Sleepless Nights at Sea (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 52

After two horrible days at sea in some rough weather, and literally getting SPAT through the south pass, we had finally made it to the island of Fakarava. Known for its world class diving, in both the South and North pass. We couldn’t believe our eye balls!! We hired a little beach bungalow for the night, where we could watch the reef sharks casually swimming around just metres in front of our room while the new SLV episode was uploading. I could easily stay here forever, but there’s that one problem we’ve been banging on about for some time now…. WE NEED FOOD. Here we will wait, until the weather clears up and we can sail to the north side of the island and stock up (but I really don’t mind if it takes another week…. hehe).

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Our first Q&A has been recorded and we’ll put it up on Patreon at the end of the month.

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Love Elayna & Riley
Sailing La Vagabonde


Song Credits:
00:05 Dew on the Vine – Dominic Bennett
02:29 In Our Nature – Rye
06:20 Matter of Time – Joe Mungovan
09:14 My Jumper – Joe Mungovan
10:16 DReAMS – Adam Yoo

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  1. nice sense of surfing the waves from the helmet cam there. a bit scary. very relaxing way to be a little part of your cruise while I’m at breakfast. your music selection is appreciated.

  2. Your videos are the best on You Tube. wonderful songs, beautiful scenery, I’m jealous of you Riley and Elayna. You two are beautiful people. Stay safe and have safe voyage’s

  3. Thoroughly enjoy your videos every week. Keep up the great work. I hope to buy you guys dinner sometime. 😉

  4. A very huggable grump and a baby sailing beautiful waters…ha,ha. I am always looking for the next best day. No sea cucumbers or bugers to eat..ha. omg, grab that shark! That room looks like a honeymoon swuit..hee. Will try to get with Riley, he is so lonely out there with a beautiful woman and dolphins. love you both.


  5. Love all your videos. Keep a my dream alive. One day I/we will meet you both. Can’t wait.

  6. We also loved Fakarava, but had the worst night of our trip there. That convergence zone can be a real shocker. Had one night on a lee shore in the NE corner of the atoll in an unpredicted 30kt southerly. With a 20km fetch, the chop was seriously big at the other end of the lagoon. It was the only night we sat through an anchor watch. 100m of chain out in less than 10m of water. Not sure what we would have done if we had dragged – maybe try and use the engine to stay put, I don’t know. An 80 foot Swan wrapped her chain around a bombie and suffered significant damage. We went on to Toau and Apataki and both were fantastic.

  7. Sorry to hear you had such a tough trip but as you said a bad day on your boat sure beats a good day on the hard, right?LOL! Thanks you guys make me smile and so wish I could do what you have been doing since you started this adventure! THanks for showing us landlubbers what sailing adventures could be, if only we had the courage to go forward. And try! Fair winds and following seas!

  8. That is something my wife and I have always talked about doing but never had the time. ? Have a great trip and never stop the adventuring the world guys.

    Enjoy but be careful. You both look very experienced, however I recommend always giving the local coast guard your destinations and time tables. Granted it takes some of the fun out of it. But it’s a safe play.

    You guys make a great pair!! Have a wonderful life. Appreciate the share.

    Take care

  9. Tanl’s for thr video, very nice place uyo choose to stay on land. Mind the sharks! Keep sendind the videos I am travelling with you two since the Mediterranean (2 years ago), and will waintin the new videos every monday. Love fros Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Hope to see you around here somtime in the future. Cheers.

  10. Hi Guys
    Thanks for yet another great video , I’m picking up my own Oceanis 43 next week in Loano Italy and setting sail for Malaga then home to Denmark a trip of 2850nm , I can’t wait 🙂

    Love following your adventures

    take care happy trails
    Andy H.

  11. Hi Elayna and Riley. Marvellous again. Covered just about every facet! Rough with the smooth. Highs and lows. Food and no food! You guys sure are doin’ it. What a life! And I can join in on it with the click of a button!I hope you’ve caught up on your sleep!
    Keep safe,have fun.

  12. You guys should make a full length movie! Your journey is far more interesting than any of the reality shows!!

  13. Hi – great videos and excellent stories. Quick question. What kind of nautical literature you use ( beside regua
    lar charts) you use so you know details about the islands? Enjoy the trip! Best regards Markus

  14. Gotta admit – I grew up on a sailboat and sailed around the world with my parents – that Fakarava was my favorite place I’ve ever been! Hope you guys love it as much as I did!

  15. I am about to join you in 3 hrs
    I’ve just restored a 30 ferro ketch on the OR CA border and set sail to S.D.
    As soon as the fog lifts .fair winds to you both

  16. Hi Elayna and Riley

    Thanks for another great Video, you always make me feel that I’m part of the crew lol and I wish I could swim like you both.

    Take Care and have great time I’m sure you will


  17. Hi guys. I’ve become obsessed with your videos, and check way too often for updates!!

    What’s the name of the beach bungalows you stayed in?

  18. I must say this is yet another amazing video. You two are truly blessed to be able to live this life. Riley, you must know about the nature of the beast (men specifically) and that is why if you compete for followers against a woman as lovely and beautiful as Elayna you will always come up short. I have to ask one thing though. As a couple living in extreme close proximity all the time, I’m sure there are disagreements now and then. Are you willing to share with us a thing or two that you’ve disagreed or argued about on your adventure?

  19. I liked the rock and roll shots coming through the passage, and that beach hut looks great!

    Cheers and safe sailing!

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