Strait Up, Long Musical Days (Episode 132, 133 & the ‘Dream Job’ Episode)

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Thank you to this weeks artists, featured on episode 132, 133 & the ‘Dream Job’ episode of SLV, your music helps make our videos possible!

Covering three episodes of SLV has given us plenty of new music to listen to, all available to stream on our Spotify and Soundcloud accounts. Follow the links to head on over to our profiles and give us a follow to receive fortnightly updates of all the music from every episode of SLV. We want to share the artists who have helped make our videos possible with the world, because we think they’re pretty great.

If you missed out on the latest episodes of SLV, fear not! they’re embedded below so you can get up to speed with the latest happenings and there’s quite a bit going on.. Drop a comment on the videos or our facebook, we love hearing from you.

‘Dream Job’ Reality Check

Dear ladies and gentlemen thank you for entering the description section of dream job reality check. It is here that you will learn a little bit more about the video that is probably playing above. Some things that I would like to highlight is that if you love what you are doing that nothing is ever really like being at work. This doesn’t mean that life isn’t difficult maintaining a weekly upload schedule and sailing around the world. There have been arguments, squalls, pirate attacks, shark encounters, coconut attacks, post argument make up bliss and hours of sleeplessness. This is sometimes before breakfast. I guess for me there were a few things that stick in my mind that might be the catalysts for this video. Early on when we had come across people in the Pacific, specifically Travis and Mark and Jose and Gina and they had mentioned getting into sailing because of some of our videos and how they maybe made it seem easier than it actually was. Also listening to my friends and family back home who were under the impression that we were just sailing around on holiday which just is not the case at all. Sailing from A to B in your home in a foreign country with your “car” (tender) surrounded by salt water of varying levels of violence needs a certain level of attention most boats have a Captain and several crew. Filming this and making videos is another thing entirely and usually people on land have reliable internet and can order broken microphones online. We work crazy, ridiculous hours, there are only two of us but we love it. We hope you love the content we make. Thank you so much for following. Riley and Elayna ?

Gybing out the Gibraltar Strait (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 132… like us on Facebook to see what unseen footage Riley releases! Off we go, gybing out the notoriously busy Gibraltar Strait. Sea container ships galore… and La Vagabonde amongst the mayhem trying not to get in anyones way. Our good pal Josje is back to help us with the sail down to the Canary Islands, we love her! Join us as we set off on an entirely new adventure.

5 Long Days at Sea With Friendly Tuna, Dolphin Mayhem and 3 Amigos; Ep. 133

Jump aboard for our 600nm from Spain to the Canary Islands. We’re greeted by dolphins, some crazy fog, birds and a little tuna that hung around the boat following us for days. Welcome to the land of cactus’s and dusty towns. We’re so happy to have our good friend Josje joining us again! We’re always guaranteed fun times when she’s around. Check out her channel and follow her on her own unique path:…

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Hussy Hicks –

Hussy Hicks has writing and performing music on lock, delicious vocal melodies swirl through an ensemble of interesting and intricate sounds on each track.

From upbeat and soaring anthems like ‘Pirate Flag’, to heartfelt ballads akin to ‘Take Me At My Word’, Hussy Hicks covers all kinds of emotional ground, removing the mask with sincerity.

Since forming in 2006, these loveable and talented musicians have graced many a blues & roots, folk and rock stage in Australia and internationally.

Upside –…

Upside formed a few years ago in France and after playing and honing their style, they released their first album in 2017 titled ‘Saturday Morning 10AM’.

Typically folk music at its core, the dual guitars and vocals of Upside are smooth at all times. Their songs are optimistic ditties, exploring some of the common questions faced young people.



Hein Cooper –

Hein is riding a wave of indie music success, his songs striking a chord with a growing audience around the world. His Spotify account garners over 200,000 monthly listens and his hit track ‘Rusty’ has over 8.5 million plays.

It’s easy to see why. Earthy, coastal vibes carry cleverly written songs, with a unique mix of guitars, insightful and nonchalant lyrics and just the right amount of electronica and effects dotted throughout adding a splash of welcome colour.


Mimi Gilbert –…

Mimi has a wonderful, raw and honest voice that melts atop her sweet guitar tone. Her songs are meaningful and drawn from an extensive personal life experience spent mostly between her home of USA and Australia.

While her lyrics are utterly relatable and oftentimes dense with all tones of the emotional spectrum, there is a driving sense of hope that oozes out of the songs amidst the rhythm of her guitar and sometimes featured percussion.

