STORM INBOUND! Where should we hide? Ep. 201

Yep. We have 40 knots of wind headed our way! Bad weather is inbound. We sail to a protected anchorage for a few days. It’s like the Greek Meltemi wind all over again.. hopefully this time we don’t get tangled up with another boat and drift out to sea 😱🙈 who remembers that? Join our Crew of Patrons and help keep the videos coming. We appreciate it bucket loads! THANK YOU.

Song Credits:
00:00 Harrison Storm – Run (Instrumental)
02:32 City Lights – Lachlan Ross
06:48 Siren’s Sky – Along the Beachline

Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!

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    1. Loveee Lenny!!!! ❤️🧜. You guys are amazing people 😎😃. Inspiring and braving the wilderness 😁🌺❤️

  1. Lennie is growing even as I watch – what a handsome lad – I’m not sure who he looks like – – hummm! Blue eyes from his Dad, obviously – mischief from his Mum?
    Listen, I’d like to contribute to purcsing of s new camera 9 unless its insured) – how do I do that?

    Keep safe!

  2. Riles how do you anchor for the storm, on bow and stern? What type? Be cool if you had a side area to talk tech stuff. Keep up the good work and yeah the kid is a cutie. Wendy and Charlie

  3. Love y’all! Re: Lenny in the tender is no different than a car! He’s in a life jacket, like a car seat! You guys are Great Parents!

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