Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands [Ep. 87]

We hoist the sails for an island hopping sailing adventure in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands, Queensland! We were off to a rough start, but the little tropical storm had passed in a day and out came the sun. We visit two anchorages, Sawmill bay on Whitsunday Island and also Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Stay tuned… Videos made with love, Elayna.

Click here for more info on visiting Queensland

Song Credits:
01:15 Adam Yoo – Wake Up
04:42 Adam Yoo – Johnny had a Water Gun (isn’t he just amazing?) –
07:32 Adam Yoo – Used to be High
08:09 Phoria – Emanate
09:30 The Road – Martin Piehlmeier

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Comments 13

  1. Jusst thinking about Queensland sailing , starting along the inner shore enjoying the scene, heading out to sea not thinking about heading back,, quite the thought.

    Cheers To ya !! Alayna, Riley and Jake

  2. OMG I’ve missed you two and the ocean adventures! The Whitsundays brings back memories of our trip in 2002 and we anchored in Nara Inlet too. We are thinking of visiting Hamilton Island for the weekend in July whilst visiting our son and d/in law in Noosa. We are unsure of where to stay due to Cyclone Debbie’s damage. Had planned to stay in an apartment. Are there any left?
    Thanks for the Audible App tip, I’m on to it!

  3. Ahoy La Vagabonde, lovely day for a sail. Thanks, from your Chicago mate Mike & S/V Vagabond 212. Cheers!!

  4. Nice video and music to go with it. Just curious, maybe I missed it somewhere, but why are you guys not sailing the new Cat in the Med right now??

  5. Great info on the Whitsundays young Vagabonds. Will be there in August (sadly without Cynthia on this trip). Enjoy your sailing.

  6. You guys rock!
    Together with my family we to will be sailing the Whitsundays in July this year looking forward to the rest of your adventure and advise.

  7. Thanks for another nice video!

    The piratical bit at the end was fun … and don’t forget: International Talk Like A Pirate Day is 19 September … 🙂

    Cheers & safe sailing!

  8. Land yo! Friday begins Ramadan; I’m planning to take a road trip of about seven hours, visiting Little Rock, Arkansas USA! Riles and Elayna, I am really impressed with your vlogs, hoping to continue sharing your streaming aboard the catamaran, in the future! Thanks for being so casual.

    1. Post

      We’re on it now Bob. Our videos are a few weeks behind. Stay tuned 🙂 xo

  9. Its remind me so many good Memories.
    I use to work at Club med lindeman Island back in 2009-2010 as a Sailing instructor. On my time off i went few times in hamilton island and withsundays…

    Hard to not like this place. I wish i could go back there one day.
    (Not cheap from france :)).

    Hope you liked it.

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