We’re Struggling To Keep Up..

It’s coming up behind us at the speed of light, flaming white hot, leaving only the smell of ozone. This is it. We’ve accomplished something, ladies and gents, but this was not our plan. You’re about to find out what lies in the ominous white space between the production and the upload, the great unknown gap between the ethereal myriad of possibilities and reality. Stripped bare, stark naked with nothing but ourselves, our cameras, and our big old dreams. Our last bit of footage is chomping on our heels. And by that I mean It appears..
we’ve caught up to.
Somebody get me a life jacket.

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  1. Beautiful family can see you’re tired. Give yourselves a break…..it will get better. Miss you guys

  2. Love the general wholesomeness you eminate .i personally thank you guys for reinforcing the realism of life and explaining how we all including yourselfs feel struggled .we love that you guys Did it your already there .
    Thank you once again
    Christopher And savannah Lovely
    Your cringiest friends 😉

  3. Time out for your little family, give yourselves a break, you are human remember, life is short, take it as it comes for now…..enjoy the ride.
    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift….that is why its called the present….enjoy your boys they are your gifts.
    Breath and take it all in, you are doing a great job. This video was lovely xo

  4. You guys are doing AWESOME!!!! Still love watching your videos! You’ll get back, just enjoy the wee one and getting your “routine” back! Much love from the US! ♥️

  5. I love you guys forever, I think managing a family in a boat this just amazing
    , and you have proved that!!

  6. I’m a single dad and have been researching my own boat for many years, just so inspired by you guys and Delos as well!! So happy to see you struggling through reality. I did it with my kids so just know it gets easier but the most important thing is that no matter who comes into your lives and what ever happens you must and truly rely on your love for each other. Do not forget there is nothing better out there than what you have for each other!! All the kid problems are a gift!! Try to enjoy all of it because in 5 minutes it will be over!! Love you guys!!! Keep going!!! ????

  7. Thank you for this nice video. Congratulations for the birth of Darwin. We also had a child a few months ago, we know what it is…Take your time and enjoy this special time.
    Greetings from the lake of Geneva (in Switzerland)

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