Should Riley Ever Make Another SLV Episode Again?

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Get your votes in! Should Riley ever make another episode? What are your thoughts.

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  1. Bilgey is the best short movie I’ve seen in a long long time. Please I must see the sequel please do not delay it. I must know what happened to Bilgey. The music is also brilliant. America needs more silent movies like this. Please produce a major motion picture one day and you can change the world, one bilgey at a time…

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    1. I was going to give him a break and say yes but that annoying ass count down was more than I could take lol So HELL TO TH E NO!!!!!!

      1. I did not realize Riley was so artistic! Great job. You did mention the he was carrying on with the bilge pump before Elaina came along. Personally I think she makes for a much better companion and an excellent videographer. Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us I look forward to seeing more of them.

  2. I love you both and I enjoy your adventures. May you have a long and happy life together. At least May you both be happy! I love you both!

  3. Clearly excessive ocean sailing boredom is setting in. Good start, imagine what both of you could do! Nice to see yachties all dressed up, Some artistic talent starting to emerge, keep going….

  4. Funny thing but I started my working life in the Bass Straight oil field 40 years ago and recently at the age of 61, and with zero sailing experience, bought a small (23 foot) yacht. Isn’t sailing a fantastic thing. I find myself much more in touch with nature and especially the weather. I wish you well.

  5. Riley I think Elayna may have had something to do with Bilgey falling overboard, “Don’t ” make Elayna mad or you may be next!!!!!!!

  6. As ever, great entertainment. Thanks. Now can we have Elayna back please! LOL. Keep crushing … Love your show … Two super people.

  7. I would have guessed making vids wasn’t exactly in Riley’s wheel house, however that was pretty good. Bravo Riley!. With that said, may I suggest to Elayna – Keep Riley’s access to the cam at a minimum;) I’m sure he’s got sails to mend, bilges to clean, etc.
    Btw, I remember one of your vids when you almost lost his favorite bucket and commented he would freak if you had. Perhaps he could do a vid about his 2nd luv Bucky 🙂

  8. Charlie Chaplin would be so proud… Now lets see you both on an island eating a shoe! lol

  9. Really liked the post WWII film intro count down…good sense of humor, Riley.
    Look forward to a sequel or another character into. Can see why editing was time consuming. In the end you got a good video. Cheers.

  10. Somebody has been out in the sun too long !!! Can’t wait till part 2 ,,, I hope it has more of the pretty lady in the dress !!!!

  11. As an undergrad film student in San Diego, I really appreciated it. Some of those shots, such as the pump falling through the water and soccer ball flying in the sky, were pretty gutsy and must have taken a fair amount of work. So long as they don’t get in the way of your normal videos, and you have a fun time putting them together (which it looks like you did), I’d say do it!

  12. Honestly, I don’t think it should matter whether we liked Riley’s video or not. The story of La Vagabonde started as Riley’s story of his early mid-life crisis (bravo Riley, personally I’m a late bloomer) and quickly became the story of Riley and Elayna’s adventures in life aboard their sail boat. If Riley weren’t Riley then his video would not be what it is and there would not be a La Vagabonde for all of us to live vicariously through.
    Don’t change what you are to please the audience – if the audience doesn’t like what you are then they should perhaps find a different channel or just skip Riley’s vids.
    Besides, I think the real issue is how Elayna feels about Riley spending so much quality time with Bilgey………

  13. Nice vid, great job Riley, and Thank You Elayna for letting him do this! 🙂 I get it, before finding you, all he had was his bilge pump, now he has something much more Beautiful !!!!!! Keep up the great life !

      1. Ouch…..ok, so I’m slow at times (I never did like courses that wanted you to interpret instead of just enjoy)….no need to rub it in though…..

          1. WOW….I really can’t believe that I was THAT slow! The true meaning of the whole story you are telling in this work finally became clear to me. The crafty Riley finds the innocent young Bilgey on the beautiful island and lures her onto his boat for a life of adventure and romance….only to slowly twist and torment her until she can stand no more and in a pique jumps overboard (no Riley – I’m not buying the “she was washed overboard by a rogue pail of water” theory) in the hopes of ending her torment, causing Riley to search out a new companion to begin his game all over again.
            RUN ELAYNA RUN!!!

