RIVER RATS. Life on La Vagabonde in the Guadiana River! (#259)

Get this: water, right, but without salt in it. Weird right? Yeah and like, no massive waves, you can wash in it. I think they call it a ‘river’. That and the beautiful countryside of Portugal, no wonder people never want to leave the Guadiana. We might struggle too. Check out the beautiful little village of Alcoutim for our little adventure, exploring little creeks, saving little birds and an update on how little Lenny’s faring. Come spend a little time with us down by the river.

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Song Credits:
00:08 – Sympala – komorebi
02:07 – Michael Dunstan – smiling At Strangers
04:19 – Michael Dunstan – smiling At Strangers (cont’d)
10:26 – Mrs Jones – Richard Lilje
11:21 – Mrs Jones – Richard Lilje (cont’d)
14:24 – Once Again – Old Sea Brigade

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  1. I have been watching from day 1 and still get excited for the next video or anything you guys throw at us lol and Lenny is THE BEST!!!! Stay safe and carry on !

  2. The latest advise from my wife, she lately heard from a friend of her: “Give a kid a computer or smartphone and his childhood is gone.” I think that is almost true and she is always a little fighting against me, to get our 3 kids (13, 11, 8) not too long sitting in front of a rectangular framed world and get back to the real one. It is sooo nice to see your Lenny grow up in your kid-stimulating world!

  3. Hey guys! If you want to come meet our horses – we are right by alcoutim and can see your boat from our hill!

    Our place is called Country Quest Portugal – a good place for horses and people.

    Happy days!

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