Plastic in the Ocean. SAVE OUR SEAS! #plasticfreewithslv

We’ve never sailed to a place where we haven’t seen plastic in the ocean. We are very concerned about plastic and plastics effects on our oceans and wildlife.

Join us for a 1 month challenge in saying NO to single use plastic bags and coffee mugs. Don’t forget to #plasticfreewithslv with your photos on Instagram and Facebook so we can see them. You can use ANY tote bag and reusable coffee mugs!! They don’t have to be ours. Together we can make a difference and we hope that one day, the oceans that we will continue to sail will be beautiful again.

Pick up your SLV tote and coffee mug here: shop-lavagabonde. This topic is something we feel passionate about and we’d really appreciate your love and support.


Love always, Elayna and Riley from Sailing La Vagabonde ?


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  1. Was excited to see this post, this is something I too take seriously . then after reading your pitch which you clearly only mention plastic bags and coffee mugs which so happens to be what your promotion is about, tote bags and recycled plastic? coffee mugs.
    Your message’s are guided in the right direction and I totally agree about single use plastics, not just bags and coffee mug. then you turn to commercialize the post.
    Riley, don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed watching your post from the beginning and was always thrilled to see a new video come up which just got better and better, then the new boat and things just changed. too commercialized
    just my opinion

  2. Why not start your own plastic recovery company…….to supply a plastic recycle business……… as a raw material supply to low tech products.

  3. Have you guys heard of 4Ocean? They’re a plastic clean-up crew. I really like them and try to donate as often as possible. Maybe you guys could team up (they do a lot of beach clean-ups in Florida have been all over)

  4. Hey there, my son and I are fans. We are about 3 months away from setting of ourselves for the next semi years, not sure how long.
    Just wanted to touch on the plastics episode. Truly is sad, can be downright feeling “doom”. It takes a conscious effort to reduce plastic use, until the thought process is one of sustainability.
    That’s being said., I’m surprised not hearing recycle. If one uses a plastic bag, make multiple uses of it, when it’s no longer of use, recycle it. Same if one chooses single use water bottles or coffee for the store. When I do buy store coffee(rarely) I will reuse the cup as a to go container. Lastly I want to point out that the way out world is going the convenience of services and “shipping “ of things by mail is a drain on resources. The cardboard, plastics, energy. Anyways. Just my 2 cents..

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