        1. This should be a reply to tim’s final comment but it didn’t have a reply option……..I think you are dismissing the ‘rogue pail of water’ theory too quickly as we know there is someone on board who is quite adept at throwing buckets around and that person may also have had the motive. Has the disappearance (thanks spell correct) of Bilgey even been reported to local authorities ?

  14. This was genuinely great, you get my upvote, and … I think you should not post another one. Riley needs to start his own YT channel where he can post his stuff, and Elayna can help push some traffic there from SLV. Riley can add technical sailing stuff, his opinion on whichever book he’s reading, more Bilgey episodes and what not (just make sure you stay who you are). Elayna can add more of her songs on SLV, (why not write more/get someone to write more) if that’s low overhead enough to fill in some blanks and keep post frequency up. Take Pewdiepie / Cutiepie, they wouldn’t throw makup videos in between gaming casts 😉 This channel is doing deservedly well, it may just turn into two good places to crash on the day you guys stop sailing. Just my two cents, now go enjoy yourselves!!!

      1. Last but not least, could you record the Leeward Side song and upload it somewhere for dwnld? It’s stunning, cheers

  15. I expect to see Elayna tied to a railway track in the next episode as Bilgey seeks her revenge!

  16. For shoure You must continue This saga..
    What the pump will do to You when she understand that you’ve changed her for other with two beauty legs?????
    Keep going love the both a lot!!
    Hope You’ll be happy all your live!!
    Best of all for You guys!!

  17. Nice job Riley. I must say, in black and white you look a bit like Gene Wilder’s’ character in Young Frankenstein. Keep smiling, keep sailing and keep shooting video as long as you can. You and Elayna make a great couple. Bilgey seemed a trite and shallow. Cheers….

  18. Sorry, I am going with no. I just love your story. Your voices and laughs are the heart of the story. The way you tell your story make everyone wish they were on the boat. I check every day for your new clips. Keep up the good work and have fun.

  19. Artistic, innovative and of cause very fun as always. Still I think Elayna takes the price in episode 4, going bananas with the sleeping boyfriends power tools.
    You are both wonderful people with a natural and fun personality.

  20. thats exactly my kind of humor, i smiled the whole time.
    i admit i entertain myself in similarly ! ( ;

  21. Sorry Riley…..NO…. ok….it was funny. I love the scenery you guys are in, Was in Peurto Rico in Jan this year and probably virgin islands in a few months. Do you have much problems clearing customs of each island?

  22. Riley, Riley, Riley!
    Charley Caplin or Buster Keaton,
    Which one do you favor? Buster Keaton I think. Pome’s should never get an Aussie’s vote.
    That girl Elayna did a nice job in the walk on part, Let me give her a mention. Well done Elayna!
    You can make as many of these films as you like, just keep Elayna doing her thing! ⛵️??
    PS. What is life without the little lady, particularly when you have to remove barnicals, or spice up a bilge pump movie!

  23. Riley,

    Keep the movies coming. Don’t let the talent go to waste., keep sharing the love.

    Cheers Mate,

    David B.

  24. Hey Riley, I reckon you should enter your film of the trials and tribulations of Bilgey in Tropfest -. A sure winner. We definitely need the sequel, I just hope that Bilgey doesn’t make out with a loose and lonely coconut now she has washed up on an abandoned tropical island.
    Mate you sure have enriched my day with your film. Thanks Elayna for allowing the Talented Mr Riley for showing off his imagination. I nearly pissed myself laughing ?. It’s a big ??? from me. Cheers Dave

  25. Well I a have to admit I am very interested in seeing the protagonist recover and understanding the underlying meaning of the love affair with something that sucks bilge and why does she feel threatened by this relationship. How is her relationship with her father?

