Stingray Feeding Frenzy!!! (Riley was scared) Ep. 184

We sailed all the way to Manjack Cay to have dinner with these guys. The experience wasn’t as pleasurable as we thought. They had no table manners, what so ever. One ray insisted he eat dinner upside down and another ate sand. What’s up with that!??

Song Credits:

00:05 Fai Rynita – I can’t get you off my Mind
02:15 Almond & Olive – We Will
06:59 Fai Rynita – French Doors
08:45 Elli Schoen⁩ – Shark
11:32 We Will Run – Hollow Coves
14:52 Intro – Martin PiehlmeierStingray Feeding Frenzy!!! (Riley was scared) Ep. 184

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  1. Wait what no way, did I miss an episode, no body didn’t had no baby yet (bronx accent) (got it from dad (frank ) who could have been a top la vaga fan bless his soul in heaven he was some artist though.) By the way you guys hang out long enough your gonna start sounding like a couple a yanks. O.K. so I went to Belize in 2006 They had this thing on Mayan tours (Chino great guy a real mayan) called swimming with the sharks and rays and my girlfriend had to do it. So I dawned a mask and snorkel just to make sure she was o.k.and chino chummed the water. Dude there musta been about 20 rays a couple little sharks Nothin’ to shake a spear at I mean you wanna talk biggest potatoes I think the two of you got bigger cajones than me. But it was a rush and at one point becky almost stepped on one.

    1. O.K. you sneaky kids I guess you did (well Elayna did), Good job! You Have been blessed , what the heck. I’m sure your thanking all your lucky stars, Bust out the good stuff cheers, wow and he’s already made second captain and got his passport! I thought you were doing another skit. All the best, Well I’m headed for mardi gras. 1’st time wish me luck too

  2. congratulations on the arrival of the special little bundal i hope the sun keeps shining on you three keep well love ALTHEVAN

  3. Hi Riley and Elayna

    Its great to see you both again the last one I saw was Ep 173 but it was great to see you on Ep 184 I hope you are both well the baby must be due soon so I hope you are ok Elayna take care.

    Best wishes


  4. Dear Riley and Elayna

    I wish to extend a most wholehearted congratulations to you both for being such a fantastic couple . Now the crew has a most welcome and wonderful addition to the family. He is handsome and beatiful at the same time. A truly wonderful addition. God has blessed you. I am wishing this family, Fair Winds And Following Seas. With all of my love and admiration.

    Land Locked In Florida

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