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  1. I’ve been following y’all the whole way…I love y’all simplicity and integrity…..each day I look forward to your uploads…..I dream of what y’all are doing…soon I will gift y’all…

  2. Hey there from Perth!! I only found your youtube page 48 hours ago and I’m already up to date (kind of a bitter-sweet moment for me)! I envy your idealistic lifestyle like you would not believe… Been sailing with family since I was young and I hope to accomplish what you have one day. Keep livin true guys

  3. I have been following from the very begining… very transforming and inspiring…keep going. beautifull experience

  4. Woooowooow just ordered your sailing lessons and recipes can wait to receive it.
    Hope to see u guys in Paris or in south of france at Marseille one day. But for now go to work making money to share your life onto “la vagabonde” after, gooo…
    And as the saying says, BON VENT 🙂
    Bye bye

  5. Very interesting, I enjoyed all episodes and can’t wait for the next one!
    Vint la pupa, Lenuto, si la barca si la tine 🙂 . I feel bad for Riley cause he got sick, I wish him all the best, he looks like a very nice guy (with husky eyes :))
    Is that around your neck a GPS transmitter -tracker ?
    Am inteles ca dupa escapada asta te duci inapoi la scoala ? 🙂

  6. Riley, man, if ya gotta jump, get the wind at beam reach, and jump with the wind not against it. (Jump away from the boat, not down. lololol

  7. My wife, Shelli, and I have watched all your movies(several times). We are planning our voyage from Maine to the Carribean which should be underway within 5 years. I got to finish my time in the Military first. We love your life and have purchased your guide and cook book already. We eagerly awaite your next adventure.

    with total envy and a hint of jealousy
    Tim and Shelli Drake

  8. Great vids, looking forward to the next post. My wife and I are a couple years away from freedom 55. We will start our adventure at that time. I’ll look around your web site and make a pay it forward contribution, cheers guys.

    Mike and Dawn, Edmonton AB Canada

  9. I love the movies on youtube spend most of the few hours I spend on the TV watching you guys! If you ever end up near the Mississippi even though that’s a long shot give me a call! I’d love to show you around Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the history of Louisiana.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Just watched all episodes from 1-37 in a row, started yesterday. Being ill at home from work, this was the perfect thing to do.
    You’re awesome!

  11. I used to sail a lot. From living on a Seabird Yawl in the keys to delivering boats to the Caribbean. I have a YouTube channel about retiring in SE Asia now so my sailing is unfortunately in my past. I just found your channel so now I can live vicariously through you all!
    I am just so interested in the logistics of getting your videos and postings uploaded. I saw you have a sat phone but I doubt that creates a data connection but I might be wrong. Anyways would love that kind of info. Maybe it is is an episode from the past.
    Please take care and make sure every day is filled with love and laughter. It can carry a multitude of sadness, or doubt away with it.

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