Spearfishing Wahoo from a Sailboat!


It was great to see all of Rileys hard work pay off. I’m as proud as a mother would be after seeing their child win first place in the sports carnival. Riley made this video for you guys to show you how he caught his first big wahoo off the coast of Redonda – Caribbean. Congrats babe ?. I guess I’m never going to hear the end of it now and I can expect to be captain for a million more drift dives to come.

Song Credits:
00:05 Anywhere You’re Not – Blissful Red
01:15 Chelou – Like a Dream
02:16 Becoming Melody – Alon Barak
04:15 Echo Elysium – Cymic
05:09 Adieu Paris – Alexis Roche
06:58 Last Drop – Martin Piehlmeier

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  1. Great catch (or shot I guess). And I understand the conundrum about taking fish for food, but in my opinion you are doing it very responsibly, and you have to eat. Not like the trawlers and long liners who catch SO MUCH that they don’t want, but the fish end up just as dead and dumped back into the ocean to waste.

    I have a question: sometimes (more commonly Riley) you guys wear a thin wet suit, other times just your swim suits. Is it water temperature that makes you decide, or something else?

  2. And I have another question. It would seem that chumming like that would also attract sharks. Is that a concern?

  3. Beau travail! Vous êtes extra!
    Meilleurs voeux pour le bébé.
    Bons baisers de Bretagne / France.

  4. Nice work Riley, your right a lot of work but worth it…good eating for a while. Sport fishing is in decline here in the Northwest. A freshwater license is now topping $50 and if you want to add saltwater and certain special locations such as the Columbia River then you are quickly reaching $75 for the season. Then you have to add your own boat or charter or fish from the bank of a river. You can spend many hours getting nothing and seasons vary as to how good the fish runs are in rivers.

    You two, please get married soon so their is legal transfer of your estate in the event one of you (hopefully not for many years) passes away suddenly. I have some personal experience in this with friends and acquaintances.

    Sorry to be preaching advice but I am your father’s age and experienced some things, at least here in the US. Not sure how laws are in Australia but here it is very strict. Also, have a “Living Will” made soon now that you are going to be parents.

    Stay safe with the ever nasty Hurricane season now upon you.

    Seattle, WA
    “Irish Creme”

  5. 1st, Barracuda are one of the BEST eating fish…..if they don’t have cigatera.

    I like to cut Wahoo in 1 1/2 inch thick, round steaks starting from the tail forward, skin and all, and cook those steaks to eat. Easy Peasy …much less work than filleting them.

    Exlent job … Congratulations !

  6. Congratulations!
    How long can you guys stay underwater in apne mode? Is that what you call it, not breathing?
    Did Riley have to struggle to prevent being dragged around for miles ( nautical) by this monster fish, who was probably powerful enough to tow La Vagabonde at 8 to 10 knots?

    Keep safe!

  7. Awesome hunt Riley, feel great bringing home the kill for the family. Stephen your awesome man, almost stole the whole show at the end, haha.

  8. Great accomplishment. Caught one as a younger man and cooked it as a steak on the grill. Made friends and memories that day. Congrats on fatherhood. Following from PA, USA

  9. Good work Riley, and I agree with your comment about fishing sustainably for food – much better environmentally than eating some slaughtered methane emitter which has had energy inputs all the way from birth through to arriving on your dinner table.

    BTW, I was expecting Blur’s “Song 2” somewhere in the soundtrack …

    Cheers and safe sailing,


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