Sailors, LOST in New York City Ep.229

We trade the boat for a bus and head to New York City to see what all the fuss is about! SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell for weekly sailing videos!

Song Credits:
00:00 Handmade Moments – Where Do You Find the Time
01:38 Handmade Moments – Invisible Things
02:44 Kate Vargas – Good Stuff
04:10 Old Sea Brigade – Once Again
07:43 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know
07:45 Lost Without You – Wild Oak
10:35 Kate Vargas – Nothing Turns My Lock

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  1. You guys are an inspiration. I did some Island travel when I was younger. Your show brings back so many memories. Love it. Also the diving and fishing is incredible. I’m so glad youbdidnt take a shot at that giant tuna. That monster may have drowned you. No?

  2. We came across your page when we purchased our 28ft boat a few weeks ago the previous owner actually from Beaumaris North Wales told us all about you guys, so we are on a massive catch up ….. up to episode 95 phew !! Absolutely love watching your videos we have sailed La Rochelle to Pwllheli and Sardinia this year. We can’t wait to get our new boat in the water in spring and want to go as far as we can ? we love travelling and the ocean is the best place to be x good luck on your adventures and we will keep watching daily till we are up to speed xx Dani and John – North Wales ??????? UK

  3. Hi there,

    Your content is good, however since you mentioned you are now having someone else edit and do all of the work with the videos, what is it that you guys are actually doing to warrant to patreon funding? Isn’t it the equivalent to having an idea, yet someone else writing and illustrating a book and then calling it your own? This is exactly what is wrong with the world. People wanting to be paid for doing nothing. Do you not feel guilty that you now are being paid to simply ” travel” on a catamaran? You can call it want you want, and most sheeple followers will be obvlious to what is going on… kudos to you for when you actually did do the work on your own videos.. now you are just simply fooling yourselves and your patreon followers who are funding this debacle… #foodforthought…

    1. They began a commitment and developed a huge following they are trying to keep that commitment to. Ever had a baby and tried to keep a scheduled commitment? Theirs is an offering much larger than to merely yourself, and even if you overlooked all else and got nothing more than entertainment from it, it is marginally different from a service renting a movie excepting theirs is NOT demanding money. In fact, they provide it freely and accessible to all. They leave how you show your appreciation to be your own personal choice. In regard to a trip to New York, one of the things vitally important to living on a boat is to leave it periodically to keep your sanity.

      1. Patreon is a wonderful tool for many artists and writers etc, yet the difference is they are doing the work. I’m not sure why you mention a baby? If the conditions are not right and one can no longer do the work, then maybe doing videos and sailing the world isn’t the right fit anymore. That is for them to determine, however it really doesn’t sit right with making money, and still crediting themselves as the video maker/ director when you are now using patreons money ( to pay someone else to do all the work… they should also receive the credit.)

        The original videos were fantastic, the idea was great, yet it is like everything else in life nowadays online, which is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. ( ie receiving credit, money or fame for someone elses work.)

        Every creator, writer, actor, director has a life outside of their work.. families, children, food shopping, house cleaning etc. What does that have to do with being paid a load of money, if you either don’t have the time..or interest to do the work anymore.

        Any person can travel the world ( most people are nowadays, including myself), yet creating the content is the talent.. if they are no longer creating the content ( ie the videos) then maybe it’s time to realize the gig is up…. anything else is nothing short of disingenuous and is exactly what is wrong with the social media world…

  4. As much as I have loved the videos in the past, I have to agree with Blatant Bill’s comments here. Riley and Elyana have previously prided themselves it seems on not being like other influencer’s. If they are outsourcing their work to someone else, then maybe they should close down their patreon account. I agree it doesn’t seem very ” genuine ” as you say anymore.

  5. You guys are the best. Discovering your show has brought me hope and
    A new perspective on the future of my life. Riley has an incredible adventures spirt and Eliana couldn’t be more pleasant and adorable. Happy New Year’s guys. I can’t wait to see your next adventures . I hope your not paying attention to the people who have nothing better to do but criticise you. I don’t see how anyone could find anything but joy in joining you as you go places and do things rhat all of us wish that we could. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Tommy Bagnall and friends Miami Florida Good day mate !! ?

  6. Happy 2020. hope your having a blast in old Espanya and the boat race down under hope you did well, So I have to give you the latest review of the Montauk videos< first we are so cool and you shouldda called, So I get now where you were now though, I was there Labor day weekend at Hither hills but we didn't actually go to the seafood fest, but had talked about it. Lisa said if you guys were there which I just had this idea that you were( the entire time we were in Montauk) that that's where you would be but I wouldn't listen. I saw the same three pods of dolphins. You were on the lake montauk side and at gin beach. and theres a picture of the Camp Hero antenna in one of your shots A very controversial spooky place. We've never been to top of the lighthouse, which looked awesome(always there to late),peace out… she is absolutely right about the turmeric…

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