Shakedown Music (Episode 102)

Hello Vagabonds and welcome to episode 102 of SLV, the crew have some friends on board amidst the chaos of an inspection and some maintenance on La Vagabonde. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, it’s available right here in the embedded player, enjoy.

This weeks selection of artists is small, but oh are they mighty. I’d really like to thank the musicians who contribute their songs to our show. We are so lucky to play your music in each episode, and it really is so perfect for the feel of the videos. Check out the embedded SoundCloud player embedded below. Every week we release a new playlist on our SoundCloud account (, (remind me to change our link!) to coincide with each new episode on YouTube. Please help us support the artists by following the links in the blog below and by following our SoundCloud account. We’re always on there, so you can check out what we’re listening to in real time and listen to the SLVM playlists.

Jode Gannon –

Rock n roller Jode Gannon writes some seriously foot tapping, head nodding music. Coming from the humble beginnings of music class, where he was expelled on the last day of school for water-bombing his teachers groin area, his non-authoritarian view point has followed him to the present day. Despite Jode being told several times that he will never have a career in music, he now has two studio albums, ‘3 Hours’ and ‘Care Factor Zero’. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for some great rock music.




Pizza Girl – (Previously known as Lumen)

“A Musical Boy” from Liverpool creating a very unique blend of electronic music characterised by wide open chorused, plenty of vocal reverb and a nice little mixture of electronic and traditional instruments. Music that is pleasantly confusing yet able to converge and make total sense at the same time, at present I am joyfully lost inside the depths of Pizzagirl’s carefully threaded wall of electronic sound.





CircleLight –

The project of 20 something year old Emanuele Durante, CircleLight is water marked by open, earnest lyrics, simple and catchy musicianship and wonderfully layered vocal harmonies – “Brother, don’t you see that we better open the doors, nobody comes first, and won’t you listen for a little while, and talk to those strangers outside”. Be sure to check out CircleLight’s new music on SoundCloud, as Emanuele has transformed his solo pastime into a 4 piece band. 




Thanks for stopping by Vagas, your support and enthusiasm is truly appreciated. Help us to spread the word about the featured artists, tell your friends, your family, the bus driver, whoever! Let them know about the awesome new and original music we’re finding. You’ll never listen to commercial radio again.




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