Panama City Pirates (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 37

After we transit the Panama Canal, we spent a week or so moored in Panama City. It’s a busy channel, which meant La Vagabonde was constantly copping the wakes of all the traffic. She was also out most nights and not coming back to the mooring ball until 5am… and was constantly complaining of a hangover. We also made the most of being moored near a city for a while, Riley went on a history tour to learn about Panama as he is recently obsessed with pirates and I went to check out an animal shelter so I could FINALLY see a sloth. I could have kept that little baby one and thrown Riles overboard to make room for him in our bed HE WAS SO CUTE!!! We prepared La Vagabonde for a 5 day sail to the Galapagos Islands, a place we have been SO excited to get to for a long time now. More new, interesting animals for me to discover. Horaaaaaaay.

Much love, Elay.

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  1. Wonderful video and glad to learn a bit of history, especially about all the gold. Looking forward to seeing you again during your next passage. Be safe!

  2. Great video and history lesson. Keep them coming. Looked like you use Iridium Go we have just installed and wondering if it works for you. Now your in the Pacific come visit us in Hong Kong and I will show you around.

  3. Wonderful video Guys. Really enjoyed the history. look forward to your video. Keep your adventure going. Be Safe.

  4. I loved this one. Genius to hire guides. Nicely assembled with the maps and and all, and the various little sub-themes with the history, and the zoo, and the preparations. Fun.

  5. I always enjoy watching your adventures. Love you two allot, be safe, saying a prayer for you both.

  6. The best thing of all that gold was…we the dutch stole a lot from those spanish ships by attacking their home bound ships…sometimes even a whole fleet..?.
    I loved this episode
    So Elayna and Riley…I am on a big powerboat in the South of France and we do sea trials now..cause in a few days we go to the Carribean our first island will be Saba one of the Dutch islands.
    With love.

  7. Hey guys, whats the song track on the panama city pirates vid, goes something like ‘ we got lost in the monent’.

    Keep it up!


  8. Hi. Another excellent and educational v/blog. Sure looks like a busy place in Balboa.
    You would be glad to get back to sea for some peace and quiet! I hope the weather
    is being kind to you where you are…we seem to be having an extended summer here
    in NZ.
    All the best and take care.

  9. Great-Video…! A bit of history and great views of your travels, as always I look forward to them and the next one…God-Bless you Both, calm waters and fair-winds! Gaston ;O )

  10. Hi Guys
    Recently downloaded the lessons learned brochure it was so cool to read and hear what you’ve been learning and about the tools you are using ( so I’m not as stupid as I thought I was )
    Love the videos guys , for an Aussie living in Denmark It warms my heart to follow your adventure.

    safe travels

    Cheers A.

  11. Hey kids,

    Kick ass vid as usual…ur living my dream! You guys are the best…stay safe!


  12. I love the vids. I have been following along since the beginning. You are entertaining a lot of desk jockeys who dream of walking out of the office on an adventure. I am also fascinated but the fact that you have been able to turn it into a business.

    Speaking of the business and since you are working for views… I might be capitain obvious here…. but you do realize that videos with Elayna in the thumbnail have a significantly higher view rate on average. And her in a bikini is another huge increase. Call it sexist or exploitative if you want, but it is how the world works (or at least the internet).

    Best of luck sailing on. I look forward to following your adventures from my office chair in the concrete jungle.

  13. Hey Mate,

    Awesome, some interesting places you visiting. Thanks for sharing.
    Riley you mentioned a couple of episodes ago that you would much prefer a catamaran and that not one day goes by that you wish you had one. So when are you trading in the mono hull for a cat?

    your lifestyle is far better than the Rat Race. ?
    Bon Voyage

  14. Another top vid,nice to see loads of smiles and happiness.Be good be safe.get some more fishing in when ever,I love seeing that, aseptically when the Dorado got off what a laugh(to some)!.

  15. Another super video from you two. Great history lesson Riley. Compared to other anchorages you’ve been to Panama does seem to be a bit noisy and busy. I think I will delete it from my future plan of adventures and just stay around the eastern Caribbean. I also think the expense to go thru the canal is a bit much along with the fact that you have to buddy up with another boat. No matter what a lot of people want to cast off the lines and Go!!! And you provide a lot of inspiration. Thank you both very much..May you have fair winds and calm seas. God Bless. Dave.

  16. Just started to watch and I think you both are great, keep it up and stay safe. If you are ever in Germany drop a line and I will see about sending you some support.

    Rick R.

  17. Hello!

    My name is Shawn and wife Katie. We have three little ones Savannah, Shawna, and Christian and we live in Florida. We have recently decided to work towards paying off bills, selling items, and working towards living on a sailboat and home school our children. Your videos are very inspiring and motivating to say the least. Good job on the videography and editing. You guys seem like really good people and I hope you all continue to enjoy life while sailing and the good Lord keeps providing!

  18. Weary from the endless droning on and debating and bickering about the race for the White House, to escape reality for a couple of hours today I went to YouTube and searched for “sailing around the world” and discovered you. Enjoying following along on your voyage of discovery. Just finished Episode 3 and will binge watch until I’m caught up. Take care.

  19. Hi there Evo here from. 43 ft 2004 Beneteau Ventura California. Love your personality in the Videos. Could you please tell us in a future video what type of camera you are using.
    Go Pro? What model?
    Thank you,

  20. As always, a great video and always well done. The history is so interesting. I hope to follow you in my own boat some day. Smooth sailing, ya bunch of vagabonds! LOL

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