Nick Cunningham –…

Sitting in a lovely little groove of acoustic love, emitting mellow and comfortable vibes, Nick writes down to earth soul music for chill out time.

Sounding a lot like his home base of Byron Bay, the independent singer-songwriter has spends a great deal of time travelling up and down the east coast of Australia, where you can find him playing on a gig stage, at the local pub, or even in a mates backyard.


Friends of the Bog –

Fun, really fun, upbeat music. Friends of the Bog sway between sweet ballads, beatles-esk jaunts, some kind of english post punk acoustic stylings and their self described ‘folk explosion’.

Regardless of categorisation, their recipe works and has us coming back to listen to their murky, quirky fun, time and time again.



Jack and the Weatherman –

Silky smooth melodies and thought provoking lyrics underpin each song from JATWM. The acoustic prodigies from the Netherlands deliver wonderfully arranged, easy-to-follow songs that keep the foot tapping to the beat of the tambourine. Whats more, the duo are consistently selling out venues all over Europe in anticipation of their first full length album, due in on Saturday April 14. Have a listen to ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Brother’.

Micheal Dunstan –

Michael Dunstan writes intricate and pensive roots and folk music inspired by Western Australia’s rugged coastline and sparse, beautiful outback. Having spent most of his upbringing in regional Australia, his style has developed to characterise that of his environment, laid back and relaxed. Michael released his EP ‘Solace’ in January 2017 which sent him on a tour of most of Western Australia, including performing with Ziggy Alberts on the Perth leg. The talented 21 year old has over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and it’s only early days.

The Tommyhawks –

The Tommyhawks ooze cool. The four-piece have worked at carving their name into the desk of the Australian music scene, while giving the finger to the teacher at the front. It’s difficult to describe their sound as they bounce all around the musical spectrum, one minute a summer-punk attitude complete with saxophone, the next a moody and withdrawn soliloquy, at all times fun and thoroughly listenable. Keep an ear out for the notoriously hard working and well gigged Tommyhawks, you’ll be glad you did.

Fernando Ferronato –

Classical guitarist Fernando Ferronato is a Brazilian musician and composer with the ability to manifest pensive moods through the sounds he creates on his instrument. He began playing at the age of twelve when his Godmother gifted him with his first guitar, since then he has honed his skills to a craft mirroring landscapes and the forces of nature. Often laced with a sense of urgency, seldom a gasp of air between the shower of notes and tones, the listener is kidnapped and hypnotised into a state of reflection.

The Fabric –…

The Fabric are an entourage of nine talented group members. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they write a contemporary style of orchestral drama-pop that is suited to the underground bars of the most liveable city in Australia. Angie McMahon is set upon a cloud of music, driven by a powerful brass section, ska-guitar, organs and more. Backed by skilled percussion, bass and a broad arsenal of sound, Ms McMahon is able to project her voice and story with complete confidence.

Luciole Langevine –

Luciole Langevine moulds with a tremendously vast selection of genres, much to the pleasure of her growing fanbase on SoundCloud. The recipe is straightforward, borrow music from various composers and fuse her vocals of mood and choosing inside. The result is exciting and frankly refreshing, a good concoction of sounds, featuring Luciole as her own remix.



Cat Clyde –

Cat Clyde’s seductively smooth voice conjures thoughts of a wild western saloon bar, complete with tumble weed, bar fight and burlesque. Insanely enjoyable music drives this scene, the slide guitar telling its tales of misfortune against the pulse of a drumbeat that may inspire mediocre air drumming attempts. Follow the link above to check out her nothing-short-of-epic album, ‘Ivory Castanets’.



Jangle –

An interesting fusion of sounds, Jangle gives listeners an eclectic yet harmonious blend of down-tempo chill out music. From deep bass lines, stringed instruments such as the harp, violin and guitar and fanciful but minimalist vocals, the spontaneity of his composure commands attention.

This music is fundamentally electronic, however it  maintains a warm and distinct human element.



Adam Yoo

Hailing from Canada, Adam Yoo creates a vibe that will mellow and melt you into your couch. His low-key chill out music seductively floats around the room, luring anyone within an earshot to eargasm. His SoundCloud page sits with thousands of listens and comments from his active and ever growing fan-base.

In 2016 he released his debut EP, DReAMS, available on BandCamp for purchase. The title track taking you to the beach, seagulls and waves crashing in the background while Adam nonchalantly slaps his guitar.


Thank you for stopping by and a big thanks to all of the artists from these episodes, you guys rock! Don’t forget to check out the playlists to stream these artists and more.

Until next time..


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