Rescuing an adrift catamaran and a boring monologue.

(#7 of 7) Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge! I couldn’t believe when we got the call to go and rescue a friend of a friends boat that was adrift. To think what was about to happen sends a shiver down my spine. Anyone ever seen a bridge dismasting? Anyway, here’s where I’m leaving La Vagabonde as I fly back to Australia to meet up with Elayna. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned. Riley.

Song Credits:
00:17 Michael Dunstan – Oversupply
01:36 The Grey Whistle – The Grey Whistle Test
02:53 Jimmy Pinch – Blood Moon
04:55 Lucy – Nick Cunningham
10:52 Basement Lament – Tom Owens

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Just want to thank you for your channel, I have been a follower since the early days and always look forward to the next video.
    On 8th March my mum passed away and your videos have been a welcome distraction and affirmation that live has to be lived as its short. Keep up the fantastic adventure, it help so many people in more ways than you will ever know.

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