Sic transit gloria mundi (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 36

Yeehah! We rafted up with our assigned partner yacht and motored to our first set of locks of the Panama Canal. We were so excited to finally experience what the canal is all about and how this man made wonder of the world works. We spent the night riding 3 locks UP, 26m in total. We then moored in the Gatun Lake over night and repeated the same process the next day except this time going DOWN over 3 locks. I didn’t realise how much of a tourist attraction the canal actually was until I saw a million eyes on La Vagabonde/the yacht we rafted with nearing the end of our transit. La Vaga got a little star struck (that explains the bubbles in the water…..). Okay I’m going to leave now. Thanks for watching humans 🙂 I hope you guys liked the episode.

Stay tuned. Love Elay.

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  1. Thanks for the transit video. Loved it. You guys totally rock! Can not wait for the next video. Eric.

  2. You had a decent support crew there, Elayna and Riley. And they supplied all the fenders too. I guess you got what you paid for. When transiting the Welland Canal, we were on our own, except for lines dropped to us by lockmasters. And we had to grunt through our own fender-hanging and retrieval. I hope all is good in the Marquesas!

    1. Agreed. I think the tatts and pierings only make her hotter. Cookie cutter bitches usually have the worst pen.oralities.swhile the tatted up girl is far more fun and down to earth.

  3. My Latin is a bit gyppy, but reading your video title I gather that someone named Gloria got sick while you were transiting the canal on Monday. I do hope she’s recovered. Or something. You two are my favorite traveling couple: I look forward to your videos.

  4. I guess I’ll have to wait till I get back home. We’re out camping with our dogs (Australian Cattle Dogs, of course!). I can’t wait to see it – poor reception out here…..

  5. Lock width is 110 ft, the USA Iowa class Battleships where desigined with a width of 108 ft so the would fit through in WW 2 this was the only thing holding bac the USA building larger Battle ships. Really love your videos and do realize the time it takes all the best from NZ.

  6. Always great watching your adventures on vagabond. Allows me to dream of a time I’ll be sailing my own yacht some day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Bringing your sailing adventures in to my living room, envy your lifestyle tremendously and love the show. Least glad it’s warmer than Manchester we haven’t started summer yet ha!

  8. An amazing thing about the Panama Canal is that there isn’t any water pumps. All the locks fill by gravity from the large lake. If it didn’t rain, the canal would close down

  9. Waiting to see the Pacific videos. Job well done. Fair winda and calm seas. Greetins form Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  10. Keep up the great video work…I only wish you could double the length for more viewing pleasure.. like when you get to the islands. As always you both are super…keep it up….fair winds and calm seas. And God bless you both. Capt Dave

  11. Great video. Like the history that Riley gave. Going thru the locks looks very daunting. Very interesting. Keep writing your music Elayna. You are a good singer/songwriter. Be Safe.

  12. Always wanted to see the Panama canal passage from a small boat perspective….voila! Awesome video guys. Just returned to the UK from the BVi myself after two weeks of great sailing, just the two of us.
    Looking forward to the Galapagos video!! Best of luck and best wishes to you both!

  13. Loving every episode. I always look forward to each one! You guys are great! Wish you fair winds and good seas! Totally wish I could do that one day! Fantastic!

  14. A wonderful video journey for all to enjoy with you…I have also learned a great deal from you both about preparation and just simply having fun….you are both inspirational…thanks guys.

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