Rainy, Summer Vibes While in Transit. (Episode 148, 149, 150 & 151)

Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Thank you to this fortnights featured artists, from episode  148, 149, 150 & 151 of Sailing La Vagabonde. Your music smashes it like a bull in a china shop.

We have found another stacked deck of great international artists, creating contemporary sounds that fit oh-so-sweetly to the video of our travels.

There is two music streaming websites that you might be interested in, both of which we regularly update with our hand-picked music selections.

The first is our Spotify, which features all of the artists from the SLV videos and a heap of playlists that are great for all occasions.

We also have a SoundCloud account which offers most of the same features as Spotify, but includes the option of sharing the music and leaving feedback for the artists with a single click. Head on over to help support our featured artists.

A huge thank you to all of the artists feature on the show recently, we love your music and appreciate the opportunity to have you feature on our videos.

There’s four episodes here, so we’ve got a fair bit of ground to cover this week. On the plus side, the steaming playlists will keep you busy for a while. So tally-ho, lets get cracking..

Spotify Playlist

SoundCloud Playlist

Let it Rain, La Vagabonde’s in Transit (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 148

In desperate need of a new adventure and destination, we leave the harbour despite the fact that our boom was still broken. The part we needed had arrived, but it was the wrong size. We fired up the engines and Riley decided to get into some serious fishing/spearfishing on our way west to the magical deserted island of Redonda ✨

It’s summer time, and the livin’ is easy (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 149

Welcome aboard La Vagabonde. Meanwhile, moored off the lush green island of Nevis. We’ve got plenty of exploring to do, a freezer full of fish to share with our neighbours, a volcano to climb and a whole lotta good vibes to give! Yo ho ho! Adam Freediver YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzVy…


Working Harder Not Smarter (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 150

Our only reason for heading to the Dutch side of the island, Sint Maarten, was to pick up our new part that had arrived in the mail and to fix the heck out of our boom. Join us as we frolic around the busy town of Simpson Bay, dinghy around the waterways to see the damage from Hurricane Irma and find ways to entertain ourselves onboard. CHECKOUT MY NEW COVER SONG HERE: https://elaynac.bandcamp.com Congratulations Jörg Bornhauser and Craig Margetts! Send us either an email to sailinglavagabonde@gmail.com or a direct message via Patreon

Operation ‘Zero Chance’ (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep.151

Things are not lookin’ good here in Anguilla. The seagulls are 100% to blame and I’m going to hear about this from Riley for at least the rest of my life hahahaha ? (I feel compelled to write here that Riley and I pick on each other and muck around onboard most days, and that it’s all in good fun). Join us for a speedy sail to another island here in the Caribbean and explore a shipwreck with me! Oh and on a serious note, what’s wrong with my aloe vera plant?

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Featured Artists


Alexis Roche –  https://soundcloud.com/alexis-roche-2

Songwriter and guitarist Alexis Roche plays a sweet blend of guitar ballads, mixed frequently with upbeat tracks to compliment his overall sound.

Many of Roche’s tracks share the spotlight with musician friends of his. The result brings contrasting texture to his songs, changing the dynamics and bringing sounds together.

Most of Roche’s songs are in French, however, they are still enjoyable for anyone who listens.

Fellow Hollowhttps://www.fellowhollow.com

Folk duo Andrew Gavin Williams & Luke Elliot Fleeman have contemporary folk music dialled in.

The duo slides through their songs seamlessly, taking you into a comfortable, warm bubble of delicate guitar melodies, unpredictable harmonies that drip with soul and interesting tempo changes.

Although musically intricate, Fellow Hollow shines through the delivery of their narrative, touching on childhood stories, love and joy.


James Walker – http://facebook.com/JamesWalkerMusic

James Walker tip-toes through the indie-folk landscape, his mellow and understated songs a pin drop into the depths of introspection.

A talented multi-instrumentist and well-seasoned performer, James has been known to play more than 200 shows a year. He has also released an ambient piano collection under the pseudonym Camellia Japonica.

