Planning on a SAILING trip? Here’s our TOP 5 BEST PLACES EVER!

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Song Credits:Song Credits:
00:12 Mikael Abramowich – Sailing La Vagabonde
02:06 Care free – Grenan Dawley
03:11 The Noise – Towers of Temple City
04:29 Kalun Townsend – Winter
07:15 I’ll Be Home – ⁨Bruno Laucirica⁩
08:37 Floating Around – Trent Herzman
11:40 HUFRIK – For Now

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  1. OK Guys there is no doubt in our minds unless you headed SW you are being pounded by a Cat 5 right now. Please check in at your earliest opportunity.

  2. Hey Sailors,
    No word from you regarding your evasion of Dorian! What did you do to protect yourselves and the boat??
    I hope you are safe. People are worried about your welfare; let us know how you found safety.

  3. Hope you and your home are safe. The hurricane was devastating to the islands. Please send word that you and your home are ok. <3 Elly

  4. it alway good to keep your options open and have a plethora of choiches! remember a plethora of choices!

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