Saints and Indians (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 18

Full house on board La Vaga as Rileys dad, step mum, plus 3 friends from Australia Connor, Dustin and Milsey join us for the week. We sail the coast of Dominica and explore the Indian River where Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest was filmed!

Explore a village hidden in the forrest where the people live off the land. Jump in the water at the Saints and check out a capsized catamaran. What happened to it is still unknown as a french man shooed us off pretty quickly.

Got to be brief here, we are currently traveling up the WA coastline and internet is limited. Hope you guys like the episode!! Thanks for watching.

Stay tuned, Love from Elay & Riley

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  1. Thanks Guys great to see you again love your work cant wait for the next one & want my time to sail and explore .

  2. love the video, couldn’t comment there for some reason so I thought I’d do it here. thanks for sharing, I know the work that goes into making these, thanks for taking the time. love the new logo, and of course the soundtrack.
    fair winds.

  3. Great video. Ya’ll are living the life for sure. Keep up the great videos they keep me inspired to one day do the same.

  4. Hey guys! We have loved your videos and want to do the same one day. We’ve watched you from the beginning. Thank you!

    It’s not easy to mention this but it was disturbing to watch you two dive onto the catamaran wreck and take some of their stuff. (Cds I guess)

    If it was out in the open ocean, fair enough, but it was in port and that was someone’s property, their dreams, perhaps their home. Someone even came out and tried to tell you right? The French guy?

    Don’t mean to make you guys upset. Just please think before you do stuff. That could have been your boat and you probably wouldn’t ever want someone looting your belongings, then making a film about it. Bad form.

    Other than that, keep up the good work. Be safe out there.

    Aaron & Emily

    I know nothing was

  5. Watching all of your videos is making me work a lot harder to set sail sooner. I can’t wait to see all of the places you have been.


  6. Thanks guys. Another great few minutes for us to all escape from the toil and drudgery and vicariously through you both. You must be itching to get back to her. when are you hoping to head back to the caribbean?

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