Sailing Lessons/Life in General on our Catamaran! Ep. 84


It’s been a busy week, learning the ways of the new systems of the boat, docking and sailing. This is basically life at the moment. Being stationary has been a struggle… how good is the ocean. We are more excited than ever to head off on our next big adventure.
Congratulations to our patron Coby Roberts, thanks for the support we really hope you can come aboard!!

Song Credits:
00:00 Keep Your Feet – Chiara La Woo
03:01 Heeblay – High as Love
08:28 Heeblay – High as Love (we love you)
09:34 Evntho – Kind Blue
13:27 Song I Cover: Dark Child – Marlon Williams

Sail To Fly Video Collaboration Video

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What software do we use?
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  2. Hi all,

    Not trying to be a hater but I am getting tired of the advertisement in France. I understand that you have sold your soul to Outremer but I look forward to seeing you out again. The videos definitely have a different feel to them now. I really enjoyed watching you learn how to sail on your own and understand this is a much more expensive situation and you cannot afford to make a mistake however that was the charm of the older videos. You made mistakes and they were great to go along with on the journey. I saw some survey results for your site that I participated in and see that I am not alone in wanting the videos to go back to the old format, less professional and polished.

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