  26. The talent is there. The artistry is there. The beauty is there. The transmission of the message, not so much.
    After viewing all the posted (free) vids of LaVagabonde. There is no doubt where the first three come from, and the last.
    Make more videos like this if you want to, but whatever you do, don’t give up Elayna. You will be nothing but an empty boat without her. (maybe you can re-connect with Bilgy then)
    Don’t feel badly if it doesn’t work out though, I’m sure Mutt Lange is doing just fine since Shania Twain tossed him in the ditch.

  27. Absolutely LOVE IT! Such a wonderful follow up to the “news” episode wherein Riley got subtly accused of making friends with inanimate objects such as the bilge pump before meeting Elayna. Way to go!

  28. I was hoping for a little of the shower cap, but I can see it didn’t fit in the story line. Let’s just say I applaud the effort, but it needs some work. It is a good break from your regular posts so there’s nothing wrong with a little variety.

  29. excellent !! a cross and mixture of Charlie Chapman , and Tom Hanks “Castaway” fun and entertaining.

  30. I Loved it…. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Silent movies… Love it…

  31. This was an awful letdown, but I voted YES Riley should make another video, because I believe in second chances, and I think his heart was in the right place.

    Actually it was cute and fun… but I miss your voices, they’re the best part of these videos, that and all the sailing tips and practical advise that comes from watching you fix your mistakes with grace.

    Keep it up, and hoping for a longer video soon!

  32. The latest short film from director Riley Vagabond is nothing less than a masterpiece. What is an exercise in neo-classical filmography from the young up-start shows us that wisdom does not necessarily come with age.

    The story is in essence a classic love story, but far from being stale and derivative, it goes beyond the normal realms of conventional love and into the subconscious of the protagonist (starring the director himself), challenging the boundaries that define love between man and bilge pump. The filmography style is understated and classy, with a technical prowess equal that to veteran directors such as Wes Anderson.

    The score, while a clear homage to the bilge film era that we know and love, is not cliche and adds a sense of grandeur to the film, although it hardly needs it.

    The brief but enchanting appearance of the alluring Elayna rounds off the film, however the clear standout and possible Oscar contender is Bilgy.

    Don’t hesitate to see this film, and the next one, and the next one.

  33. Seriously, I had no idea who made the La Vagabonde’s videos, but you’ve mind your point with this video and made it very clear! Personally I very much like the La Vagabonde video’s, except this piece of art… prefer the sailing (re)views and shared experiences with 2 fresh looking youngsters instead of a Charley Chaplin type of art production. Keep up the good work and enjoy…!

  34. ironically my hands are covered with cuts and my back is killing me after a 3 day fiasco replacing both bilge pumps in my boat. Needless to say I’m riveted! Can’t wait for the finale!

  35. I’m quite a fan of good cinema and I must say that out of all the films I’ve ever watched, this is definitely one of them…

  36. A psychotic episode of a man who has become obsessed with plastic that wants to pump all day.
    Most definitely D.C.
    No longer in touch with anything, Elayna has done the right thing. That (Bad word) pump was probably no longer performing properly and had to go. No suck,no blow.
    R/- A lot of careful management needed in the real world.

  37. Oops Sorry I dropped the “F”bomb” it was a mistake keypad error blah blah
    But fuck it was funny!!!!

  38. Well done Riley. I look forward to the next one. ” Bilgey’s Revenge” I just hope this wasn’t brought about by eating too many Lionfish. I hear they have a psychedelic properties ?

    Landlocked in Kentucky
    Fair winds

    1. I just had a thought. Maybe my head is spinning from cutting grass in this hot Kentucky sun but maybe “Bilgey” could meet an Ex Pat country boy”Buck Buck”. Now that I read this I think I need a cold beer in the shade!

  39. It was good, Funny as hell! But I think the reason was Elayna’s beautiful and talented hand in it! I would like to see more of Elayna singing and playing,! how about a few original Sailing tunes? Keep them coming!!

