Return to La Vaga in Grenada!! Ep. 22

After 4 months in Australia, we finally got to pack up our things and jump on a flight (4 flights actually) back to the Caribbean to our baby La Vaga. It didn’t feel real, sitting on the plane and knowing we were a day away from the start of a whole new adventure. An even bigger adventure this time. Taking on the Pacific. Maybe the sleeping tablets had something to do with it, but it really felt like a dream. It was so good to spend some time back in Australia, visiting friends and family and making the most of all the comforts of living in a house.. but after two weeks of being back in Aus, we were more than ready to get back to La Vagabonde again!!

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She didn’t look much different, but she certainly smelt a bit different. Mould had grown everywhere and some sneaky food that was left inside the galley had left a powerful aroma that took your breath away. We were so damn tired from the flights over and all we wanted to do was crash out and hibernate for a few days until the jet lag wore off… but we were afraid the powerful stench would knock us out whilst we slept, and we would wake up the following year in June, and have to wait out the hurricane season all over again before we could set sail. We didn’t want to take any chances. So we cleaned, scrubbed, put the sails back up while there was no wind and re stocked with a few essentials.

We were reunited with a few of our cruising friends, or our ‘family on the water’ as we call them, who were also hauled out for the hurricane season at Grenada Marina. Everyone ended up in the same place which way nice. Having them around really made us feel all the more ‘home’ again. We shared a hire car with 3 other cruisers, so we could dash into the city to pick up a few things as Grenada Marina is quite some distance away. We explored some beautiful waterfalls, and took part in our first ‘Hash Race’ that Grenada holds each week. The history behind the hash race and how it all started is actually quite interesting.

The Hash Race first started in Kuala Lumpar in 1938 by 3 brits that belonged to a prestigious social club, and they wanted to create energetic physical activity without getting in the way of their beer drinking routines. And this is where hashing was born and it has lived on ever since in countries all over the world. An international hash (InterHash) is held in a different part of the world every two years. This year’s InterHash is in Goa, India – over 4,000 hashers are scheduled to attend. That would be a pretty crazy experience!! 

Stay tuned for the relaunch, we take care of a few more jobs and then we head down to Trinidad. Slowly making our way towards Panama, stopping at the ABC islands, Columbia, the San Blas, and soon… the Pacific! Get excited…. we certainly are. So stoked to have you guys along for the ride.

Thanks for watching, and the love and support. 

Love Elay (& Riley)

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  1. Hey from France,
    Such a good video and a nice project ! It remind me of my dreams of circumnavigation !
    Good luck and sail nicely !

    Bon vent !

  2. I congratulate you on the voyages , I give me encouragement to continue arming my boat and share travel with my family . I check your site every week. A big hello from Argentina . good Winds

  3. Happy to see you guys back on the boat! We’ve been following your channel for a long time now, and still love it! Hope your travels are exciting and safe.
    From Atlanta, Georgia USA.

  4. Hey guys, I love watching your videos and following your adventure. You’ve seen so many beautiful places on this planet and its all so amazing. My wife and I sail on the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world called Lake Winnipeg in Canada. It’s what we can manage for now but in February we will be chartering a Beneteau in the BVIs and live some of the great life you are enjoying at least for a couple of weeks. Keep on sailing and living the dream. Safe travels.

  5. Hello Riley and Elayna.

    I have just joined you at your web sight and must say I am happy I found it. I am in the process of a boat purchase. I am buying a 1990 Tartan 412, located in Annapolis, Maryland. My live aboard life will begin then. I however, will be working for a few more years before I set sail for parts unknown. I look forward to following your adventures. So cheers fron Chicago, and Annoplis.

    Fare winds and following seas,

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