Sailing one of the most REMOTE PLACES ON EARTH! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep 50

We arrived at our first Atoll! I never realised just how remote the Tuamotus were, until we arrived at the tiny village. We explore the magical island, home to only 100 people. The nicest kind of people. The ones you can’t even walk past without them saying hello (and kissing you on the cheek, twice) and welcoming you to their island AND inviting you to their house for dinner. I think we have found paradise.

Episode 50!!! Crazy! Thanks for watching and subscribing!

Riley & Elayna xo

Link to my album: ‘Covers from the Ocean’

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  1. Hi Guys, Congratulations on number 50! Writing to ask what kind of guitar you have? And, does the constant humidity cause any problems with it? Do you have to take care of it with dehumidifiers sacks? Or do anything special to maintain it? Great song Elayna! As always I look forward to each new installment! You guys are the best!

  2. it’s a PIG STY lol! hey great ep. really mixed it up and brought out the variety. I mean it’s just boat on an endless ocean but you guys make it so much more.

  3. ‘Am I eating too much’ ha ha ha love it Riles, at least you thought to ask! Must have been delish. All our French love xoxo

  4. Thx for the 50 th video. Your newest video is always a high light to my day. Great that this one was 17 min long. I wish they were all longer. Elanya, so glad that you added music to this video. I’m still looking for the link to purchase your new album, also wondering if you record your music on your Mac. Please publicly answer Bill’s question about the long term effects of the ocean air on your guitar. At some point I hope to spend longer than just a week sailing, and I can’t be without my Martin guitar. So its important to me.

    Thx, love your video’s

  5. Congratulations on episode #50. You both have accomplished so much. You are almost all the way around the world. I have asked this question before, but.. I would hope that you would take a little more time at each of your stops. We are ALL so interested in your journey but also All the amazing places you have visited. Looking forward to more episodes. Ian 🙂

  6. I’ve watched all your videos and fell in love with the idea of sailing. Looking for a boat and hope I can talk my wife into it! Keep those videos comin. I bought your book(the $12 issue) had a lot of good info. Got me started looking for more info.
    Keep living your dream! You light a lot of fires!!

  7. Best vid yet. Did the cat in the Whitsundays, don’t think I could do the mono hull again, although I race an Adams 12.

  8. Great episode. Like being there but fading out and in from time to time with no hangover. I was sorry you had to send me away, but I’ll be looking forward to fading in again very soon, I hope. Good to see Elayna singing at onboard again and seeing her in the pretty angelic gown(?). Such a natural beauty, a natural pairing with Captain/Commander Riley bringing in the catch. Maybe next visit, you could show us the many interesting shells you’ve collected thus far.
    Stay safe. I never miss an episode and enjoy every one.

  9. Hi Elayna & Riley,

    Ep 50 & I am still loving you guys.

    I noted at 3:36 in Ep 50 you sailing well healed over (doing say 7kn+) with the gear selector in reverse, this places huge strain on the SVL gear box and over time will end in breakage. When under sail the gear lever needs to be in neutral allowing the prop to spin, you will get better boat speed also.

    All the best on the water, its a big Bravo Zulu from me.

    1. Not quite true my friend !
      Up to 8 Knt boat speed, the selector must be engaged in reverse. On most modern boats, they even put a sticker next to the selector to remind you of that.
      They however recommend to put it back in Neutral when boat speed goes bove 8 knts

  10. Wow great as always,lovely voice Elay,I can add another spot on my list of places to sail to!Riley is a lucky man to have you ! Congrats on no. 50!!!!! Hey Star Wars is cool no worries mate,working on my Australian slang lol.You guys are definitely the coolest couple on you tube! Hope to meet you one day,Jay and new bid every week way cool,cu !!!!!!

  11. Question have you ever lost your wrench handle in bad weather? Do you have a spare. The video get better every time, can’t believe up to 50 already. Good sailing and try to keep dry.

  12. what do you use so internet connection?
    I love seeing your videos for i been seaman and are saving up
    to a boat.
    Its true that The Ocean We cant stop sailing.
    fair wind from Ole
    I will buy shorts when you get more.