  40. Why does Riley have such a connection to thing on boats and always loose it all the time like bilgey?

  41. Who is this Riley character? I am subscribed to the Elayna sailing around the world YouTube channel.

  42. Riley, I enjoyed it! It’s great seeing your creativity. You two (R & E) compliment each other very well in life, and I think producing movies would be the same, each with your own strengths. As long as you’re enjoying it, I say produce whatever you’d like and I bet it will lead to some cool stuff.

    With the other videos, I enjoy how you show the different places you visit. Both the highlights of that island and some of the cool places you visit there, and the diving you do and fish you catch. I enjoy the humor between you two, Elayna’s singing & playing guitar, and all your videos leave me with a smile and for that I thank you.

    PS. Loved Elayna asking us to vote and just about rolling her eyes at the thought of it… priceless!

  43. Thought provoking and awe inspiring
    Keep it up Riley
    Also Elayna please keep up the amazing work I’ve found all sailors need a partner to keep us sane 🙂

  44. Leave the vids to Elayna…sorry Riley old mate but you don’t have Elayna’s artistic talents.Please stick to keeping the yacht ship shape.
    (seeing as Elayna does a good pommie accent perhaps next vid she should have a go at a french one…commenting as Riley grounds the boat again.

  45. A staggering work. The director, dare I say artist, puts the ‘er…’ back in Post Modern. If you must see one movie this year, go see one! Special and unique. So special, we should cherish this work and pray another does not come around for a long time. We wouldn’t want such a budding young genius to burn himself out too early.

  46. IT was Good for once in a while but, I agree with Bluewaterbob above and re-post his thougts

    With the other videos, I enjoy how you show the different places you visit. Both the highlights of that island and some of the cool places you visit there, and the diving you do and fish you catch. I enjoy the humor between you two, Elayna’s singing & playing guitar, and all your videos leave me with a smile and for that I thank you.

    PS. Loved Elayna asking us to vote and just about rolling her eyes at the thought of it… priceless!

  47. Great movie. We recognized it as the story of how you two met. Yes, let Riley do another!

    We love you guys. We just bought our first sailboat and while searching for videos on sailing we found yours and watched the all. Today is our third day on South Wind and we had a small dingy mishap too. We caught the tow rope around the prop. I felt like Riley and grabbed my snorkel and mask, dove under and freed the line.

    If you ever get up to Mystic, Connecticut look us up. We would love to meet you both.

  48. Although, I enjoy the usual updates much more… I must say, that wasn’t bad! On another note, I sincerely appreciate you both taking the time to document your journey so far. I’m sure it may seem like a pain sometimes but know that it is really appreciated. Not only does it entertain your viewers but for me at least it wake ups a deep urge for adventure. I must also add that both of your positive attitudes are really great to see. You both seem very self aware. Best of luck to you guys and I look forward to more of your videos!

  49. Right out of the 1920’s. Buster Keaton would have been jealous.
    How did you come up with an idea like that? It must have been the “other woman” Elayna
    Any vids of the Haulout in the Islands?

  50. It was awesome. Now I have to read “Infinite Jest”. If Bilgey was reading it, it has to be great!

  51. It seems clear that your asking this because your wondering if there will be enough people to back you financially for a trip. Your going to sail eitherway, but do what you really want to do for yourself. Even if you didn’t create these videos for financial support, if you just have the right attitude then eithrway it will work out. Embrace a challange I always say, that’s what creates lasting memories.
    Personally, I don’t think I would like to document my adventures, I feel like I can never convey my perceptional experience, and so just embrace a personal experience nobody will ever no of. But then I really enjoy getting a glimpse into another’s adventure like yours, so that’s great that you have.

    Riley, I’ll leave this by saying ‘MUCH RESPECT’. I pride myself on saying what I’m going to do, then ‘do it’. Knowing you commited to your dream makes me proud of you, I don’t even know you but it makes me happy seeing that in someone. These days that’s hard to come by -‘staying true to your heart’.

    All the best man. Maybe I’ll see you out on the water someday.

