Sailing Greta Thunberg // a tropical STORM is headed our WAY! ? Ep.4

We’re sailing Greta Thunberg across the North Atlantic Ocean. There’s a named tropical storm headed our way.. I’ve made the decision not to tell anyone other than Nikki who absolutely needed to know what situation we were in. We’ve also been experiencing surprise wind gusts of up to 50 knots. This time we got caught out with a full main and jib up. Don’t miss this episode onboard La Vagabonde!

If you missed the first episode with Greta click here to catch up!
Atlantic Crossing Playlist

Song Credits:
00:13 Cold Weather Company – No Burden (Instrumental)
02:59 Loss – Phoria
04:01 MaJLo – The Bird’s Song
05:31 Aeseaes – Bloodlust
07:24 Always Good – La Vagabonde
09:21 Jimmy Pinch – Blood Moon
14:57 Another Day – Majlo

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  1. Your videos are excellent. Love your choice of music! You guys, Lenny too, are great!
    Might you have a playlist for all the Greta videos?

    I don’t have a website, but I am on fb.

  2. i did really enjoyed , as always, your videos, since the day you met….long story, but this time i would have liked more details on your crew, beside greta, i.e. nikki and ……father ….


  3. I spotted a sparrow on the foredeck when you were mid Atlantic ….a edit glitch I think ….lol

  4. Fantastic adventure to add to the rest. Great to see everyone working together plus enjoying all the life pleasures out on the open sea. Fun to watch. And to break out my favorite Macallan. 12 year? Cheers to all.

  5. This video had it all, from fun-partying to terrifying 47- knots-reefing-or-else – – somebody said you are heroes, I agree – would you do this again?

    Stay safe

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