Spearfishing in the Azores Islands (Elayna 2, Riley 0) #275

Utterly perfect day for a spot of spearfishing don’t ya think? We get the full Azores spearfishing experience with our new doctor friends, we’ve traded sails for engines and we’re speeding around some of the best spots here in the middle of the Atlantic. Yep there’s still fish out here if you’re good enough, even though Riley’s having a bit of trouble and Andre’s stuck his catch to the ocean floor ? If you’re ever on Sao Jorge, look out for our mate John for a tour of this wonderful island, a lovely place with lovely company. And Lenny finally gets some wheels. You bring ’em up on a boat and they want a truck. Go figure…

Song Credits:
00:00 Lockd – Halcyon
01:15 Good Lee & Andrew Rothschild – 24
04:36 Lost Beach – Famous For Foolin
08:11 Tommy Alexander – Whatever You Say
10:39 Handmade Moments – This is Your Captain Speaking
14:08 Bedrooms – Snow Day
16:01 J Alan Schneider – Santa Fe

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  1. Always looking for new reading suggestions. The quick shots of your bookshelf were interesting. Can you post a suggested (non sailing – there’s plenty of sailing reading) reading list? Cheers!

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