Show of Interest for Attending ‘Big Splash’ in Montpellier, France [MARCH 4, 2017]

Riley & I are over the moon to announce a date for the ‘Big Splash’ for La Vagabonde Deux!! We have received a heap of enquiries about the event and we would love for the lot of you to come celebrate the launch and this new chapter in our lives. We understand Montpellier – France isn’t close for everyone, but for those who are up for the adventure, you’re more than welcome to celebrate our new boat on Saturday, March 4, 2017. We especially would love to see our VIP guests (our patrons) there and will be sending you more information via Patreon in the near future.

So, we’re not sure if there will be 10 people attending … or 10,000!! So this ‘show of interest’ emailing list is for two reasons:

1) to give us a ballpark figure of how many would consider attending
2) to help us plan and communicate the day

Show your interest by filling in the form below and we will get in touch with you soon.

Riley & Elayna xo

PLEASE NOTE: After submitting the form below, it will send a confirmation request to your inbox. In some cases it goes into your spam folder.

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  1. Riley & Elayna,
    I wouldn’t be able to join although would love too. Good luck and cant wait to see your video.

  2. Love to see the new girl on the water, for my work I travel by there at least 2 times in the month and with some carefull planning I will be there

  3. So happy for you! Russ and I share the love of “life atop the sea” in a more localized way in New England. We enjoy following your journey when we are landlocked, sipping Margaritas on our deck. We are happy for you, fully living in the present and enjoying your youth! Watching your posts and sharing the music has been a gift.
    Thank You Riles & Elayna?

    1. Yeah, It could be great if you guys could Stream It LIVE on YouTube or Twitch, so those who can’t make it get a chance to Feel the Vibe ;). Thanks guys, and good luck.

  4. Hi there you beautiful people I have been following your adventure since October 2015 and have watched with fascination as your popularity has grown, what an incredible adventure it has turned out to be and now this chance to jump on to a dream bateaux to continue your journey, wow.
    I live in SW France so not to much of a hike to come and see the launch of your new ride.
    All the best, Andrew xx

    PS have a look at my rather tired old home-made web site to get an idea of me!

  5. Hi Guys,
    I hope I can make this event, should be fun!
    Probably fly from Amsterdam!

    All the best,
    and it went to my spam??



  7. Hi Riley & Elayna,

    I live in Montpellier and it would be a pleasure to be there, my wife and I for your new boat launching.

    Pascal & Indi

  8. I would be up for coming over i could be working in France at the time anyway, and my birthdays in March. You guy are doing exactly what i want to do once i can actually afford to fund a boat! Following on patreon because id rather pay to watch you than pay for a TV licence as nothing good is ever on!

  9. oh dear…I can see where this is going . big money advertising…love your vids to date, admire your pluck, understand your luck, admire the quality mostly of your work……..but cats….?
    old school me. Traditional wooden cutter rig ketch.

  10. You two have me working on my Australian accent impressions, trying to use the word mate and ending my sentences with a nice happy upswing like Elayna. Hope you would laugh. You two are a pleasure to watch and your happy personalities and looks blend in with the tranquil blue ocean seamlessly (which is hard to do). I think you guys do some accents too. We might have a laugh if we met. Pleasant show. Take care.

  11. Congrats on the new boat. I am sure the auto pilot will work like a charm. I will look forward to the new videos of you guys sailing to interesting and fun destinations. I wish I could join the party but it is a bit far from Los Angeles. Be cool if you could do a live Facebook from the party and please give all your fans a tour of the new boat. I wish you the best and safe sailing.

  12. The arrival of the New Cat is so exciting. I just wished it could have been made in the USA!. As far as big advertisement, life comes at you only once so grab every opportunity you can. No matter what vessel you two sail on, your amazing charm is where the real story is.
    Thanks for getting us thru these long Connecticut winters

  13. six hours train ride from my place, nice! Call me in, and I’ll bring you swiss chocolate 😉


    PS: I couldn’t find your form 🙁 so I try it this way

  14. Definately will be attending! I live in Spain, in the north-east region and only a two hour trip to Montpellier. Looking forward to see lavagagonde deux!

