Our TINY HOME on the Ocean Ep. 199

Join us for a week of free diving, spearfishing, exploring deserted islands and cooking in the Galley of our tiny home on the ocean. This week kind of sums up what it’s like to live aboard half of the time. This is why we love sailing in tropical climates ☀️??.

Song Credits:
00:00 Devil Like Me (Cover by Elayna C)
02:09 Last Year’s Winter – Cinders
04:01 Fai Rynita – Warp in Time
05:16 Luis Trindade – War
07:44 Jimmy Pinch – J’aime Le Soleil
09:53 Delone – Mac Stanley
10:5 Siren’s Sky – Along the Beachline
13:52 Untitled #1 – fugitive & the Vagabond

Join us onboard as we show you how we keep clean on board La Vagabonde throughout the year.

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  1. Just lovely. I am happy for the three of you. Pretty idyllic circumstances. And beautiful photography !

  2. Wonderful video. Appreciate your hard work creating memorable video’s. Thank You very much.

  3. You both have found that balance that you were searching for after the delivery of your son. Perfect wonderful content! To see and feel all the love and nurturing you surround your son with is inspiring. Stay safe and thanks for sharing!

  4. So fun to watch your adventures. My husband and I sailed in BVI, got hooked on sailing and got married there while bareboating for a month. Eventually got our own boat for sailing in Wyoming on Jackson Lake. High mountain lake sailing is not for the faint of heart. Sold when I was pregnant as it was very hard to trailer the boat and not die when lighten storms struck, which was often. Our baby is 26 now and we hike, ski, and fly fish mostly in Idaho, until we can visit the ocean.

    Longing for crystal blue, so until then, it is fun to watch you all!

  5. You are inspiring – such love, joy and optimism emanate from you three -it picks me up just to watch you – 200 episodes!! Awesome!
    Lenny is fantastic – growing even as we speak – you can tell how magnificent parents you are!

    Keep it up!

  6. Thank you for all your videos of your life on the sea, you have entertained us all with all your experiences .
    Best wishes

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