Sailing the San Blas Islands (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 34

White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, enough palm trees and coconuts to shade and feed you for an entire life time… yes please! Sailing in the San Blas Islands is truly a dream. Sailors come here and stay year round as this sailing haven is also out of the hurricane belt. If anyone ever gets the chance to sail the San Blas, we say a mega DO IT!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the ep 🙂 A huge thank you to our Patrons for supporting us and making this dream of ours possible.

Love Elay & Riley.

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  1. You two absolutely rock! Every one of your videos is a masterpiece. Thank you so much. You can’t beat Zacapa! Best on the earth! They might have learned from Ron Abuelo!

  2. I must say, downer Dave, that’s not what we want to hear. The dream will always be alive for me. Sail On!

  3. You are SO THOUGHTFUL to put these videos together before you left!!! I love them! I’ve been watching other videos & NON of them are as GREAT as yours! I get excited when I see an email from you guys! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  4. The videos are awesome. I love Elayna’s voice and her music, please include more of her singing. Riley, loved your pamphlet about lessons learned. After hearing about the hard work and high cost in this video, a suggestion, how about a sample budget for what it might actually cost to do what you and Elayna are doing so very well.
    Keep on keepin on,

    1. Jeff forgot to mention that eventually you will get into some scary weather and sea conditions. But once you survive that , any condition not quite as bad is easy and you get amazingly confident. You guys are the best, looking forward to more videos and more fun and adventures


  5. Its your fault!!! I just bought my first sailboat today!! 25 feet. I’m in Mobile, Alabama. Thank you Riley, Elayana and Jeff!! This is my fave youtube channel. Watched this episode on the boat ??! Be Safe!!!

  6. You are right out of control Elayna!!

    I hope you guys spies enjoy your travels!

    Keep going!

    Rhiley you seem calmer and Elayna a little wiser.

    Jeff, you seem Happy to have a bit of chaos in your life too!

    Well, Happy sails!

    You still never posted the site where you got the Sam Carmody Song called
    Moby Dick.

    So, like, where did you get it you band of rebels. (In between civil Sailor and Pirate)



    PS Keep up with the singing and am awaiting some original score Elayna.

    It seems you both have the guts to be still for prolonged periods to take a look at
    what is really inside yourselves. I hope you find the Solar and Galactic Sun that never sets.


  7. well , i was a bit disappointed with this vid .. more of a let down .. sure people def want to take precautions when venturing out into the unknown but it is being done all the time .. people like riley and Elay who didnt have the experience and they went for it and there have been many others .. they all have made mistakes along the way and learned from those mistakes .. was luck involved sure .. but luck is envolved with EVERYBODY’s life in one form or another .. you can walk across the street and get hit by a bus .. wow i didnt get hit by a bus today i was lucky .. to sit there Jeff and tell peeps to not go and be how did you put it “silly” just boggles my mind .. i was just flabergasted at this video .. it is still my dream to one day go sailing .. I have no sailing experience whatsoever but i watch all your vids and others (wicked salty, Sv Delos, Distant Shores) just to name a few and I read a ton of sailing mags and books .. will i make mistakes most defenitly will i get lucky not sure my luck isnt so great lol.. but will i succeed to go sailing and travel to distant shores , yes i will.. and i will take precautions to make sure im as safe as safe can be out in the open waters.. but life happens and s***t and when its your time there is nothin you can do to prevent that.. your’s and many others vids have inspired me and that will not change my goals’ i just hope this vid hasnt cost someone their dreams..

    1. Hi Murphy,
      Nothing personal however I thought this vid was balanced, and probably wise. It’s a sad fact of life that with popularity comes social responsibility. (Some one should tell our English football players) So just look at our favourite cast always “getting all growled up” trying to do the right thing. No ones stealing or spoiling your dreams or mine. You sound like the type of guy that will go your own way and make your own mistakes and somehow overcome them. You’re in good company friend, the same has been said of me. No one said don’t go, they just said take care not to get stung to much. Fair winds and kind seas Murphy. See you out there someday and we can compare tales of our adventures at sea and how we finally got there.

  8. Riley & Elayna
    It is said that happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing and love what you are doing!
    It’s wonderful to be able to see the world through your eyes… it makes me happy!

    Keep up the good work!
    The Admiral

  9. Riley.
    Great comments from Jeff, but I think you underestimate your ability to study, listen and learn with the utmost patience and ability to remain calm. Yes, luck has played a part but none of it would be possible without the right attitude. It shows in every video, and whilst many people (myself included) have been captivated and motivated, its not evident that its easy, and your videos are presented in such a way that its romantic, with an element of caution.
    Keep it going please!

  10. Wise comments from Jeff, and that is my approach as well, baby steps first, ( just invested in a 33′ yacht at 64 ) there is no rush, just enjoy the journey of learning /sailing /living on the water in your local area before you cross Oceans. To Elayna & Riley Keep up the good work, Great video’s I always look forward to your next instalment
    Happy travels, and may the Force be with you. 😉

  11. It so often goes like this though – someone says “Be prudent, take lessons, know your limits” etc. Then you ask “How did you start?” and they say “I just dived in and took some risks that in retrospect maybe I shouldn’t have.”

