She doesn’t want to sail anymore..

Seasickness….. It really messes with your head but fingers crossed we can resolve it and get back to the glory days of not feeling ill on sail. It certainly doesn’t worry Lenny.

Sometimes you just gotta go for it, change it up, break some plans. Sometimes to keep it spontaneous, and sometimes just because the gods will strike us down if we leave a little later. We’re taking off for the next island in the Azores chain Sao Jorge, and we struggle in the shadow of Pico, the massive monolith in the middle of the Atlantic which is sending the winds crazy. Some experimental night sailing manoeuvres should see us through ? Plus we tell you why we can eat a delicious fish where we are while you probably should eat it where you are. For the right reasons. If that made sense…

Song Credits:
00:00 Callaz – What Would Rimbaud Do?
08:26 Mimi Gilbert – Society’s a Mansion
11:41 Mimi Gilbert – Society’s a Mansion (continued)
13:11 Mojo JNR – Miles Away
16:03 Aeseaes – Bloodlust
19:12 Mikael Abramowitch – Sailing La Vagabonde

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  1. I am the same and I have tried everything with no luck, BUT I then found a Tablet called ‘Stugeron’ (think I spelt that right?) and it has solved all my problems, works every time 🙂

  2. Meclizine, sold under the brand names Bonine among others, is an antihistamine used to treat motion sickness and the feeling like the world is spinning (vertigo).[1] It is taken by mouth.[1] Effects generally begin in an hour and last for up to a day.[1]
    It is sold under the brand names Bonine, Bonamine, Antivert, Postafen, Sea Legs,

  3. I too suffer from seasickness similar to yours. I find that picking sailing windows to avoid going to windward and mostly being on a beam reach or other points with the wind aft of the beam eliminates most of the problem. When that’s not possible or the sea state is choppy with wind against current there’s always at least that 1-2 days of terrible seasickness that no medicine I’ve found eliminates. I just try to avoid planning a trip that requires going to windward or will surely encounter bad sea states. It can be done with patience. Good luck!

  4. There was once a report from the BT Challenge that said large doses (2000/3000 mg) of vit c was the best remedy for seasickness, even when you were feeling sick… worth a try! I use Cinnarizine the night before and it works for me (less drowsy than Stugeron and last for 24hrs). Unfortunately research seems to suggest that women suffer as they get older… probably due to hormone changes!!

  5. Peppermint essential oil just behind my ear lobes solves any sea sickness issues I have had. I also hear ginger oil is good.

  6. Have you tried riding it out to see if it passes? I know some can and it works, others have and it didn’t. I’ve treated many people for seasickness over the years as a casualty Carer for the RNLI. We give Stugeron and it works but it’s not for anyone going on watch alone as it makes you sleepy.

  7. Hi elayna. So I think that since you didn’t used to get sea sick that what your experiencing is more in your mind and you know this the fear that your experiencing doesn’t have to be labeled. You can trick your mind just by lets say kind of pretending that you want to experience seasickness or waiting with pretend anticipation. Happy sailing guys, still pissed that I missed you in Montalk Lisa wanted to go to the sea foodfest and I was like trying to save money that day or something dumb and that the only reply I ever got from you was “Foxy’s is great” but I’m always around and still love you all got to go vote out the agent orange and vote green, wish me luck just this twice . Peace out Stevie

  8. Check out Transderm-Scop Patch (Transdermal 3 Day) for sea sickness/motion sickness. It works soo well and last up to 3 days. Just stick it behind your ear and your good to go. I get motion sick and this is the only thing that consistently works for me.

  9. I had severe reflux after pregnancy because everything internally gets pushed up inside. I went on Prevacid for acid reflux for a while and went on a yacht with a friend everyone got the puked but I felt great. My gastro guy said he always took Prevacid when sailing. Now my reflux is healed and I take a good probiotic that helps. Hope you feel better and that guy who told you to quit doing what your doing and get a job is a jerk! You guys have helped me live through having an attorney for a husband at home working! You have a job your shows are done n good taste and are helping us get through COVID with watching you entertain us! He doesn’t have to watch you! There’s a lot of shows on tv I don’t watch! To each his own! He should mind his own business! Take care! Love your little guy!

  10. I have suffered with sea sickness since I was a kid. I also have had much ear problems . Do you suffer at all with ear infections or tinnitus? Try seeking a otolaryngologist for some sound advice. I have used Dramamine in past… best wishes

  11. My husband who loves sailing suffers from seasickness. We lived on our boat with our young son for 6 years. Make sure you travel when there is a good forcast. When it’s going to be a bit rough plan to take Stugeron and then sleep before you set off to get over the drowsy problem. When you come off watch take another Stugeron and sleep. After a couple of days at sea seasickness goes away.

  12. Elayna,

    Did you give birth vaginally? There is a rare inner-ear condition called Superior Semi Circular Canal Dehiscence that can occur from the intense inter-cranial pressure of vaginal birth. Essentially, the pressure from pushing causes a hole to crack open in the bone between the balance canal and the brain. After I had my son I started suffering from dizziness, aural fullness and definitely increased sensitivity to motion. It’s a condition that has only been known about since the late 90’s, so many doctors don’t know about it. Medication has helped me, but there is a surgery that can correct it too. Maybe something to explore with an ENT.

  13. Try fresh ginger root sliced thin and make a tea with it. Ginger is very good for settling an upset stomach or sea sickness.
    Really enjoy watching your adventures.
    My boating world is mostly on the Great Lakes in Canada.

  14. I’ve got some ideas for you! I’ve always had a problem with motion sickness so when my husband suggested living on a boat I was very concerned. And yup for the first 6 months I would wake during the night to be violently ill and on rough weather days all I could feel was horrible. Stormy weather had me hoping for a shore that wasn’t attached to a floating dock. 4 years later I rarely have a problem. Here’s what works for me: sea bands, most nights before going to bed I put them on my wrists and during the day when the water is choppy or I’m going to spend time looking at a computer screen. Ginger, dried, lozenges or capsules. All natural non-drowsy. And whenever possible face across the boat so you rock back to front not side to side. Very important to sleep this way. There’s something about a battle going on between your gut, head and inner ear. Apparently pressure points on your wrists (or behind your ears) talk to your brain. The ginger chats with your gut and the proper positioning just keeps everything calm.

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