Sailing GRETA THUNBERG Across the North Atlantic Ocean!

La Vagabonde and her crew are about to sail GRETA THUNBERG across the Atlantic Ocean!! SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell for more videos! We’re about to spend about 20 days at sea, sailing 3200nm to Portugal to drop off Greta and her dad so that they can make it to the COP25 in Madrid. Watch us prepare for the crossing and hear all about how Greta came to be onboard our boat! Life is full of surprises.

Song Credits:
00:00 Pizzagirl – Seabirds –
00:46 Cold Weather Company – No Burden (Instrumental) –
05:17 Majlo – Another Day –
06:46 Luís Trindade – Beautiful way to die –
09:43 Trent Herzman – Castles Fall –
10:49 Oine Ensemble – Aggio girato lu munno –
12:52 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know – Live –
16:30 Liam Wright – State of Mind –

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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  1. Very disappointed in you guys choosing to turn a happy sailing channel, that many sailing enthusiasts was watching every week for 5+ years, to help make you what you are today, into a political channel, bringing and supporting a angry bitter women onboard, who promotes hate, anger and divisions, because of her activist parents. Very very disappointed. I will not be watching any of these.

    1. What’s political about sailing? I would think any sailor would be very interested in a North Atlantic crossing? Why should their private guest on their private boat have any impact on you watching or not? You watch for the adventure of sailing? Or do you solely watch to perve on their guests? They have just taken on an adventure crossing the Atlantic. What was offensive about their guest when they were being shown around the boat or getting their safety talk. Pretty average stuff they would be inducting any guest in. Where were the politics? How dare you impose your political beliefs on them, you’re like a child stamping your foot and having a tantrum because you’re not getting your way. This isn’t about them at all, it’s all about you. The boat is their home and their car and they can invite anyone in to their home and their car that they like. Shame on you for wanting this to be political when it’s not. It’s a freakin boat ride. Get over yourself.

        1. Thank you Deanie, you said it for me. Petulance, never a good look!
          Good job always and every day, SLV, a million thanks for you ingenious motivational, inspirational and sensational work!

    2. Clearly this is a troll. You know how many you lost and how many you gained by sailing Greta across the Atlantic. I’m sure you are not losing any sleep over pathetic trolls like Tesaro.

    3. Tesaro! Get a grip! It’s just a sail across the pond! No big deal. Calm down! Little girls are fun! And that one is wonderful!

    4. Are you one of these people that achieved very little in your life so get jealous and upset at a 16 year old girl who, no matter which side your in, has done some incredible things in her time…? Even the amount of climate awareness that she has influenced is enough for me, don’t need to count her other accolades. I hope you do stay away from SLV, they certainly don’t need your negativity. Put your head back in the sand now, the kids have got this.

      1. Barry Brody, as in

        – Greta Thunberg made herself a person of public interest.

        – now you prohibit free speach in her vicinity.

        + you’re commanding commenters on this public blog.

        That’s not a lawyer at work. That’s a clown unleashed.

    5. It’s a very good idea to leave the channel! As I’m a subscriber SINCE they decided to bring the “angry bitter woman” onboard, it kind of balances it out, no? What I really don’t understand is the fact that some people get angry haters like you because of her…. that’s what makes me sad.

    6. No worries. You won’t watch these and I only started watching BECAUSE they have graciously offered Greta and her father a ride….. Whatever floats your boat. ?

    7. I am equally not a great fan of Greta and her parents.
      But I loved the video. And it is definitely not political!
      And this was an impressive endeavor.
      Well done crew!

  2. I’m so pleased to see footage of this part of your adventures. Thanks for getting Greta and her Dad safely across the North Atlantic Riley, Elayna, and Nicki. You’re legends (as Riley would say). And Lenny … oh my god that kid is the cutest ever. Each time I see him I smile. Stay true to your own values no matter what criticisms (albeit dud ones) may come your way. Thanks again. I loved part one of six. Can’t wait for the next instalment 🙂

  3. I’m sure that you have organized, planned and verified all items in your control to the nth degree – and then some – HOWEVER, there are some factors that are 100% out of your control as you well know – example: half submerged containers in your path ( at 20 knots) – I know the probability of that occurrence is minimal, but it’s not zero – to be frank, I question whether it was a responsible decision to put Lennie into this adventure – he depends 100% on you – having said that, I’m soooo relieved, and in admiration, that you have made it safely – pheww! And Elayna, I think your new hairdo is just beautiful! Cant figure out quite yet who Lennie looks like.
    Song ” Encore heureux qu’il ai fait beau et que la Marie Joseph soit un bon bateau!”, a traditional Breton sailor song

    1. On land there would be different risks eg from road traffic accidents. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s safer overall at sea – provided you have a good boat and a good crew.

  4. I’m flabbergasted at the amount of organizing. Looking forward to watching videos as it will be the only sailing I will ever do. I get seasick on pittwater! THANKYOU for taking that amazing girl across the sea.

  5. Great job as always. I will be waiting with baited breath for each every episode. Please keep on doing what you are do so well.
    I can’t think of a more fitting partnership than La Vagabonde and Greta Thunberg.
    Please ignore the negative comments. It’s been my experience that those type of people have never done anything meaningful in their lives.

  6. Sometimes one has to do the very difficult in order make the changes that have to be done. You are now a major part of a worldwide movment. You helped a great deal in bringing one of the most important messages in human history.
    I was checking you progress daily, it seems to me that so many other were with you, and praying for you on this journey.
    Thank you.

  7. It’s staggering how much preparation went into this! I was thinking before you left port, that my biggest concern would be making sure there was enough food plus an extra week’s worth, so no one would go hungry! I never thought about the mechanics of the boat and how much that entailed. I’m even more in awe of your expertise and your massive hard work for this voyage since watching this video! Definitely a trip to share with your grandchildren, I agree. I have 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, and it’s definitely something I want them to know about. Thank you for your huge part in this epicness…without you, there would be no story to tell.

  8. So incredible to see such an epic adventure unfold, and the pressure Riley must have felt taking on this voyage.
    You are all precious cargo. Thank you for continuing to restore my faith in humanity through your videos. And thank you Greta for fighting the blockheads, like the one in the first comment, who have a complete lack of understanding, or utter disregard for the future of our oceans and this planet. We’re behind you all the way. Safe journey.

  9. That was EPIC.
    I was glued to the computer for the whole 18.55 mins/secs. Looking forward to the next one.
    Forget the naysayers and haters, you cannot please everyone and everyone has an opinion. This is probably the best video in terms of content and editing I have seen from you and also from any sailing channel to date. Adventure, the unknown, friends, family and making a difference. You hit the mark full bulls eye!
    Thanks from Sydney, Australia.

  10. Yay! Boats! Hope you taught Greta how to sail! She will never be the same! ” Once you have slept on an island…” and once you have slept on a boat!

  11. Absolutely incredible you guys are in your element. With such an important subject matter I am so glad to see you guys stand up for what you believe in and share it with us viewers. This is got an old guy at the edge of his seat !!! . And you can tell that little Swedish girl to hold a steady course.
    Over the last year There’s starting to be a change in the conversation of climate change . It will take a while but people are starting to listen . keep up the good work Greta. Can’t wait to see the next video !

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