Putting New Sails to the Test (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 63

We got new sails! We put them to the test and the start to our sail to Niue (590nm west across the Pacific Ocean) was a rough one. Poor Julian was as sea sick as they come and couldn’t go down below for most of the trip (I’m telling you, coffee is the devil when the seas are high!). We are hoping to get to the inside of a tiny reef in the middle of the ocean, a few hundred miles before Niue if the weather turns around. I guess we’ll see. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Ps please don’t forget to thumbs up for dogs!! Maybe if we get enough likes Riley will let me have one…. Love Elay xo


Song Credits:
00:09 Saving Change – Floors
01:00 Saving Change – In The End
04:55 Mood Rays – Back to Life
05:27 Ghost Lit Kingdom – Times Like These
07:43 Joshy Willow – Travel Diary
10:28 Saving Change – Smile
16:20 Peasant Moon – Forgive Me
17:20 ZENFLIP – J’avance à l’envers (end song Elay)


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  1. Well hate to say it thumbs down for doggies and yes to a serval cat as they can be trained to do there business on the boat where most dogs want to go ashore and who knows what trouble they can get into. My other choice would be a parrot. Have a friend sailing the Caribbean right now with one and it’s hilarious what the parrot has learned to say.

  2. +1 for the dog.

    Our mini dachshund is the best thing that ever happened to us.

    Ps. I hope my boss never finds out how I spend the Tuesday morning smokeo – I don’t even smoke. Cheers la vagabonde!

  3. Well guys, a doggie is a lifetime commitment of 15 years approx. Are you sure you are ready for that? If you had the big cat boat, I think a dog would do well on that one, but with the limited space for a dog to run around on your current boat, it might be tough. And then what do you do with all the poop and pee? And storing dog food without it getting moldy. Things to think about. And what if it was a little dog and it fell overboard, what then? How could you swing the boat around in time to rescue it? Especially in bad weather. You know dogs are curious so it might be a challenge to keep it confined to a safe area all the time. And is that fair to the dog? Dogs like to run and play.

  4. My 2 cents on the dog question.

    Below is a google search showing dogs being rescued at sea. The query returns way too many links, in my opinion, and for every dog that gets rescued (on camera, no less) there must be a much larger number that don’t.


    Vag is perfectly optimized for a pair of highly evolved apes such as we are, but not very well optimized for a creature with claws, no ability to grab railings, and a powerful instinct to chase things like birds and other wildlife.

    Consider a parrot, like the captains of antiquity! Seriously, they can talk and can be surprisingly affectionate.

    check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpgVL0hisCk

    1. absolutely my lovelies…no DOG!!! bad idea aboard a yacht! Parrot maybe…dog not!!
      are you getting bored Elayna?
      No dog No Dog No dog No dog No dog No Dog No dog No dog…..etc.
      Thumbs down for doggies on board yachtys
      LoVE your vids..I have a 45 foot wooden ketch..

  5. still haven’t seen the episode where Riley sets out on his one man sail to new Zealand . did I miss it?

    1. Post

      Hey Alan, the videos are about 4-6 weeks behind real time for editing etc and Riley hasn’t left Tonga yet so I’d say you wont see it until Jan 2017.

  6. These short films just get better and better. I hope people appreciate just how much work goes in to making these. When I was a kid there was a TV series called Seaspray about a family sailing the South Pacific on a Schooner. Your great videos reminds me of that TV show. Great work, keep it up.

    1. I remember “The Adventures of the Seaspray”, too – the story of Captain Dan Wells (?) and his family sailing the South Pacific. It was on the ABC in the afternoon so we could watch it after school.

  7. Another great video. Good to have the new sails…just need some decent weather now!
    And those burgers!!… no wonder Jules was sick. I,m surprised Riley wasn’t crook too! Ha.
    Pity the trip was a bit rough but must be worth it in the end.Amazing colour of the water
    at the end of this vid. Great work. And thanks for episode 62.5. That was a surprise!
    Keep safe.