  52. Elayna,

    You must be so touched by this video that Riley made. Before he met you he was talking to bilge pumps. He thought all he needed was something mechanical to keep his bilge dry and look how upset he was when he lost Bilgey overboard. But in the end he realized how much greater life would be with you!

    Even the book, Infinite Jest, more about the Title then the contents of the book, suggest what he is really in search of, someone that has a similar sense of humor that he can laugh with to infinity and beyond. He didn’t find that satisfaction in material, mechanical, or inanimate objects. But it was those things that led him to you. You are his Infinite Jest!

    Maybe when he was dreaming about the adventure, before he bought the boat and met you, he thought the boat would satisfy his Infinite Jest. That somehow it would bring him joy or happiness. But now he knows that you are the source of his happiness and Infinite Jest. Bilgey can wash up on some distant shore and he doesn’t even give it a second thought. The boat and the material things now seem so insignificant to him now. Now that he found his Infinite Jest.

    Such a romantic and touching story. It is very deep, thought provoking and interesting!

    You would be such a fool not to allow him to do more videos!

  53. I’d like to vote in-between Yes and No. Riley can do every 10th video. It was very well done, but I don’t think you’d have this many followers if all the videos were like that one!

  54. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your sailing adventures with us. I have watched every video and you guys are living life to the fullest. I love it! Riley, you did a great job my friend! What’s the possibility of Wilson having a part in an episode?

  55. I said ‘no’ but it was still good. Much subtlety used to great effect and the lighting was perfect. I bet you had a great time making it and had a few laughs to boot. Here’s to you both keeping up the humour and lifestyle.

    I’ll keep watching and safe sailing!!

  56. Every morning I get up and I watch surfing videos and then I found you guys both you put a smile on my face to your crazy adventures keep it up you put smiles on many people’s faces we are living vicariously through your adventures. Huntington Beach California

  57. I like watching you guys living out my dream. I was on a small sailing boat a few times and I always thought of sailing the Med and crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean. It’s a beautiful dream, but I hoped getting cabin fever to the point I went clearly mad and fell in love with an inanimate object, then made a film about it, wasn’t in it. Although still feeling slightly disturbed about the plot I liked the quality and technique and after a cup of tea I felt much better. I hope there’s more to come! Love you guys xx

  58. i think that was bilgey’s evil twin we saw drop to the bottom. i’m hoping we will see bilgey once again.

    love, love, love you guys.

  59. I think the link between Bilgey and Castaway/Wilson is great, although I’m not sure how intentional that was. Great job Riles and keep those films coming. Don’t let Elayna sully your dreams!!! You’ve got what it takes!

  60. Really funny guys! well done! Very refreshing! Obviously you might not want to spend so much effort to do a short film every time you make an episode but you can try doing it once in a while. 😉 cheers
    PS. Elayna, im sure Riley could not have done it without you! Plus now you can make a full “elayna” short movie of your own, as pay back! haha

  61. A unique movie and, hopefully, it will stay that way!

    Sorry Riley, I think you should quit while you’re at the peak of your cinematographic skills. Why torture yourself by trying to recapture past glory!

    It was a great laugh and I’ll bet it was a lot of fun to do. Maybe you could just do one every six months, you know, keep them wanting more!

  62. What a beautiful adventure.
    You are “free” and that is your asset – whatever creations you assemble, retain that spirit, and the rest will follow.
    I live on the 2nd greatest body of water – Lake Superior – how fortunate you are to dive into water that doesn’t freeze you in 30 seconds!

    You share a chemistry which is undeniable.
    Hang on to that…

    Expand your cinematic imagination and move 100 years beyond Charlie Chaplin.

  63. Has anyone noticed how much Riley looks like a young John Barrymore? He’s got movies and acting in his blood…there’ll be no end of this!

  64. Last night I experienced the best sunset ever. Of course, this is quite a statement considering glorious sunsets are par for the course when it comes to living on a boat in the Caribbean.

  65. So she was expecting a few more no’s was she? Oh well, struck out again because I vote yes. With a rebel yell he cried more more more!

