Sailing to a Bahamian Blue Hole!

(#3 of 7) Having too much fun hanging around with Valentine, Joe and David I found that when I looked back over the footage that I hadn’t actually taken any. This is a brief look at the week I spent hanging out with this crew spearfishing and checking the weather every day for Hurricaines. Ps Email David if you’d like to charter The Bahamas!

Song Credits:
00:25 Mission Maya – Dan Blackard
03:24 Watermelon – The Grey Whistle Test
04:41 Dominic Bennett – Farther Down And Further Off
06:44 Anymore – Liam Wright

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  1. 5:27 wicked salty Tag nice…see more of them on their YouTube channel wicked salty …Tag you’re it.

  2. That audio book you where leasing to..
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    mom and bads are vital and adults ..
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    do your homework in finding a good home school programs ..

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