    Part of the thing of learning is the element of self-testing, of betting on your own judgment and self-reliance and knowledge. You can learn to sail in a hobie cat, and go out Saturdays on the bay, and crew for someone, and follow a gradual course of gaining knowledge and experience so that when you set off to sail around the world it’s safe and predictable. By which point, to bring this down to the specific case, Elayna is long since gone by the time you get to Greece, nobody is caught up in your adventure, and none of this ever happens.

    Or, you can judge the risks as well as you can, based on what you know about yourself, and give it a whirl. You don’t judge things as well as you might later, and you don’t know what to do in certain situations, but mostly you get through it and figure things out on the fly.

    Safety and caution are always wise counsel. But, while you don’t want to be the unlucky statistic, you have to get on with it, and you have to bet on yourself sometimes to have any fun.

  12. Wise words from Jeff, good to hear, but don’t stress too much, you’ve never hidden your woes too much from the camera to make it look completely simple. And although maybe buffoon-like, you are very smart Riley, give urself some credit, and Elayna reacts so well to her environment, it’s such a joy to watch. Lotsa cousin love xxx

  13. Great sense of adventure this Riley guy has! He has the 2 qualities needed for such an adventure, a bit of chedder and a whole lot of huevos!

  14. I love the way Elayna says getting the time to relax.
    you lot are so chilled you make me calm just watching you
    All the best

  15. Another break for IaVaga & crew? Having a guest aboard as thoughtful as well as able to articulate those thoughts as the gentleman in ep 34.

  16. Another great video, you guys would be great at a reality tv series I think. My vessel BiLLiKin was on season one of deadliest catch.
    Keep the dream alive guys keep sailing!! Love your videos Im rather shocked your
    not prof movie makers as they that good.

  17. Love the videos guy’s,they are wicked !! Must say,I got my boat in Brighton U,K 4 years ago Jeanneau sun fizz 40 foot Marisa,and an Aussi waiting to head home, so much to get right and so easily got wrong if you don’t take time,learning about the boat, had it in a force 7 and felt safe as ,but it’s taken time to have the trust in it in heavy weathers. All the best ,Justin

  18. Ah, watching your series I am green with envy. But have fun, we don’t always get to do what we desire.
    Good winds and calm seas.

  19. Great one! Thanks again. Short, but sweet. Good to hear the mention of the canal; I was wondering about how you got to the Pacific without “rounding the cape.” I understand that can be quite dangerous. Everyone looks well rested and in top notch health. I’m really looking forward to seeing adventures of the Pacific and toward home(?). It was good to hear Jeff’s discussion for those who consider setting out. Good thoughts.
    Stay safe, I’ll be looking forward your next video.

  20. Jeff – wisdom is gold – that was gold – thank you – My wife and I are looking at departing land in 4-5 years. I was thinking that the first trip would be from Miami to keys and then working my way around to the gulf and down the coast of Mexico ending in Panama – Taking a year to do that to gain the experience – My question would be how many miles offshore is prudent – 30, 50, 100? – The distance a Helicopter could get to you within an hour? – Any thoughts?

  21. R&E – Any recommendations – (and as such – perhaps potential sponsorships) for your spear / mask / fin gear… ?
    What have you found in your real world use whilst cruising ?

  22. As always another great video. Jeff had some great remarks about getting started, but my suggestion is get a boat thats big enough for you to handle on your own….in case you might loose someone overboard and GO FOR IT. If you wait too long it is all going to pass you by…..Learn by your mistakes…..and Learn by others mistakes. Life is too short…God bless you both. Always fair winds and calm seas,,,Dave

  23. In love with your videos and your lifestyle on La Vagabonde, you and Riley are so cute together. Love you guys keep it up, safe sailing xoxo.
    P.S. As soon as I get a better job I’ll support u guys haha gonna purchase Elayna’s album soon, much love from Vancouver Canada

  24. Awesome ! Inspired me enough to stop wasting time and buy my own boat ! Moving onboard in the next month , with the rottie , hope she finds her sea legs and learns to poop over the side ! Fair winds guys , see you in the wet .

    Andy – “SV EXTREME” moody 36 cc ?

  25. Great words of wisdom from Jeff as my father usedto say the sea is safe until you forget its dangerous happy sailing you guys!

  26. Hi guys. Seeing you sailing around those unchartered cays and reefs, what charts do you use? I was sailing around french polynesia last august and was using a great little app called ovitalmap. It lets you download google satelite images and use them offline. It was a life saver. You can even see the large coral heads and sail around them.

  27. Your videos are really a meditation on the important things in life. The confidence you both have in each other and the love of beauty, the ocean, its creatures, people, music, literature and the can-do positivity is just hypnotic and captivating. There are no other sailors sharing their experiences that have the chemistry or magic that you do. Thank you for sharing your journey and your love of life with all of us. Doug

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