Our Son Stopped Breathing. So Scary. Ep. 245

If you’re interested in joining us in The Azores and you’d like to support our videos, become a patron ??⚓️? The scariest few weeks of my life so far. Lenny experiences Anaphylactic shock from eating peanuts. I’m so glad we found out he had allergies while we were on land.. More info in the video. We also move back onto La Vagabonde in this episode! Wooooooo. We’ve got our Epipen and we’re nearly ready for our next adventure at sea ?⛵️?? Watch the episode with Humaid in it again
Azores Footage Credit

Song Credits:
00:17 Tender – Outside
02:04 Breathless By The Sea – Micah Lother
04:26 Amarante – Brave (Instrumental)
05:58 Aviator Stash – Prescribed Television
09:13 Koresma – Free (Marley Carroll Remix)
12:30 Mikael Abramowitch – Sailing La Vagabonde
19:23 Brother Mane – chillpill

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  1. I have experienced anaphylactic shock. Fortunately it was in a hospital and I was dealt with immediately. I’m glad Lenny is okay. Very frightening for mom and dad.
    As for Grace. Sailing videos are reality television created for our enjoyment. They are made by amateurs for us to share their experiences and perhaps to live vicariously through them. I don’t have a problem with them making money from those that have the means to support the programming. I am personally an old age pensioner of modest means and watch their videos for free. Supporters that voluntarily offer the free use of vehicles or accommodations are doing it because they want to. They like the channel and feel there is good value in the productions, Everyone of us are trying to make a living. Cut them some slack Grace. Watch something else.

    1. I have followed this amazing couple since the very beginning. What they have achieved and learned along the way has been incredible when you consider both of them were complete novices. They have been an inspiration to many, some who have taken to the water and some who just like to watch from the comfort of their armchair. As the adventure has become more ‘commercially ‘ sophisticated it was always going to attract criticism. BUT ….despite the involvement of various manufacturers and suppliers Riley and Elayna have remained true to their initial principles. They are not the only ones funding their adventure with patrons either….but the effort they make to provide their followers with interesting and inspiring videos has set the bar very high….. Yes perhaps they should guard against the potential of boating celebrity but thus far they remain the delightful caring couple pursuing a dream in a world that lets us do little for ourselves if we choose. They have chosen to be curious and have put themselves out there …..they always knew they would be judged……fair winds and calm seas and may the adventure continue……love Philip

  2. Grace WTAF. Chill out. I’ve watched these two since very early on. They give me a window to a better place and if they asked me for something that was in my power to give then they’d have it.

    Giving is free and responding to a request is voluntary. Plus as a parent having a nanny helping to get things done is nonsense, why would you bring a child into this world and not want to raise it yourself. Far better to have someone help with the other stuff. Most other television has a large team of production behind the camera it would be ridiculous to not have crew at the very least to help sail in the event of bad weather.

    Keep it up guys!

  3. Ignore that Grace Troll. What she wrote is shocking. No one forced her to watch you. If she doesn’t like what she sees she should just switch off.
    We loved Lagos and the sardines! Check out Faro when lockdown finishes and Ilha da Culatra. Also a trip up Rio Guadiana up to Alcoutim is amazing. Hearing 9am strike on the church in Portugal and at the same time 10am in Spain whilst you’re at anchor in the middle of the river!
    Stay safe guys.

  4. I hope you guys can sign up to watch this series called The Truth About Vac cin es. They just finished airing this series. Peanut allergies are predominantly associated with vacs. Everyone should watch this. It is horrifying what is being done to our children as they are literally poisoned by these things. Levels of Mercury, aluminum, off the charts and those are in every jab. This series features doctors from around the globe speaking out. Poor Lenny, this breaks my heart. https://go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/ttav/
    Google is trying to block them so here is the link.
    DuckDuckGo search engine is not blocking them.

  5. Grace means amongst many definitions : kindliness,charm,beneficence,generosity,charm.
    I think you had better change your name to something more suited to your personality like Envy?

    Jealousy is a serious disease…. many have it unfortunately.
    cure: get real, everyone has the chance to realise their dreams, you can do so too.

    So glad Lenny is ok ,he was very lucky…..stay safe..

    1. Post

      haha! Thanks Rob! Some comments just don’t deserve a response. Yours does 😉
      Imagine the drain of energy, responding to people like Grace.

  6. I think it’s great to be able to do this and make money doing it. I’m one of the old guys (71) sitting in myn lake house wishing I had done this 50 years ago. More power to y’all. I learned to sail when I was 12 and have wanted to ever since. Bought a sail boat at the Atlanta Boat Show this year and have not put it in the water yet. Water too cold. Boat is a Wind Blazer for my Grand kids to learn on.
    LOOKING forward to warm fun with them in the boat.
    Y’all keep smooth sailing with a grin on your face.

    1. Post
  7. Love love love to you all keep doing what you’re doing it’s made my days at home bearable so much so we’re selling the caravan and looking at a sailboat nothing like a solid change at nearly 50!!!!!

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