Sailing with 3 Girls in French Polynesia… (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 59

Yep. Just me and the girls. Whole lotta talking going on… also some amazing meals and I hadn’t seen so much laughing on La Vagabonde probably ever. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we say goodbye to the talkative chefs and hello to some old friends.
Cheers, Boom Sizzle Larm.


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  1. Yes, spilled milk!! It is not real untill someone spills the milk (or the auto poilet stops working)

    Great job guys !!

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  2. Hi guy’s and thanx a lot for all your wonderful videos.

    I was just thinking that though you most of the time are just two persons onboard.
    Do you ever practice Man Over Board????

    As you are just two persons onboard a normal rescue operation might be the wrong technique.
    This because the one onboard will lose sight of the person in water.
    When you are sailing in heavy weather or have some swells it will be hard to ever find that person again.

    So I just want to send you information about a technique my wife and I learned to do when you have a M.O.B situation.

    This very important maneuver, called “heave-to” (or “stop-tack” in our instructors words). That means stopping the boat – under sail – at once.

    How does that work? Here comes an understandable explanation:

    1. “Bring the sails into a close-hauled or close reach point of sail with both the mainsail and jib trimmed in tight.
    Turn the rudder so that the boat tack, without releasing the jib sheet (unlike in normal tacking).
    Once on the new tack, the wind will blow on the wrong side of the jib. The wind in the backed jib will attempt to blow the bow further away from the wind.

    2. Turn the rudder to the other direction and lock it, this to keep the boat toward the wind on your new tack. The force of the mainsail will try to move the boat toward the wind just as the force in the jib tries to push it away.”

    3. Now one starts the engine and begins rescuing the person in the water.
    With this maneuver the boat will not move anymore, it’s like a full brake with a car. Have a look at the speed indicator, it will amazingly show “zero” at once!

    You always stay close to the M.O.B., since he/she and the boat are only floating after the stop and you are able to rescue him/her without being more stressed out, than you surely already are in such a situation!

    It’s by the way also a perfect technique, when waiting out bad weather conditions, want to cook some food in peace, even if you want to go for a swim or you need a rest for some reason.

    I hope this can be of interest and help to you guy’s even though I hope that you will never need to use this technique in a real M.O.B situation.

    Wish you all the best and fair winds we wish you.

  3. Great view from the mountain top! Loved the laughing and time spent with your friends! You guy’s do work hard at making it look so fun, so thanks for that! Liked your life story Elayna, now we need Riley’s please! And I hope this adventure continues for as long as the wind blows!

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  4. Always a great watch, but please do your selves a favour,… get some bags for the shopping! Oh and non slip mats for the table. Next episode please!!

  5. Very nice! Although I suggest you invite the girls back on board for a longer time. It’s so nice to see beautiful ladies enjoying themselves and laughing. Riley must be beside himself.

  6. Good onya fixing the Auto, what a legend travis is. Keep the episodes coming , they always pick me up after hard yakka.

  7. Having only just found you and watched all your episodes in the past 10 days it’s great to see what you are achieving. Keep it up guys the islands look great. Update us where you are on the map next time. Us pommies don’t know much about the Pacific. How does Polynesia rate compared to the Carribean?

  8. I love all your movies and dream of lost chances to do the same. Riley how do you do it. Sail, DoRepairs and stay sane with not one beautiful women but three gorgeous girls all scatily clad . It must drive you crazy and makes every red blooded man watching truly envious. Good sailing, Have fun and a good life

  9. Well Elayna, your mates were a big hit going by the comments. I think they were also, you certainly had a good time with them on board , LOL, , I don’t know how Riley coped with all you women, he must be an exceptional fella !!
    Another brilliant Episode, loved by all, , Congrats !!
    Until next time ???
    Keep Safe !!

  10. Hey Riley, somewhere you recommended a YouTube video of a carefree stock trader in the states that quit his job to buy a 27′ Hunter and sail the Caribbean. I watched maybe 10 minutes and was mesmerized – sleeping in his car/woke up with his girlfriend in a bed on the trading floor/didn’t know bow from stern/no head on the boat/girlfriend as crazy as himself/ ran aground 9 times, etc. I couldn’t wait to get back to it, and poof . . . it’s gone. I can’t find that video anywhere. Not in my history, no luck googling, and I can’t find the link you originally posted! Please help! Cheers

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  11. Hi, another fantastic video !! Elayna, you are one very cool and talented (Chick) Lady , LOL.. loved the spilled milk !!
    A word of caution from experience , , ,Riles if an electrical wire burns out , , there that is usually the result of another problem which causes this failure !!.. Good luck you two , and safe sailing !!

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