His debut record, ‘English Bones’, was released on October 27th, 2017 and is available through all the usual socials.

Jordy Maxwellhttps://www.facebook.com/jordymusic3/

Sun-drenched and soulful, Jordy creates especially chill folk-roots music.

While musically pleasing, it’s Maxwell’s voice that sets each song alight. He tells relatable, emotional and captivating tales with pain in his voice that is irrevocably gut-wrenching.

Follow Jordy’s socials for updates as he tours extensively around Australia.


Samuel Scott McCumber – https://soundcloud.com/samuelscottmcc…

Samuel Scott McCumber seems to employ a time-tested method when penning songs; write a story, write good music, put them together.

Utterly enjoyable, McCumber’s songs shine with clever and humorous lyricism, relatable and introspective depth.

Storytelling aside, his music is well produced, the acoustic guitar cutting through the mix with a mellow, smooth tone.

The Big Ideahttps://thebigidea.bandcamp.com

Jumping all over the musical spectrum like a flea on the carpet, we’re pleased to introduce you to purveyors of who knows what genre – The Big Idea.

inextricably chaotic and elusive, sounds from multiple platforms are enlisted by the creative French 7 piece. From punk rock to jazz,  blues to funk, chill out to get out, they have all bases covered across their expansive back catalogue.

Follow The Big Idea and navigate to their Bandcamp page for secret content.

Vender and the Cobras – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xi0q…

Vender and the Cobras is the solo moniker of Chicago musician Matt Beard (Friends of the Bog.)

Writing music that comes from a place of dysphoria, Beard attempts to put the pieces back together and reconcile with an assumably turbulent existence.

As foreshadowing as the veneer of Beard can be, at the core of his music is a sense of hope, with music being a catalyst for expression and emotional evolution.

Airline Food – https://airlinefood.bandcamp.com/

Perth four-piece, Airline Food, is a psychedelic indie band, quickly filling a cozy little niche that likely includes furry walls, beanbags and lava lamps.

Their music is so chill. Synth strokes are delightfully lazy and laced between a jazz-infused beat, hot little bass lines and cosmically reverberating guitar are the gold standard, providing a footing for vocals that echo eerily and drift through the tracks like a ghost.

Their March 2018 release ‘Fragments in Green’ is seductive in its appeal and takes a page from the book of artists like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala.

Alnilam – https://www.alnilamband.com

Entrancing, atmospheric dream pop, with layer upon layer of sound, blending and contrasting to construct a magical tapestry of music.

Stellar musicianship drives Alnilam, with several instruments orchestrated cleverly to create space, fill in with a wall of sound and form anticipation and crescendos throughout the ebb and flow of each song.

Delightful bass lines run throughout, harmonising with acoustic and electric guitars, various classical stringed instruments, a percussion section and more. Not to mention the caramel smooth vocal input of singer Elena Pinto. Alnilam is truly a mesmerising combination of artful and skilled music playing.

Alon Barakhttps://soundcloud.com/alonbarakmusic

Alon Barak writes and records expressive and interesting music.

Employing a sound that is almost exclusively acoustic, Barak redefines melodic multi-instrumental style on his debut EP ‘Core Values’. Performing for more than a decade, his music shines with experience and passion.

After more than two years since his debut release, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Alon Barak for hints of a new album.

Barack – https://soundcloud.com/lorenzo-barack…

There is something about the musical minimalism produced by Barack that is sublimely appealing.

Standing in the spotlight solitary with his guitar, Barack evokes a sense of vulnerability. While the word vulnerability may tend to construct thoughts of helplessness or fear, Barack shatters these notions and projects his wonderful voice with confidence.

While the guitar composition is mostly sparse, it succeeds in the objective of providing an identifiable melody to accompany Barack’s humble story.

Blissful Red soundcloud.com/blissful-red-1

Blissful Red is Melancholic dream pop at its best. Shy vocals are set against the strumming of a looped guitar with solos included.

