Raising our Child Abroad. BAHAMAS on a SAILBOAT. Ep. 203

Join us onboard La Vagabonde, in Spanish Wells. We tie up in a marina to get some boat jobs done and we get to spend some time with our little man Lenny exploring the windward side of the island.

Song Credits:
00:00 Joe Mungovan – Lost Myself
06:00 Bill Beaumont – Transmission
08:25 Jamie Hamilton – Apocalypse Love Song
11:11 Koresma – Liquid Lady
13:17 The Riverside – Sierra
15:58 The Riverside – Times Goin

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    1. Absolutely wonderful to watch you on your sailing adventures. Started watching you guys about a year ago, liked what do were doing so much that I went to the very start of your videos. You two were made for one another then little Lenny comes along. Wow what a pleasure it is to be watching your family.
      Keep doing what you do best.

  1. Seems you have a new code zero? Wasn’t your code zero purple? Did it break?
    This new one looks like it is carbon?
    Looks great!!

  2. Fantastic as always. Enjoy those baby smiles and grins, they will last always. God bless and be with you always

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