  15. Hi Elayna & Riley
    I am the biggest fan of you. I follow his journeys since 2015, because I am an amateur
    On sailboats. It’s a shame to be living in Brazil and not being able to see you in France.
    I wish the winds would always be favorable for you.
    Big hug

  16. Hi guys! My bestie and I would love to join you in Montpellier, we live in South of France so we could easily reach your anchor 🙂 Keep us updated you’re amazing! Enjoy NZ!

  17. I would love to go…let me see how the things goes next year and i will join you in this new adventure

  18. Hi guys, you don’t know me, but I am a big fan of your posts. We are sailors, my wife, Tracie and I. If you are ever looking for “crew,” we would love to join you, and pay for the trip. This summer in June would be of interest, or next winter vacation. My wife Tracie is a teacher, and I am a financial advisor, put political economic / climate change writer, by passion. Here are some links to who we are. We own a Hunter 30 on Tahoe, come sail with us. Plus we have bareboated the BVI’s twice and St. Martin/St. Barts/Anguilla once. I am from Northern Michigan and learned to sail on a Santa Cruz 27. So we are competent sailors, and I am an experienced diver, Tracie is a novice. So if you are looking for some crew that is willing to pay for the trip, let us know. We can plan on joining you sometime in the future.

    My personal website:

    Love your posts, you guys, and the life you lead.

    Hope to sail together sometime.

    Happy Holidays,

    Jim Moultrup

  19. I have always wanted to go to France, maybe I’ve got a good excuse now!
    Been a pleasure to enjoy your videos each week, always looking forward to the next. You two have got something amazing with this channel, every episode leaves me feeling more revived and inspired! Really helps around this time in Wisconsin, you forget how warm other places are sometimes.
    Crossing my fingers I can make it to Montpelier in March to meet you wonderful people.

    Jusqu’à ce que nous rencontrez!

  20. Sure it will be fun to meet with you guys ….and likeminded soules London, Any others leaving from London Driving? Also anywhere to sleep night warm and dry

  21. Hey Elayna and Riley,

    we would love to join you on this event, but unfortunately we have no time 🙁
    On March 3rd we get married in Germany and then fly to Sardienia on March 11th to start our big trip.
    We hope you have a great time with an maybe we will meet somewhere in the Mediterranean.

    We love to watch your movies…

    Happy Holiday yours Lilli and Oliver with (Jakob and Emily) and our Hallberg Rassy 38 ALIA

  22. G’day mates, My good friends, Elayna & Riley, I can understand why you would want a Cat., but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to saIL boats, My great grandfather was a schooner captain at age 18 and at the he brought in catch of 300,000lbs of Cod and set a record. I was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts and everything in my life was fishing. I know Catamaransa are lest rocky and that it is easy for me to say. I think it will be much better for you both, Aussies?. I feel like you both are family so please except my humor. Riley, you are quite a purler⛵️. How’d I do? Stay well you two.
    Sincerely, You chief engineer, John

  23. Ahoy!

    My partner and I have been following you guys for a while now, long enough for us to quit our jobs, sell our house and leave Australia on an epic journey through Europe…and maybe buy a boat along our travels 😉

    We are in Italy right now and should be back down near France in time to celebrate Lavags Duex. Will bring the beer! Yeww.


  24. Hi guys,

    I would love to join! I should be in Bordeaux around the time of the event, a lot closer to Montpellier than my usual Brittany. I hope to make it!


  25. Hi, Elayna & Riley,
    Perhaps a little bit late, but we would appreciate celebrating the splash of the new boat with you in March.
    Coming from Antibes near Nice.
    Ben & Josette.

  26. Holy crap! I envisage that your friends at Outremer are going to be overwhelmed by the size of the launch party! I just wish I could be there, but remain a committed virtual crew member.

    It is a shame that people seem to think you have sold your souls to the commercial world, as well as (gasp!) throwing away all sailing credibility buy getting a catamaran, but I am sure you will both remain the same two who have captivated such a big audience. (stuff ’em, I say! lol)

    Looking forward to many more excellent vids, with absolutely no sign of a French accent!

