She Serenades on the Sea. BOAT LIFE at its Finest..

Join us on the quiet island of Long Island – Bahamas, as we get totally lost in nature. Riley claims he nearly got “eaten my a manatee”, we find a hidden blue hole full of shrimp and our food is taken over by weevils. 

Lenny is very close to crawling. Not long now and we will have a big job on our hands to baby proof everything.

Song credits:
00:00 Sam Carmody – Moby Dick
01:45 Fit Freddy – Mar Haze
04:53 Early October – Carol Ellyn
06:40 NoMBe – Can’t Catch Me
08:48 Miss Max – You Me and the Sea
10:18 Jordan Merrick – Low Country
11:36 Sam Carmody – Rachael
14:07 Smiling At Strangers – Michael Dunstan
17:00 Castles Fall – Trent Herzman

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Comments 8

  1. So happy for you all, especially Lenny!
    Wish we all had a similar start to life.
    Well done to you both for your courage to pursue what you want against societies rigid trends.
    He will adapt quickly, we witness this already.
    Fairly sure Lenny will grow into a free spirit. Thus hopefully escaping the indoctrination of many physical, financial and mental burdens imposed by western society.
    For that you should be both congratulated.

  2. It’s just wonderful watching Lenny as his eyes light up in recognition of anything close by him and to watch as he responds to your voices and especially when you laugh towards his antics and he immediately laughs with you. I wondered or assumed that at some point soon you will need to completely surround the boat a full 360% as he’s getting to that “I can do it ” stage. He’s just a delight and obviously a bundle of joy. Thanks guys for the privilege of being able to share all of that together

  3. You guys are awesome! I never sailed in my life or traveled . But since I’ve been watching your videos I have now done both right from my sofa ! lol. Thank you all keep up the the great vids.

  4. Great episode, Lenny seems to be getting his sea hands and knees, that is one lucky boy, you guys should organise a Outremer rally for next year, betcha’d get lots of takers

  5. Great video. Let’s go Lenny!! Great to see Alayna playing guitar in videos again. Looking forward to the next video. Now back to seeing pediatric patients again. Dr Steve

    1. How’s it going Elayna, Riley and Lenny.
      The Episode Long Island – Bahamas .I like it like that as soon I finished my work at home, i´m on my way again too.In about 4mth.Bought my sailing yacht Feb.2015 and done a few countrys (11) .If i got some questions I may trop a line to you´s .If that is ok.

  6. Hope you guys have found shelter against Dorian, which seems to have destroyed a lots on its way. Wish you luck !


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