Sicily – Sailing Adventure, Local Culture, and Mummified Corpses!! [Ep. 113]

We arrive in Sicily and regather ourselves after the jet lag of night shifts at sea. It is always nice to arrive somewhere new. It didn’t take us long to find some friends and these guys were locals who were happy to take us around and show us their island. Stefano and Maricetta were so lovely to us we felt very humbled to have received such kindness from strangers.
If you have ever thought about learning Italian or Sicilian in Europe, this lady is your lady.

Song Credits:
00:12 Girl From the Medow – Christopher Brain
00:53 Another Day – MaJLo
02:21 Girl From the Medow – Christopher Brain
05:33 Woke Up – Sea Foam Sweater Girl
07:10 The Way You Want – Land of Trees
10:36 B-Train – Sunburst Blues
15:18 Girl From the Medow – Christopher Brain

Videos made by Elayna Carausu & Daniel Troyer

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  1. I see both your points of view of the catacombs. But I am with Riley as I would not want to see dead body hung like a picture? I certainly would not want to see my relatives hanging from hooks. But as usual entertaining video and cool to see sights I will never see in person.

  2. Good video. There is nothing wrong with “different”. While I’d not want to go to that museum, you did, you took us all there with you and warned us first. Those who might not like it had the option to stop the vid at any time. Keep up the realism guys & cheers.

  3. Good video. There is nothing wrong with “different”. While I’d not want to go to that museum, you did, you took us all there with you and warned us first. Those who might not like it had the option to stop the vid at any time. Keep up the realism guys & cheers.

  4. I love the Italian accent Riles, always love your guys vids. The folks at the catacombs seem a little stiff though, would put it on my list of go sees if I ever visit there . Happy sails

  5. Go along with Riley on the Catacombes. Have seen a few like that in Ireland 30 years ago and still cant forget the morbidness of it. But happy to have seen it via your video. But almost fast forwarded it near the end………….. thats a first!!!

  6. Like or not – your exposure to this has added to your individual `worldliness’. The real positive is to see and hear your different emotions. You guys rock!!
    PS: The other bit of the story, as well, as usual aided and abetted my escape.

  7. There is a problem in linking “This disgusts me” with “Nobody should be allowed to see it”. “I just don’t think it’s right” can justify anything at all. If someone thinks it’s wrong to see women’s hair or faces, or meat on a plate, then off they go, very often, making sure that everyone else’s access and behaviour matches their own sense of propriety and custom.

    This is after all just really bad taxidermy, involving our own species. And there’s something to be said for shoving it right in people’s faces: you’re not so special. We generally do all we can in modern times to pretend that we don’t die. We get our dying done in hospitals and geriatric warehouses, and then we’re whisked out of sight. Back in the day, people died promiscuously, and they generally did it at home. Or in the streets if there was a plague on. Dead bodies weren’t such a freakish thing. And then, the mythology of what happened next was a bit more stark. You can see in medieval paintings and woodcuts that the frightfulness of death was an important part of keeping people focused on their eternal salvation, not on the superficial realities of this world where just under the blushing cheek of every bride lay a horrid corpse, that the death-in-childbirth stats were reasonably likely to bring out, soonish. “This is the end of everything worldly – put your faith in heaven and for Christ’s sake, don’t break any rules.”

    I guess I find this sort of thing sad, and sobering. Skeletons by themselves are rather beautiful I think. Like seashells, only more complex. But these are hardly skeletons. They’re the dilapidated remains of a life, combined with the dilapidated remains of the culture that life was part of. A skeleton is anonymous but the clothing reminds us that this was an individual with a history and particulars. Someone loved most of these people in life, and those people are long gone too. Perhaps they’re also here. It’s a morbid contemplation, but not disgusting or somehow dangerous to the human spirit.

  8. Reminds me of Nicolas Poussin’s painting “ET IN ARCADIA EGO”, because Poussin goes the other way at it, choosing to remind us in the most indirect way possible that we are all mortal. There’s a big Wikipedia article on it.

  9. Wow that was one freaky place. I can’t say that I would be comfortable going through there either. There is that element of the weird zombie apocalypse that could suddenly bring them to life. I read somewhere that you should not touch dead people because of this zombie thing. Not sure if it is true or not. Anyway interesting, but very creepy as well.

  10. aloha you guys ? thanks for another overall great video ~
    but wow.
    i really took the catacomb business in the chest and throat. i,m pretty sensitive, and i could not help myself to stop the video, run into another room and and just try to offload in a reverent way, addressing the feeling -expression coming from the folks whose bodies are there. the sorrow that was coming up ~ had a certain expression of them having been wronged.
    i’m an easygoing, openminded and generally nonreligious person, and i agreed with what troyer was saying, but riley seemed to feel it ~ thats how i took it.
    i agree. . for people to casually be walking through there is not ok.
    i really felt like the whole place should be pcome a pyre … with endless blessings and the church saying their deep apologies, plenty of sage and flowers, buddhist monks or whomever can help to right this stuck feeling.
    it’s an abysmal stuck feeling. i know the life of those folks is long gone. but this was done shortly after their death . it feels awful.
    i know that some cultures preserve their dead … but they are always in a sacred space/ cave, etc.
    alright ~ signing off.
    with many more prayers til i get through the feeling.
    luv you guys, be well ???

  11. please forgive multiple comments ~ just wanted to say i appreciated arnastu’s comment. ..
    about how death is generally hidden from us ~ yeah. when a loved one passed, i made sure i didnt hide from it.
    in that experience, even though in life, they were sweet and pleasant, it was edifying to not be able to overlook the low and negative expression coming from the body ( sorry for detail, but it was 5 days after the passing ) .. it seems like different levels of our energy leave in such a way ~ the bright faster moving goes, then the lower and slower goes last. usually the body is given to the elements by then .. but if allowed to hang around ( no pun intended ! ) … it’s the lowest and slowest, thickest and stickiest energy that probably just sits there.
    and then you walked into that.
    alright ~ thanks for allowing me ~
    take care?

  12. I myself would love to see the mummies. Not sure exactly what my reaction would be but I dont bthink it would upset me. Cheers!

  13. … and then… it must be said that for the church to have done that ~ was/is a harsh yet effective way to send living people instantly down the rabbit hole of where meaning is to be found.
    “what are we doing, if it all ends this way”
    pretty effective.
    it even worked on me !
    in that sense it’s kind of skillful. /-:

  14. I related to Riley’s final comment “I can’t handle it” – while I have never visited a catacomb, I suspect I would take quite some time processing what I saw and felt. And that child up high, reaching down, seriously reminded me of a scene in “Game Of Thrones” when Daenerys is leading her army on the road to Meereen …

    (BTW, the goings-on at the table behind Riles and Elay were quite amusing.)

    Safe sailing,


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