Sailing Upwind, it Sucks [Ep. 125]

Off we go, sailing upwind for a 260nm journey to Sardinia. On top of that, a broken engine upon our arrival means we received some help upon our arrival. But this has got to be one of my favourite adventures of the year! It’s funny how when things don’t go as smooth as you’d expected, those end up being the best memories. Bye bye to the lovely Josje and Tunisia. Checkout Josje’s channel ‘Ramatree’ here!


Song Credits:

00:00 Call to Congregate
01:16 Micheal Dunstan – Red Moon
02:53 Songs I cover:
Mango Tree – Angus and Julia Stone
Valerie – Amy Winehouse
Leon Bridges – River
05:31 Micheal Dunstan – Solace
07:10 A Siren Called – Luna Park
13:44 We’re All Waiting – Lowland Hum

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Comments 7

  1. Hi you guys!

    I absolutely loved how the video began! Beautiful! Well done you!!

    I really appreciate all the time and effort you spend working on these videos. I know what it takes to do this.

    It sure is a shock to your system to suddenly sail into colder climes. When we were on our last leg of our circumnavigation, heading north to Canada from Hawaii, we had to dig out all of our winter clothes. What a shock after five years of tropical sailing… with little to no clothes most of the time!

    Thanks again for sharing your adventures.

    Cathy and Bill Norrie

  2. Great vid poor riles allways gettin hurt.remember you live in extremely dangerous environment allways take it slow.or as my old sailing instructer told me drop anchor an take another look.cheers.

  3. Can’t watch your videos when emailed. Been watching you since the beginning! Is it my computer or a money thing ….bummed referred you to many sailors…Any reason? Best sailing website out there. Will you guys tie the knot you need another deckhand!

    1. Post

      Hi Joe,
      What happens when you click on the link? We haven’t received any other feedback that they aren’t able to watch the videos from our emails….
      Maybe try it from another device? Thanks for watching!

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