a couple of islands in PANAMA… She just had a baby in PANAMA… Total cost for hosputal dilivery 65 U. S. DOLLARS…
    since they had no insurance they were a wee bit anxious/nervous..
    now they JOKE ABOUT IT…
    They’re hand building a castle on their island from scratch… Have 2 daughters home school and now a son..☺☺☺☺
    100% off The GRID…
    Your lives will hardly change at all,
    Just as you always have…
    SELAH and I can’t wait to meet up with you all… All three of you.
    You ‘re, all three in our prayers..
    SELAH n mark
    Keep JOKING N laughing…
    Its G R E A T For the little one.

  32. Congratulations!

    Head up to Canada for next summer, July and August are the best, 32 C lately. Not at all covered in ice as some Aussies and Americans might think. Do some fresh water sailing through the Great Lakes. Always good medical along the lakes on the US or Canadian side.

    All the best!

  33. Congrats guys.
    After just having a baby a month ago .. your lives are about to change forever. Nothing will ever be the same again. Everything you thought you knew .. changed forever.
    With that being said.. your attitude and perseverance will see you through the tough times. I am sure you will both make amazing parents.

  34. Congratulations!!!! You guys will do great. Both having a baby and sailing afterwards, you have prepared for all this. Best wishes.

  35. Hey there, very happy for you.

    The USA cost could be incredibly high if there are complications. Medical costs there have and continue to bankrupt people, so if you do go, be sure you’re well protected from this. That said, you’ll be well taken care of if you go there. Personally, I’d go back to OZ and have the baby there. Keep up the good work and many blessings from London!

  36. That is the most amazing news a couple can have. You two are the perfect parents. You can always count on every year as a parent being as great as the one before it. Our two boys sailed with us every summer. As infants, we always made great contraptions on board so that they could sleep when on different tacks. Now they both graduated sailing schools and sail on their own whenever they get a chance. It’s a beautiful world and to share with one you love just makes it totally amazing.

  37. Fabulous news, ??? ???
    You’ll both enjoy every moment, keep calm, loving and gentle……” baby “will be blessed
    as Elyna gives birth into the adventure of S/v Vagabond. What other way could be better!
    She/he will grow to be an exceptional person.?????????????????

  38. ?. Join up with 20 other couples on sailboats, create a seafaring culture, society.
    Just kidding. Sail and enjoy. Congrats

  39. Awe I am so happy for you both! We live here in the Florida Keys with our 2 young daughters. I definitely want to say “Welcome to the Club”. There is nothing for us that compares to our love for our children. It has been a wonderful experience for us. We have been taking them both boating since they were infants and they love the water. We look forward to someday sailing with our girls so please keep inspiring us! We love the videos and if you are ever in the Florida Keys come join us for some dinner and baby talk:-)

  40. I am so happy for the two of you, a new world awaits. It is the greatest – parenthood – and I think you both will make good parents, treating your child with the respect and the love you treat each other. And social conventions aside, if you want to keep cruising and making videos you can. You appear to know how to take things in stride!


  41. WOW, that’s Great! I remember 42 years ago when we found out we were going to have baby. It was great, but wait until the sonogram and you see the baby and (OH YES!) hear that little heart beat. That’s when it really hits you! I still remember that like it was yesterday. Best wishes for you and your growing family!!

  42. The best of luck to you! We dream of doing what you are with our three kids one day soon! Look into natural home (boat?) birth and please educate yourself about the insane amount of vaccines they hand out in the US!


  44. Frank & Flo On the Viking The great experience that we had when we sailing our choyle motorsailer was one
    That I always remember, We met a younger great couple from (down under) who had a 6 yr old son and they came on board and he was born also on there boat while they were ⛵️ sailing they were rasing him and sailing, he was quite the kid
    At 6 we were in the engine room and he started to educate me on the systems that
    Was a hoot as you would say we had the greatest time with him and his family , what he had learned in just 6 yrs was unbelievable! A guys it’s great hearing about all your experiences. Thanks you two. For sharing you experiences ?⚓️⛵️

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