  8. I’ve never had luck w a dog on a boat. Problem w dogs I’ve tried is they never really are able to relax. Up and down in and out up and down in and out. Cats on the other hand being natural hedonists can find a way to make themselves comfortable anywhere, especially sprawled across your keyboard while trying to type.

  9. I agree with the Captain, about getting a cat.
    Having a dog is not all fun and games. Dogs do get sick, which is evident when they vomit or worse. Dogs need a place to do their business and they need room to run. Some countries require medical clearance on animals, so as to not bring other unseen critters to their Islands.

    Animals fall overboard, when the ship and waves get to bouncing around. I read where one couple searched for their cat for six hours one morning, after they had anchored for the night. They found the cat swimming around about half a mile away.

  10. Dogs make for great companions as long as you make sure they are safe. Go for it guys, but remember, once you make that decision it is for good.

  11. No doggie on the boat. No cat on the boat. No doggie on the boat. No cat on the boat. R E P E A T after me: No doggie on the boat. No cat on the boat. No doggie on the boat. No cat on the boat!

  12. Yeah Dogs!!!!! small kine one though, less to clean up, always entertaining, and who ever is being the arse, the other can out vote with the aid of da dog!!

  13. Really a dog?? A dog cannot steer, bring in the sheets, cook dinner, be on night watch, unhook the anchor, sing a song. I have watch all of your videos and got to know you both .. so this was quite unexpected .. sounds like a nesting urge. Tell me I am wrong.

    BTW you guys are amazing explorers and movie makers. As a sailor myself I have really enjoyed your journey.

    Keep telling your tales!!

  14. Now THAT was a sailing video! Your best yet.
    Sleepless nights in weather and putting in reefs ahead of time, that is what real sailors do…..
    You guys make an excellent sailing team.

    Changing to new sails out in the middle of nowhere would ensure I would be lacking a tool or a part and nowhere to get one. You are a brave man Mr. Riley.

  15. Cool you added song credits now. Can we send you some music? James & Chandra, Darla Records, San Diego CA & Hilo, HI. We so love watching the show! Aloha!

    1. Post
  16. “The calm before the storm.” “A dog before the baby” Pushing the envelope me thinks! My dog Merlin hated the boat even a floating pier, that moved under his feet. If looks could kill I’d be dead!
    I loved this episode which was improved by Jules extra hands when not wasting coffee!
    PS. Did he say baby?

  17. Pet Riley. He’s trainable. Less growling. NO THUMBS UP for dog, cat, bird, lizard, rat, mouse, etc.! SORRY.

  18. Get a Portugese Water dog, great boat dogs. Love water. Easy to care for and might save you if you go overboard.

  19. Adopt a kid and take them with instead. At least they eventually grow up and can do chores and stuff!

  20. No pets!!!! Too many issues there. ( think about Customs, quarrentines yuck) Looks like you guys had your hands full on that passage. Great work! I learn something every time I watch your videos!! Take care my friends!

  21. No to dogs but yes to keeping at least one if not two of the longest battens for future breakage or loss in your new sails. Safe travels, love your videos!

  22. Thumbs down on dog. Love the vids sometimes watch’em 2 or three times. But was wondering how you guys always look so fantastic? 1 day on boat and I look like hell. 🙂 my wife insists you must have a film crew and makeup person on board.

  23. We have had a dat on our last two boats. Taught him to use the head! No clean up but he keeps forgetting to press the flush button!
    Love the Vids! Hope to see you when you bring the new boat thru the Virgins.

  24. We have a dog “Stella” a Golden Doodle. My wife and I sail the great lakes here in Canada.. I can tell you having a dog on a boat is a hell of a lot of work. I would not even fathom it on the high seas. If you were retricted to coastal crusing only…a dog works.
    But….both partners have to want it. We really love our dog.
    Tim and Bice
    S/V Pinnacle II
    CS 36 Merlin series

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