  27. Hello dear both,

    Gina and I would love to join the event, as you are living a dream which we are planning to do as well 😉
    Unfortunately we can’t register as our email address is not accepted by your system. Same as with Dan who left a comment already on the 13th December, it’s a “gmail account”.

    Gina & Florian

  28. Wish I could be there but I will not be able to attend. If I ever get a boat or perhaps a husband who has a boat, I would like it to be a Cat and at least 42+ feet. Just seems like this kind of boat is easier on the body and handles the squalls better, plus I love the big main cabin on these. Gives one so much more room to move about. The Trio Travels has a 42 ft Cat that they sail with their 10 year old son on youube. When I watch their videos, I can see why you would like a Cat. Great choice. If you ever get to the east coast Florida, I will definitely come see you. I love you two and your wonderfully positive energy. Always a pleasure to watch your videos.

  29. Riley and Elayna,
    I have so loved watching the two of you grow together while adventuring around the world! This is by far the most fascinating site ever. Sadly France would be a stretch but I do wish all my best! Can’t wait to see you in your new catamaran!!

  30. Couldn’t make your reply work but I would definitely love to attend in Montpellier . Please let me know if it is possible and I’ll book a flight . I’ve been following you’re videos from the beginning and they are great !

  31. Hi my name is Gaston and my wife Bonita will be planning to go for the Big Splash from Tampa FL. USA. It will be a big trip for us but it would be worth getting to know some of France and seeing you guys there. We been following since the beginning and bought your music downloads.. we wish you guys the best with the new boat and hope to be there on the 4th .. Buon Vento !!!!! 🙂

  32. Good luck with your launch in March. Very early in the season to be sailing in La Grande Motte. Last year I took a new 46 ft cat down to Malta from LGM in May post multihull show and we had 56 kts and 4 meter waves for the first night escaping the mistral wind. If I had waited one more day, we would have had no wind at all but I had a very keen to leave new owner…

  33. Looking forward to the video on the new boat. Best of luck to you both. Happy New Year and May God Bless you both.

  34. Your subscription form seems to reject all our email addresses?
    But we (x2) are thinking of coming along.

  35. Riley and Elayna.. Myself and my boyfriend have been watching your videos as soon as they’ve been uploaded for the past year and a half, so I’m really really hoping we can get some tickets and am so exited about your journeys (past and future) Have the tickets been released yet and is there a website we can purchase them from? Fingers crossed I can get hold of some??

  36. Hi Guys
    Would like to see the new boat lanched.
    And if it is possible, I would like to talk to you.
    Your Videos are amazing, and they keep my spirit up!

    Cheers Sebastian

  37. We would love to drive down from Switzerland to meet you both for the launch of your shiny new boat.


  38. Hey guys !
    I live in Villefontaine (small town about 3h15 from Montpellier) but will absolutely LOVE to come with my father celebrate the lauching ! We’re signed up and waiting for more infos 😀
    Really hope we can make it thought !

  39. I would love to meet you in person and see your new boat – especially interested in what you changed or added to the “standard” for bluewater sailing.

    It is a 1.033 km ride by car or a seven hour flight, and driving would be cheaper. I will try to make it possible.



  40. Hey, first of all, cheers for all your videos, you trully are two beautiful human beings with an inspiring way of life, that you share with us all. I just discovered Sailing La Vagabonde 3 days ago, and got harpooned, it’s just so refreshing. Even if I’ve never sailed, the laidback and casual format of the presentation makes the impression of really being there with you, as one of your “friends” that you’ve picked up on the way.
    Anyhow, I live in Montpellier, so I’ll really try hard to attend. Don’t know what my schedule will be yet, maybe you could give up till what date is it possible to submit the reservation?? And I don’t know how are you going to organise the event, but I work with organic farmers here, just putting it out if need be.

    I’ll leave you with some of my other favorite “adventurers” from the youtube community, maybe you’ll find it interesting :
    Alex Vizeo (no sail, but good montage, french language)
    and Guirec Soudée, this other guy who took a chick with him on board 🙂

    Much love

    1. Post

      Hi there!
      Thanks for the message. We most likely will keep tickets open for another 1-2 weeks.
      What were your thoughts with the organic farmers?

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