Sailing Adventure in the Galapagos Islands (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 40

The seals in the Galapagos had quickly claimed La Vagabonde as their new home. Initially, they were ‘cute’, but after a few days they became stinky (they stunk to begin with, but everyone has their flaws) and very unwelcome onboard!! Apparently they go to the toilet where they sleep… We go and checkout some giant tortoises, which were just the most incredible creatures. We dive Kicker Rock, which was quite deep but well worth the effort. Unfortunately the vis was quite bad down there due to the currents so we couldn’t capture to much on camera. Riley saw his first hammerhead shark down there! Meet Nicole and Joel, my friends I met a few years ago overseas. I also slept on Nicoles front lawn in Torquay when I travelled Australia in my van. Cheers Nicole, you da bomb. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Galapagos 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed this episode. Made with love, Elay/Eggplant/Elenita xox


Thanks a million to all of our subscribers following our voyage and especially for those supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we can keep the movies coming and continue sailing around the world and sharing this incredible adventure with you all. It really is HUGELY appreciated!

Thank you guys so much!

Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde.

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    1. Hey Elayna,

      Great vid. Good on you! Am recovering from my surgery nicely.
      I start retraining soon as a Stock Broker! Wish me luck!!

      I love the sound of your voice. Can you please have the next episode
      of you singing a song please?

      I think your friend Nicole is so hot too!! Woo hoo.

      I still like the seals. By the looks of things you have found the language of the

      They understood you through the tone of your voice. Interesting Elayna.

      Tell Rhiley to eat a bit more ehh.

      Well, that is all. I love the vids.

      With Love,


  1. Awesome guys, can you let know what that song is at the end of the video please?

  2. G’day ya strops

    Found your reporting the Panama transit bloody rippa. Sammy (the seal) just wanted to have a beer or two, but……………………….oh you know.


  3. I love that you met in Ios! I helped run a bar there for a summer called Huggy Bears and the bar they owned on the beach. 23 years old and a bartender at the nude beach. Life was good! Of course you guys probably had just been born at the time. I also met some life long friends there… Do you remember if Huggy Bears was still around? Love your videos… Love to you both.

  4. Make sure to have PINEAPPLE there. They have this mutant albino pinapple and even the core is soft and sweet.

  5. Shoot, Riles, if you want to see hammerheads, come up to the Gulf Coast of Florida next time you’re in our neck of the woods. We’ve got hammerheads all over the place. Everywhere from Tarpon Springs to Captiva makes for beautiful sailing and plenty to see. God bless you both on your travels!

  6. Your videos are getting better and better, longer, wonderful travel and history comments and helpful tips. You two are really sharp and have a wonderful positive spirit. Thanks. Jon Rosenbaum traveling from St Petersburg Florida to Battle Creek, Michigan staying overnight near Chattanooga, Tennessee, by car.

  7. Agreed. More music Miss Elayna (Eggplant, Elenita). It’s like a voice of an angel.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Guys,
    We love your videos. I think we all wish that we had the time, money, and courage to do what you are doing.
    As an adventurer myself I can relate as to what a major roll food plays in my day to day life when out on another adventure. And how much we look forward to that next meal. So I’m guessing thats why you often include what you are making to eat, or what you eat in all the different cities that you visit, in your videos.
    Elayna, I love the music that I purchased from you. And wish that you would include some of your music in each video.

  9. It looks like you guys did feel that the prestigious Galapagos have been turned into a cash generating tourist trap, didn’t you ? and all that in the name of preservation.
    And yes it does defeat the purpose of owning a sail boat and sailing around the world, doesn’t it ?
    That’s how I felt a few years back, and if I can help it, I won’t be caught dropping anchor there again.

    Signed: Ex-oilfield trash

  10. Awesome. I am curious though, What happens when you get home? I feel a loss of adventure ahead. or perhaps a surprise turn around and go somewhere else?

  11. You two make wonderful videos, and I am so happy you survived the pirates. Love you both.

  12. Hi there Elayna & Riley. Thanks for another great video and a bit of an insight into life on the
    ocean wave. I see what you mean about the seals! They seem to be everywhere and would wear
    out their welcome very quick! Not to mention the smell!! They certainly left a mess on your boat.
    But it’s all part of the fun…good with the bad and all that…you lucky old salts. (maybe that should be young salts). And you’re right about the Cynthia story; a sad start but what a wonderful and amazing
    story. What are the chances of re-uniting like that?? Maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool!?
    So, all the best,fair winds to fill your sails and have fun.

  13. nice work guys. always a pleasure joining you both (and meeting your friends)
    safe travels

  14. Great video as usual. I was surprised at the tourist and did they find trinkets for sale made in China. I’m sure it’s like “been there, done that”. Those blasted regulations!!!!!!.Keep up the great videos and informing us on your travels. Both of you are Super! Fair winds and calm seas. God Bless, Dave.

  15. I bought a 24ft sailboat in Ontario for the great lakes last month, never sailed. Everyone asked “do you have any experience,” and I have to admit I started to feel like maybe I was crazy for purchasing this thing and dreaming of freedom on some sailing adventure, and never been out on a sailboat. Then I came across you guys on you tube, and I feel like Riley your a brotha from anotha motha . I tell all the nay sayers (Dare to dream, I dare you)

  16. I am slowly catching up with yall…
    Keep moving!!! Every episode is inspiration for the few of us who have lived this life, and that the” good Lord” willing we may all (come about).

    For those who have yet to experience the life yall have chosen, they need you to press on and be proof, we can, all, live our dreams even thru the eyes,( or in this case the (Camara) of a chosen two!!!

    All my best!!


  17. Hello, I’ve recently discovered your videos here on You-Tube, I subscribed immediately. Your videos are well done and you show beautiful underwater scenes. I’m wondering if you’ve ever detailed what your expenses are while cruising? I’ve seen the details of the cost of the boat and added extras, but what about the cost of regular maintenance of the boat, average fuel costs per month, food and the like? I ask because I’m thinking about buying a boat and living the dream too. I have a passive income, and I’m wondering if I could afford to cruise the world. Thank you (in advance) for and information you can share with me. Keep the videos coming, I think they’re great. Thank you for posting them.

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