Polish Girl buys Sail Boat for €1 !! Yes, that is ONE EURO. Ep. 122

Justyna, 22 years old, was miserable at university in Poland when something incredible happened. She saw an ad online of a couple wanting to sell their sail boat, but only to the RIGHT person. She took a chance and flew to Malta to go and see the boat meet the owners. Over dinner with the couple, they asked “how much can you offer us”. Justyna was at uni, so it wasn’t much… watch to hear Justyna tell the story of how she bought the boat for one euro and plans to refit the entire thing herself!! We can’t wait to see her progress. GIRL POWER!!

If you think you can help Justyna make her dream come true, her contact details are:

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Videos made by Elayna and Riley!!

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  1. Best Wishes ! Hoping your boat project is sucessful. Remember…..patience & perserverance. Good Luck. Brian

  2. Hi Riley and Elay,

    Happy New Year from Chicago, also known as Chiberia. It is only negative 7 degrees f here. I love watching your videos they help me to dream of traveling and exploring. You 2 are my inspiration. I know it must be a lot of work on your part. I liked the scuba diving on the wreck and your conversation with Justyn. I wish her luck with her dream boat. Please continue your excellent work.
    Your friend,

  3. Happy New Year, Elayna & Riley

    I love you guys, you have no idea how great it is to watch you guys during some of my challenging times.

    I would like to get you some medical gear that you guys don’t have. I work with some of the most amazing DR’s that have designed some of the best medical products on the market. These products make any digital (fingers-toes)injury, cuts, lacerations and so on very easy to mitigate.

    Thank you for all your inspiration…

    Jason A. Ramos
    Owner, Product Research Gear LLC.

  4. Hey guys! I really admire what your doing. Been working/living on my sailboat for a couple of years now with my girlfriend. We are rebuilding an engine, and getting this Islander set up for some long cruising. Hope to meet you someday!…Mike and Karen…

    1. Post
  5. What does Justina need first? What’s her next step? Does she need an engineer to map out the deck or a rigger or ???

  6. Buying a boat for one EUR is nothing extraordinary as so many pre 1985 AWB’s (average whiet boats) do somehow have a negative value. An example. You buy for EUR 3K and old French tupperware of 1979, engine shot, keelbolts leaking a bit , sails shot. You install a new engine (EUR 8K), fix the keel joint and bolts (EUR 1K at least, keel needs to be removed, this usually done by profesionnals), buy new sails (EUR 4K), plus miscelaneous, thus total expenses +/- 15K EUR. Market value of your renovated tupperware: EUR 8K if all goes exceptionally well. Thus fair value at purchase: 8K EUR less 15K EUR that is negative 7K EUR. Not a joke, hard & cold reality.

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