Blissful Red remains elusive but has been likened to musicians such as Beck, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead.

Although there’s only one song on his Soundcloud, he has an EP out on iTunes (follow the links) and a new EP in the works.


Chelou – https://chelou.bandcamp.com/

On the opposite, more eclectic side of the indie spectrum is wistfully singing, dense and enchanting Chelou.

Chelou’s SoundCloud page is filled with comments from fans begging for more.

At times musically sparse, at other times complex and detailed, a big part of the appeal of this music is its ability to keep you interested and in anticipation of what’s coming next. Check out the Halfway to Nowhere video if you want to trip.

Cymic – www.facebook.com/cymicmusic

Cymic composes synth music for a long list of different genres, confessing an interest in several styles of music. Ranging from dance and electro-wave to medieval and poetry among many more.

Songs can be of a variety of unpredictable lengths, some with vocals and others simply an arrangement of electronic sounds.

Despite limited information on Cymic, he impresses a dedicated following of Soundcloud listeners, many of them leaving encouraging comments on his songs.

The Fabric – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5vMgz…

The Fabric is an entourage of nine talented group members.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they write a contemporary style of orchestral drama-pop that is suited to the underground bars of the most liveable city in Australia.

Backed by skilled percussion, bass and a broad arsenal of sound, singer McMahon is able to project her voice and story with complete confidence.

Heeblay – https://heeblay.bandcamp.com/

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers a layered texture of sounds backed by an evocative and soothing vocal.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of strung wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’ which is available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.

Jack and the Weatherman – www.jackandtheweatherman.nl

Silky smooth melodies and thought provoking lyrics underpin each song from JATWM.

The acoustic prodigies from the Netherlands deliver wonderfully arranged, easy-to-follow songs that keep your foot tapping to the beat of the tambourine.

Having released their latest full length album this year, ‘The Lucky Ones’, the duo are consistently selling out venues all over Europe. Check the socials for updates about these workhorses.

Jode Gannon – https://soundcloud.com/jodegannon/tracks

Rock n roller Jode Gannon writes some seriously foot tapping, head nodding music.

Coming from the humble beginnings of music class, where he was expelled on the last day of school for water-bombing his teachers groin area, his non-authoritarian view point has followed him to the present day.

Despite Jode being told several times that he will never have a career in music, he now has two studio albums, ‘3 Hours’ and ‘Care Factor Zero’. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for some great rock music.

Jordan Prince – www.jordanprincetunes.com

Hailing from one of the world’s most musically inspired cities – New Orleans, Jordan took his talents across the Atlantic Ocean.

He ventured all the way to Europe, steadily carving a name for himself into the steins and hearts of Germany’s people.

Critically acclaimed, he has continued to flourish in his new environment with a hectic touring schedule and plans for a new concept album due in 2018.

“Jordan Prince is currently working on his new album, and because the people from his life are such a strong motor behind his writing, this will be a concept album: each of the twelve planned songs will be about a single, important person whose friendship changed his life. The album is officially to be released in 2018 with a new tour.”

Rory Laye – https://soundcloud.com/rorylaye

Rory has a strong following on SoundCloud, subscribers who are thirsty for hearty sing-songs that tell stories the way only blues can do.

Influenced by greats such as Marley, Dylan, Morrison, King, Hendrix and many more, Rory flexes his musical chops in a similar fashion.

Opting to record Lo-fi, the sound works well, each string resonating as it is struck against the plectrum like rain on a tin roof. Rory’s husky vocal provides a wonderfully emotive melody to follow as he shares his story.

Tashaki Miyaki – https://soundcloud.com/tashakimiyaki

Music conjuring an oh-so-tasty spin of the so-cal steering wheel down to a beach like Malibu, Venice or even Laguna, hitting the good vibes and sounding grimy as the local dive bar.

