Sailing a Mirage – San Blas (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 33

Elay was fit enough to leave port, so we headed off for our overnight sail to the famed San Blas Islands. Sailing the San Blas islands has been a dream of ours for some time now and it was exactly what we hoped it would be like. These tiny islands scattered all around the place from a distance, resemble the perfect mirage image you would see in the desert after 2 weeks with no food or water in the scorching heat with vultures circling above your head just waiting for you to drop. Horayyyy for the San Blas!!! Thank you mother nature.

Love Elay & Riley.

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  1. Hey!

    Jeff is great. His comments about La Vagabonde are really precious and attest to what many of us appreciate in you.

    Very nice episode.

  2. Great video and agree with Jeff. You guys make it look easy but we all know it takes team work and you have it in spades . Thank you for another great episode all the best for your next passage Muzza from Hong Kong.

  3. Nice to get to meet Jeff. Looks like you all blend together well! He is so fortunate to get to share time with you guys. What a cool way to show appreciation for your supporters!

  4. Jeff nails it! You guys are truly inspirational! Love the video. Wishing you the best of luck in your Pacific puddle jump. Seeing the stars from the middle of the ocean must be humbling, breathtaking, and spiritual, all at the same time.



  5. Thanks Guys! Really do appreciate your videos. Such fun in giving! As always, happy waves! Wayne

  6. Ha! You imitating Riley eating I thought may have been an exaggeration but then you sneak film him eating and you were spot on! Hilarious!!

  7. Wow guys….cracker of an episode! It captured the things that got me hooked in the first place. The sail, the location and the laid back sense of humour. Bloody ripper!!!!

  8. Jeff put into words exactly how I feel watching your adventures – continue to live the dream…

  9. Wonderful episode. Jeff was right, you both have a great positive energy and spirit.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure.
    Two thumbs up.

  10. Too many Erics
    Not enough Jeffs
    Great episode ( better than Eastenders ) can’t wait for the next one
    I thought the tach looked quite fetching. .

  11. Your floors are immaculate. Jeff is a really cool good guy, as far as axe murders go. Delos crew also met up with an axe murderer named Jeff.

  12. You guys have truly lit the fire “Inmy BELLY” I have dreamed of sailing away since I was 20 and bought a set of Bruce Roberts 370 blueprints.
    The ink has faded and so did my chance. But now watching you guys has made me put a 3 year plan in place to get out there and explore……..

    See you on the torquios waters and keep on smiling. Love the videos.


  13. the bilgey, where is bilgey, why for you not give me bilgey. Do you not read my demands. You la vagabumb you arrrreee getteeeeng soft. Give me bilgey or no windy I speak with Huey, you know the one that makes zee winds and zee tides
    Give me bilgey. Viva la bilgey!!!!!

  14. Hi Riley

    Hope you and Elayna are well. Really enjoyed this episode especially Elayna’s impersonation of your eating habits…..classic.


  15. I believe, my wife and I have watched all of your episodes…though, all are wonderfully done…this one, just happens to stand out as being the sweetest of the bunch. Jeff’s comments on the beach says it all. A Calm Skipper, a talented Ship’s Manager and a Great Guest…all with a few knots of wind in warms waters…what a dream come true for ya-all…cheers!

    Great job, guys!

    Captain of Nani Ola – A Beautiful Life-
    Marina Del Rey, CA.

  16. Elayna: you wanted to see San Blas since you were little? Were you inspired by that Windows desktop picture?

    You are the spiritual children of Alby Mangels & Judy Green!

  17. As always another Great video….several thumbs up…and what Jeff said about you two was heartfelt and wonderful….sure looks like he’s having a good time….Beautiful islands and can’t wait to see more…God bless you both for all the inspiration you bring to everyone…..fair winds. Dave

  18. Very good episode, great laughs!!! Enjoy the rest of your sailing with these two incredible people Jeff!
    Thumbs uppppp!

  19. Luv it. I may be sitting behind a desk, but watching your adventure makes my day.
    Your living the dream!

  20. Awesome clip guys!
    Enjoyed the lighthearted moments immensely.
    Cheers to fun and sailing!!!

  21. Another great video, as always. I really enjoy your work.
    I am curious what software you use for navigation? Thanks and I wish you two all the best.

  22. Best episode so far!

    Jeff’s words were spot on, as was Elay’s demonstration of Riley’s eating habits … (sorry mate)

  23. Please give us updates on how that extra spinnaker block works out as my Beneteau has a similar setup. I have not had halyard chafe problems but perhaps that is because I don’t fly the kite enough! I am curious if the block bangs the mast when not in use.

    Great watching your adventure!

  24. Awesome episode guys. Loving the area you are visiting and Elayna, that take off of Riley, hilarious. Keep living the dream. Love your work.

  25. I 3rd or 4th (w/e) the comments about Jeff! What a great guy and a fantastic episode to boot. One of the best. Of course there’s not much more to say about Rilayna…yeah I went there lol You two hold a special place in my heart and Jenny’s as well. Happy sailing. Happy Easter and God bless ya’ll.

  26. I agree with all the comments of Jeff’s comments. too many of us sail too many desks and dream about doing the real thing, regardless of what your dream is…

  27. I look forward to every episode.
    You give dreamers like myself some hope of doing the same some day.
    All the best.

  28. I’m stuck in the Sonoran desert, found your videos and was able to escape… my head at least…..thank you for being you……I have a few years to go and I will be you as well.


  29. Keep up the good work! Safe passage with favorable winds to you all from Team Voodoo here in the Gulf Coast of Louisiana

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