Really tired. Everything’s funny. FLYING TO FRANCE for the REGATTA! With a baby.. Ep. 211

We fly to France for the Outremer Cup! A weekend of racing our kind of boats, in the mostly beautiful, peaceful town of La Grande Motte (the architecture is unfortunately quite the tragedy.. but it’s easy to ignore the more wine you drink). WOOOOO. I also fill you in on some very exciting news ?

Song Credits:
00:00 Ballad of Bear and Boo (Boobie) – Leo the Eskimo
02:31 Michael Dunstan – Emma
05:47 POSITRON – Palace Winter
07:00 Fernando Ferronato – Paisagem Oculta
09:53 16 Floors – Saving Change

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Comments 5

  1. Hey guys,

    Absolutely love the life style you’ve both chosen! Little Lenny is so handsome already. Riley, watching you and him doing father and son stuff brings me back to when my kids were little! Take all the time you can to remember their little faces! what better way to come into this world, by traveling the worlds most beautiful waters! Wow just wow! Elayna you are a totally cool Mom, love it when you play the guitar for Lenny! Does Riley play at all? Totally support you guys and your little family. Safe journeys guys, wishing you fair weather and smooth water!

    P.S. Can’t wait to try a hog fish!!

    Your fan,

  2. Keep chasing your dreams dude , you only live once but always remember ‘ it’s a jungle out there ‘ … /:-}

  3. Or just work for a charity. That way, 100% of your effort and talent goes into the charity not 10%.
    There is nothing more rewarding.

  4. Such a brilliant lifestyle, living the dream through you guys . Lovely family .
    Safe journeys.

  5. Love your lifestyle! Do you see any more travel in the Pacific realm? Will you be up grading to a larger catamaran any time in the future? What about a Rendezvous with the other couples that have sailing UTube videos.?

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