Downing dollar shooters never had a better soundtrack, and Tashaki Miyaki keep it quality, with reverb laden vocal tracks that palpate against the fuzz of lazy guitar riffs and the occasional violin for good measure.

Listen up if you want to dream of the Californian sun beating down on your surfboard while enjoying a dripping ice-cream cone, man.

Miss Max

Dropping musical truth bombs left, right and centre, Miss Max is well beyond her 19 years.

The self confessed gypsie sings with a sweet weightlessness over the sound of her tambourine, her guitar and an unmistakable vibe of wanderlust mixed with a burning desire to hit the road.

Keep transmuting your dreams to song please Miss Max.


Martin Piehlmeier – www.martinpiehlmeier.com

Piehlmeier is a guitarist who likes to strum, pick, slaps and beat his way through impressively complex songs.

Although lacking a vocal presence, the music produced from his single guitar is unbelievable and  does all of the talking.

Pacing his way through several different moods in every song, each turn of a corner is another practice in guesswork, wondering where Martin will take you through his imagination.

Palace Winter – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2F7aa…

Palace Winter is the experimental production of Aussie singer-songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish producer and pianist Caspar Hesselager.

The duo collaborate to create complementary sounds, featuring airy, nonchalant synth, laced throughout a driving, almost hypnotic guitar rhythm.

Carl’s vocal melody winds its way through each song. Although somewhat moody and reminiscent of dark-pop, the message of Palace Winter is an encouraging jab at realisation of one’s potential and self efficacy.

Upside – https://open.spotify.com/artist/48aEO…

Upside formed a few years ago in France and after playing and honing their style, they released their first album in 2017 titled ‘Saturday Morning 10AM’.

Typically folk music at its core, the dual guitars and vocals of Upside are smooth at all times.

Their songs are optimistic ditties, exploring some of the common contemporary  questions faced young people.



We would really like to thank all of the artists featured on the show, you guys are such an important part of our videos which wouldn’t be the same without you. We can’t describe how happy we are to have you onboard.

Please help us support the musicians featured on SLV by liking if you liked, sharing if you want to share and clicking all of the links to go and support the bands.

A million thanks, you guys.


Sailing La Vagabonde Music



Airline Food – Sunscreen Dream – https://airlinefood.bandcamp.com/

Alnilam – Alnilam – https://www.alnilamband.com

Alexis Roche –  https://soundcloud.com/alexis-roche-2

Alon Barak –  https://www.soundcloud.com/alonbarakm…

Barack – Lines – https://www.barackmusic.com

Blissful Red – https://www.soundcloud.com/blissful-r…

Chelou – https://chelou.bandcamp.com/music

Cymic – https://www.facebook.com/cymicmusic

Fellow Hollow – Unabashed  – https://www.fellowhollow.com

Heeblay – Why does Moons go in the Sky –  https://heeblay.bandcamp.com/

Jack and the Weatherman – Live It Up – https://www.jackandtheweatherman.nl

James Walker – http://facebook.com/JamesWalkerMusic

Jode Gannon – https://soundcloud.com/jodegannon

Jordan Prince – Legendary Love –  https://www.jordanprincetunes.com

Jordy Maxwell – Blue Eyes  – https://www.facebook.com/jordymusic3/

Liam Wright – https://www.liamwrightmusic.com.au/

Rory Laye – https://soundcloud.com/rorylaye

Tashaki Miyaki – Somethin’ is Better than Nothin’ – https://soundcloud.com/tashakimiyaki

Samuel Scott McCumber – https://soundcloud.com/samuelscottmcc…

The Big Ideahttps://thebigidea.bandcamp.com

The Fabric – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5vMgz…

Miss Max – You Me and the Sea – https://soundcloud.com/missmaxmusic

Martin Piehlmeier – Last Drop – https://www.martinpiehlmeier.com

Palace Winter – Dune Wind – https://www.soundcloud.com/palace-winter

Upside – https://open.spotify.com/artist/48aEO…

Vender and the Cobras – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xi0q…













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