  66. YES YES YES! Make another one. I loved it, Jenny not so much, but hey, I’m typing here so she doesn’t get to vote. She might however log onto the laptop and cast a vote, but hey, she’s her own woman so who am I to unplug the doggone thing? We love Elayna’s singing too. So Riley, another video since that one was amazing. And Elayna, would you take a request? One of my favorite bands is the Riverdogs (with Vivian Campbell, Nick Brophy and Rob Lamothe). Check them out on their self titled CD “Riverdogs”. Could you perform “Toy Soldier” or “Spooky”? And if not, maybe you’ll dig the laid back sound! Much love from Tony and Jenny in KENTUCKY. You make our day when we see another vid from y’all! p.s. RILEY movie maker extraordinaire, shoot another soon…

  67. Riley, looks like the Ayes have it. So. when is the sequel coming out? Will Bilgey ever make it back on board? BTW, the T shirts are great. Good work. ps. used to live in Adelaide. Know Glenelg. In a band called Bandit and played in the Glenelg Pier Hotel. Now in Sydney. Regards.

  68. You definitely have heaps of time on your hands editing that together….What a nice blast from the past in the present. and who can do without a good bilge pump these days….Next flick……??…sure…bring it on mate.

  69. Cheers Mate! That was funny and artistic! Love the B&W along with the music choice! Impressed, but I thought I might have smoked a little sumthin’ sumthin’, haha…

  70. I actually got a chuckle from the episode.
    I would like to seek another, but not of Bigley.
    The silent movie was good, the pretty damsel, the black and white, the music.
    All good, just a different subject matter, different story.

  71. I am very sorry for your loss Riley. Bilgey was very important to us all. Rest in Pump Bilgey.

  72. Hello, why you dont make a video where you show yours cooking abilitys.

  73. Never seen your videos until a few hours ago when I stumbled upon them on Ytubes. After the first one I had to watch more! My last video watched was on how ya’ll met. Que cute. I think you should sail VegaB again. It creates memories, strengthens your bound with your inner self, family and companions in a way most activities on land cannot. With a society so saturated in technology, cell phones, ipads, media and computers I think its a great way to get away and grow. There was an episode where you guys visit a small remote island and gather groceries from a mart that gets supplies twice a month from cargo ship.” Your gal describes how all of her senses were heightened, as if she was looking at the world through a new set of eyes. I just thought that was a unique and awesome observation one would experience after being at sea for awhile. Hope to see more videos, ohhhh and I just hit the Subscribe button! xD If you do decide to sail the VB again, I think it would be remarkably interesting to say the least to see how many days you can go with just eating from what the sea provides, you seem to be good at scoring fish. ciao.

  74. YES ! 🙂 it would be so Nice , if you can make a short film , about Riley’s first – first days , sailing with La Vogabonde …

    1. Post
  75. Bloody brilliant Riles. if you ever start a school for silent movie makers, i’ll be there, as your first student.
    This is just the sort of home grown talent we here in Perth need to promote. Pssst Elayna , have I massaged his movie ego enough yet? Keep up the great work, He’s much better off at the helm. LOL.

  76. “….It seems that the world will soon discover the film making genius that is Riley! Rarely does a directorial debut exhibit the depth, sensitivity and breath of vision that I have witnessed in this fabulous film. I eagerly await the next incredible installment of this gripping drama”. – New York Times Film Critic

    “….NOT SINCE CHAPLIN!!!!!!!!” – Sydney Times

    “I wish I could make a film as good as that!” – Cecil B. DeMille

  77. Riley,

    You are getting a new boat in a couple of months. You have a lot to learn about all the new systems on the cat. Put down the camera and start studying about the new boat. Engines, power generation, power distribution, navigation equipment, plumbing, refrigeration, and a new sail plan. Even if Outremer provides training, use your time now to get a head start. Elayna has mentioned about how the two of you share the workload on the boat. Let her be the Director of Marketing, and you can be the Captain and Chief Engineer.

