Our Sailing Trip in Florida [Ep. 164]

Join us for our sailing trip in Florida with myself, Riles, and our bunch of new friends. A freediving lesson for these guys was a must, and we also couldn’t let them leave without tasting some Vegemite. We spend some time exploring what Miami has to offer and we were stoked to find some hidden gems. Also, a few of our patrons give you a tour of their own sail boats! I hope you enjoy this one guys. Elayna and Riley. ?

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Song Credits:
00:00 I Notice You – Duncan Saige
04:01 Down Down (feat. Thurz) – LAIKPIA
09:27 BayStation – Fire Song
12:58 Old Stone – Martin Piehlmeier
15:12 Salud – Andrew Rothschild
16:56 Devil Like Me (Cover by Elayna C)

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  1. Alayna. Send me yours and Riley’s direct e mail. I have a book about baby’s first year that I want to send you. Dr Steve

  2. I just came across your videos, what an adventure you are having. There’s something I’m curious about though, you seem to hav3 two different boats, a monohull and a catamaran, please explain

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