Sailors TRAPPED Overseas. Where we gonna have this baby? [#288]

Do we have our baby in Antigua? The Bahamas? Do we try to get home to Australia and pay the crazy expenses of up to $18,000 with no guarantee of getting back to the boat? We don’t tend to lock a lot of things into the calendar but going back to Australia once per year to surround ourselves with close friends and family has been a really important thing for us. Home sickness is definitely a thing – for us anyway. Having said all that, this is a global pandemic and it’s effecting everyone in different ways. We’re still very fortunate and can’t complain. We’ve been doing some research and hopefully will have something worked out in the next month or so. Wish us luck!

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Song Credits:
00:00 – Axel Thesleff – 2 Down
02:42 – Cat – Whistle in the wind
07:22 – Jordan Merrick – Sailin’
08:56 – MaJLo – Dear Gunna
11:24 – Alle – Was a Dream
16:07 – Caravãna Sun – Whale Song
20:51 – Joe Kaplow – Little Sleep

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