  78. Hi, saludos from Argentina. I liked that episode! But let Elyna keep on doing what she’s doing: episodes are short, funny, inspiring and no BS reality tv drama on . I also love the sincerity of you guys asking the viewers when you dont know. At least it inspires an old world (land) traveler like me. Cheers!

  79. Nice idea and nice execution 🙂
    Fully professional production – really appreciate 🙂

  80. I loved your little show Riley, but, the suggestions of your fan club had me laughing so hard… should do a sequel, ( or two), with alternate endings…lol! You two are living my dream, to sail my Islander to distant places with my girl, please, carry on sir, with your beautiful damsel by your side!

  81. What is bilgey doing nowdays?
    I hope you didn’t dump him but took him with you to the cat 🙂 coz he deserves it.

  82. Obviously took quite a bit of work, both on the take and edit. I wouldn’t have known that Riley enjoys the companionship of the rather diminutive and somewhat rotund. Her technical aspects probably compensated. But great work Riley, very enjoyable… And a cliffhanger to boot! You’re always full of surprises. As i write this you’re in New Zealand. Best always. Cheers.

  83. I think you should ditch Elaina and start the romance back up again with Bilgey. A man and his bilge pump…. still a better romance than Twilight.
    (Just joking Elaina)

  84. Yes. Please have him make one every 15 to 20 episodes to keep things fun for him and us. The silent film was great.

  85. Wow. Sorry Riley or should I say sorry Elayna. Four (4) words Riley: “Happy wife, happy life”. Repeat until they become second nature …”yes, dear”, “I’m sorry dear”, “you’re right dear”. God bless you all. I was afraid when I saw the title to your Running Aground video regarding the injury as Elayna is pregnant. I was relieved it was only Riley. Get better AND stay safe!!!

  86. I just found you 2 an love it! I charter once a year with a mate in the Caribbean and I am learning lot from you! Thanks! The bilgey shot was AWESOME

  87. A dramatic turn for the quiet inhabitants of the Vagabond as Bilgey makes her grand return to the big screen.

    Bilgey’s back and she’s not happy…

    Riley must make the biggest decision of his life, rekindle a long lost love or send her back to the depths of the deep blue.

    Tune in next time to find out whats in store for our young hero’s and heroine’s, Riley, Elayna and… Bilgey!!!

  88. OK, it’s been some time since the 1st Bilgey film was released so, if the aim is to create a franchise in the vein of Startrek (as is so often referred to as playing a major role in the journey of Riley and possibly the driving force to him ultimately commanding his own ship {perhaps later an entire fleet?})

    In all seriousness though, it’s tremendously inspiring what Riley has done and the guts to do it for most men. I think in this ‘sanitized’ society we live in, men instinctively long for the challenge of hunting/fishing/adventure that was once a ‘right of passage’ which is now completely removed from life.

    Growing up in colonial Africa, where there is plenty of wildlife and danger and not too much regulation but wide open spaces , the appeal of the freedom of the sea is captivating . Now living in Cape Town which is sailors paradise, i’m now considering venturing out.

    In conclusion I think we need to see Riley as Captain Kirk, culminating in a battle with a giant Wahoo as a Klingon

  89. Cute…. But with the up most respect…. no. Lol. Short film idea is cool. I just recently started watching you guys and to watch how Riley’s love and respect has blossomed towards his woman is amazing. E- Lay, the unconditional love and compssion that you show Riley and now Lenny is beautiful. (Riley’s love for Lenny also). The universe is shining on you guys… Thanks for the enjoyable episodes.

  90. Nice job Riley! Funny and we’ll put together. Thanks for the mate.
    – Long Island, NY

  91. Why on earth not, you guys are adventurers after all. Let him at it Elayna. Don’t make me look bad Riley, please mate.

  92. Cabin fever has definitely set in, totally cooked I love it. Ca’t wait to see the sequel ?

  93. Of course Riley should! I’ve recently binged all your movies and am re watching in case I missed something. You guys should finish Mad Dog too.

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