  13. Hi there,
    you could just post this pic on the page without text – it isA M A Z I N G ! ! !

  14. Yeah…looks like paradise to me! just needs a little more sun tho. Oh what a life…thanks guys.
    Good to see you singing Elayna and Riley scaring himself witless with the movie! Priceless.
    Cheers and cares and see you Monday again. That is something to look forward to.

  15. I’m curious about your purchase of provisions. When you stock up in a small place like this does it leave the locals short of anything? Or are they able to restock their stuff quickly? Love the video. You two are my favorite sailing couple!

  16. Tusk (that is funny, maybe cause the mustache Riley) I watched the preview but could not bring myself to actually watch it, ( looks out there). Elayna love your singing ,you guys would be fun to visit. Just a thought, maybe you should save some other footage to make a movie documentary ,I’d watch it .Look forward to seeing videos every Monday ,taking us on voyages, it is some of the best Youtube, TV going. Aussies like you and the late Steve Irwin show that it is possible to make good, real entertainment , unlike the typical BS on TV

  17. @ Craig
    As long as La Vaga isn’t using a folding prop. Then they need to put it in reverse to fold it…

  18. Best of luck. Giggled when I read your post as SLV had same effect on me and actually wanted to tell you to not stop; I bought a tartan 34c and life just started again! Your wife will love it! Just engage her early in your experience and Riley and Elayna will make her a believer !

  19. Congrat. for the video. I am 90 y old and always dren do go to FRench Polinesia, but never couid make my dream came through. You both are fullfiling my dream, with this videos. Tanks a lot, God bless you two with fair winds ans caml seas.Greeting from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  20. I think the most scary (“movies”?) one can watch on the internet,- is on the rape sites.- They make it easy to keep it under centimeter 7.
    Love from the Tolipeace in Yonistan(d)
    P.S. And again Riley,- what do you really think had happened at the time your boat was “burglered” when you were away from it,- you might read a book called SOLD.

  21. bjr Riley et Elay encore un grand merci a vous deux pour cette magnifique vidéos ep:50 superbe vous etes extraordinaire tous les deux !!! et un grand merci aussi a toi Elay pour cette vidéos très sensuelle et sexy j adore !!!! vivement les prochaines …..

  22. You’ll probably have left the Tuamotus, by the time you get to read this comment, but you may try it in some other atoll.
    Back in 1990 I was in the Tuamotus for an underwater hunting trip (that’s what we call it where I come from, because you fish with a line and you hunt with a spear).
    While in Manihi, I was introduced to a very peculiar way of hunting. It’s called drift hunting, and it takes place in the atoll pass when the tide is rising.
    This is how it’s done. You go out of the atoll through the pass, in a boat or dinghy with a powerful enough motor. Once outside the pass, you jump in the water, load you gun, and let yourself drift back into the lagoon, carried by the current through the pass.
    You soon realize, that the rising tide sucks into the lagoon a whole lot of creatures, and some drift by within shooting range. You take your pick, but by the time you’re inside the lagoon and the current fades away, you should have speared something.
    Then you wait for the dinghy to come by, you get back in, and head out the pass for another run.
    It seems like a rough ride, but it’s easier that diving to 20m for 2 or 3 hours going after surgeon fish on the outside reef of the atoll.

    Signed: ex-oilfield trash !

  23. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of this video. It gets stuck at 4:40 on the two occasions I’ve tried to play it tonight, so haven’t seen the remaining 13:02 minutes of it yet. Well, I’ll try again tomorrow night after a computer reboot, and maybe the Olympics traffic load might be a bit different … in the mean time, on to video #51!

    Cheers and safe sailing!

    1. Had better luck tonight – managed to watch the whole video (ya gotta love these video plug-ins in browsers these days …) anyway, the video was great fun – thanks for posting it! And congrats on the 50th video, too.

      And Elayna, that was really great singing and guitar playing.

      Cheers and safe sailing!

  24. It is a good day when – you’re driving in heavy traffic and the car in front of you has an SLV bumper sticker ! Big smiles and makes everything seem worthwhile.
    Stay safe!

  25. Enjoyed your visit to the Tuomotus, thanks for keeping the dream alive.
    We plan to make a trip out there on our circumnavigation.

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