Sailing on a Hangover, Life’s Good Ep. 82

It was the last day of our event weekend and we spent it out at sea, with a hangover, a bunch of La Vagabondes sisters, friends and family.. not to mention seriously the best food we’ve ever eaten (thanks to Austin, Diana and the team at Frenchie Restaurant in Paris). We start moving some stuff onboard, but couldn’t yet officially unpack the tooth brushes. Not long now and we’ll be settled in to our new beautiful home. Where are some places you’d like to see us sail to, this year in the Mediterranean?

Song Credits:
00:45 Let me In – Son of Dov
04:24 Chase – Sky Jammer
07:34 Sense – Senegal
10:05 Lunas Electric Eden – Luna Park
11:19 Scars – Krijn Vos

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  1. Riley and Elayna,

    As you begin your new adventure, can you keep detailed information about cruising the Med, places, anchorages, marinas, cautions, from the spectacular to the sublime. There is not an abundance of information out there for wannabe cruisers of the Med…

    1. There is in reality more than enough nautical info about sailing the med, the problem is that there are so many places, harbours, marinas, capes, coves, beaches, etc… that it would be impossible to cover them all in any single publication. Besides, what’s the point of knowing exactly what to expect every time and in advance before dropping anchor somewhere.
      The whole interest, is to sneak in somewhere with your boat feeling that you have discovered an unknown anchorage and you’re the first one there, even if you know it is obviously not the case, because the area has some much history that someone may have dropped anchor there as far back as a couple of hundred years BC.

  2. Oh you guys should watch Alex’s channel, the Winded Voyage, where he gets his Jeanneau Sun Fizz ready over winter in Perpignan just south a little from where you all are in La Grande-Motte. Talk about northerlies that cut through the masts and rigging for weeks on end!! Ayyy. Anyway, you’d like him… he’s your kind of sailor – curious, open to new people and adventures and flexible where plans and goals are meant to intersect.
    Looking forward to seeing you sailing and adventuring again.

  3. Thanks so much guys. Just because a Patron after following you two for the last year aboard La Vagabond 1. This is going to be such great fun aboard your new vessel. Fair winds, luv you both. Dave.

  4. Whoa, I am smitten with that purple sail! That is COOL! Elayna great job getting the right size bedding with the language barrier! Looks great, and comfy. Are you both feeling comfortable with the boat now? The sailing part? It will be nice to see you out on your own again! But don’t leave until you are ready…I am a mom, so I say lots of mom things…LOL.

  5. Bonifacio, Corsica! Fantastic little harbour village hidden in cliffs, with a mass of small secret beaches hidden around outside. But not in July and August, which is mad jam packed with tourists. We wintered there during our year in the med.
    Enjoy the new boat. mmmm:)

  6. David. The best books for sailing the Med are written by my good friends Rod and Lu Heikell. Published by Imray. They have written Greek Waters Pilot, Italian Waters (inc Malta), France and Corsica Waters Pilot and Turkish Waters Pilot. They are packed full of information. Don’t leave home without one! Also try The Accidental Sailor by Rod Heikell. All available from Amazon.

  7. Hey Riley, iv just completed my day skipper all because of watching la vaga and now I’m booked for a weeks charter holiday in Greece, sept 2017. Cheers for the inspiration guys. would love to see more of you planning routes, passages, anchorages, pilotages into ports and marinas! Have a great summer and can’t wait to see where you sail!! Chris

    1. Post
  8. That main cabin looks like a room in a house! It’s huge compared to La Vaga I!

    And I’m really looking forward to the guided tour in your next video.

    Cheers and safe sailing,


  9. I’d like to see more of elayna”s guitar work, as you go forward, hope to hear some originals! Also liked the journal thing and any new literary commentary from riley’s library. Stay safe and all ways cover your well you know. You guys are the real legends. Steve

  10. Would love to see more Guitar from Elayna as you go forward maybe some originals if it’s at all possible also liked the journal reading. and I liked the literary quotes from Riley ( and commentary.) You two are legends for true. Stay up, Steve

  11. Which way you two are heading now? East med or west med? I’ll be sailing a Pogo 1250 from Lisbon to South of France last 10 days of April.
    If we sail a few miles side by side, we might settle that good old question about which is faster, a mono or a cat?
    Signed: Ex oilfield trash

  12. guess I’m finally caught up! took 2 weeks. seen 1 -82. luv the video’s. great job, u2. congrads on new boat!! any way to contact ya’ll with comments that doesn’t put ya dirty laundry out for all to see? just a few comments to Riley about boat maintenance that I have observed after looking at all “movies”, ryan

  13. I got to say, for me at least, you guys are probably the most inspirational people I have ever come across. I can always turn a crappy day into a good day by watching one of your videos. And I’ve been watching from day one so it makes me happy to see how far you guys have come.

  14. We all watch other sailing videos as I, but you two always have my thumbs up.. You are the only ones that show how you both have separate duties off and on the boat.. that’s the part of loving an sharing to keep things in order. My Sharon and I do the same thing. I do the cooking she will do the laundry and indoor stuff I’m outside pruning / cutting and planting. we try to plan things but just go with it and let it happen.
    I think if every one watching did the same their relation would be so much more meaningful. with that said when all the chores are done you share the adventures / holidays / it leaves time for being close to each other, that keeps us love birds alive and with no BS complaining..
    so its not just your sailing or island hopping or talking to the stove for help. but gives us hope in being one big happy family.. even if you don’t have someone close to you to share the videos it gives a little taste of what could be…
    SO ~~
    Plan 1. learn about sailing…
    Plan 2. Get a boat…
    Plan 3. Find a girl ..
    Plan 4. Teach her how to sail and do laundry…
    If all plans fail continue watching La Vagabonde …

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