Subterranean Homesick Blues (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 61

We’re so close to home! (yet still so far). Rarotonga – Cook Islands is a hot spot for the people mostly of New Zealand to visit, when they’re in need of a little escape… and we can see why. The unprotected harbour wasn’t too flash, so we spent most of our time exploring land instead. Also, meet our pal Julian! Here to help with all things SLV for a month or two. Oh and please don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up pretty please! Love, Elayna xo






Song Credits:
00:10 Dominic Bennett – Away too Long
00:45 Sunset Overhead – Trent Herzman
02:00 No Qualms – Porch Guitar
02:43 Cotton Wool – Joe Mungovan
03:46 Hein Cooper – Rusty
05:47 Wait Outside – Getgogetter
06:42 Old Town – Dead Leaves
09:00 Dobrato Rubato On Mellow Street – Porch Guitar
10:40 The Years Drain Out – Trent Herzman
15:09 Wait Outside – Getgogetter

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  1. Had 2 beers with you guys, watching again today, was a great video ( the mountains, are awesome ) . Riley I would of liked to see you get the rooster. Take care guys, look forward to another vid next week.

  2. Hi Guys

    Looks like The Cook Islands are treating you well. I am super excited for my SLV pack to turn up. Another great video (The boss almost caught me watching it at work, but its all good! :p)

    Can’t wait for the next one.


  3. Not sure having a videographer is a good idea. I think we lose the spontaneity and personality in the videos.
    Still a big fan

  4. Hey guys, as usual, I came home to ur video, to which I very much look forward to seeing each an every Monday, so 2 thumbs up, you two always make my week, so from Lahaina, Maui Happy Halloween, hope you’re enjoying the day or evening somewhere in the Cook Islands, looking forward to next Monday..

  5. Hey Elayna and Riley,
    Thanks for another beautiful video; will be interesting to see you folks together and not necessarily behind the camera all of the time. You can tell you’re getting closer to Oz – your accents are coming back nicely- lol.
    Vaya con Dios,

  6. Thanks for another great video of a beautiful place and amazing views from the top of your hike. What a life style you two have.

  7. Nice video, great adventures. Keep sending them, I,’m traveling with you. Love from Paulo. Rio de Janeiro.

  8. Hi guys a few sailers I know carry a cat on board to sample the fish you catch for sicatira if the cat won’t eat it you shouldn’t ether

  9. As far as I can tell, I can’t give a “thumb’s up” on the link you send to watch your video. Only place to do that is on YouTube, unless I’m missing something. Is there a way to do it via the link you send?

  10. Ahoy! Riley & Elayna. And Hi to Julian too. Most enjoyable…as always.Too bad about the lack of fish. Plenty of sight-seeing.
    Great Life! Keep it up.

  11. I always love your videos! They keep me motivated working on my Bristol. I just put in new thru hulls and sea cocks. But found my caulk had started to set up at the end so worried they’d leak. I was up at night thinking about it and ways to test as if I just launch and they leak, then will have to pay more to haul back out.
    First I thought, duct tape on the outside and have a friend hold her hand on that to keep it from leaking and then hook a ten foot hose to the sea cock and fill with food coloring and water and tie it up to the mast and then look close. But thought I might just be able to not use water and so put the tape on the outside, and got my face under the sink and started sucking to see if it leaked. I detected a small leak and kept sucking until I got tired of it. But my face didn’t feel right. And when I looked in the mirror, saw I’d given myself a double lip hickie! I had a date that afternoon and the gal thought I had a birth mark!
    Anyway, keep up the good work! I splash next week!

  12. It was great to see the 2 of you together in this video, I could feel the closeness you share.
    As a fellow lover of all things coffee related, I was so glad you found a sweet cafè to enjoy a latte or two.
    Loved the slow motion addition of the locals jumping in the water.
    Keep doing what you do best guys, sail-film-explore-document-embrace freedom-love everyone, each other and yourselves. Namaste.
    Avidly watching you and best wishes from the UK.

    1. Post
  13. I’ll say it again and again GREAT VIDEO. I especially love the video of the island and the people . They look so happy especially the kids..Keep up the good work on the videos and I’ll be looking forward to next weeks….God Bless you both…and have fun…As always fair winds and calm seas….Captain Dave..aboard s/v Morning Star in Key West.

  14. As always love the video. I was wondering what you guys are going to name the Cat. Maybe have a ” fan base competition ” Winner gets a t-shirt? I don’t know just an idea. I have a question maybe you could email me….the way the world is today are you guys armed? Scary world out there. Be safe…..

  15. Absolutely wonderful videos ! Rrrr keep up the good work ye mateys! (Pirate speak for the spirit of it all) ? for the new film crew too. Jolly good and cheeryO then. Keep a glint in your eye and the wind at your back!

  16. Dear folks, I am watching constantly your episodes and I am enjoying them a lot. I find you very beutiful and lucky people and a lovely couple. I wish you good luck and safe sailing.

    A Dragon sailor from Finland.

  17. Hey Riley and Elena,

    I’ve been following you two for quite awhile now and congratulate you for the life you are building.

    You don’t have to publish this because it’s a bit of a personal question. But is everything okay with your relationship? Several times in the last few videos, I’ve had the distinct impression of sadness, a bit of forced happiness not quite covering an underlying shift. This, coupled with the casual comment that Riley was going to sail solo for awhile, the advent of a videographer, and Riley wearing headphones during the hike made me wonder if all is not well in paradise. I work with my wife, so I know how it can be tough to be with somebody 24/7, but I hope you guys are taking care of each other.

    Also, I’m a writer and own a production company that does a lot of travel programming for Travel Channel. I know how much work goes into the videos, especially editing and post production. So I can understand bringing a videographer on board and I think he did a great job. But it was different. It felt less spontaneous and slightly more posed — although it is nice to see you both in the shot — but it’s a bit of a tradeoff. Also, having somebody else on board will definitely change the dynamic of everything (even atoms change their behavior when they are observed, so the presence of a camera creates a bit of a performance dynamic). I know these videos are a source of income and allow you the freedom to do what you do. Perhaps there’s a happy balance that can be achieved if you guys shoot the videos and have somebody else edit them. You can upload the footage to the cloud, where an editor can access it anywhere around the word and do a rough cut, or even a fine cut, send it back to you and you can just do the final edits (or give notes for the editor). It might take some of the pressure off producing a show every week without having somebody on board after your friend leaves (perhaps he can do it).

    Anyway, l enjoy your intrepid spirit and have been a lifelong sailor on our family’s boat (a Whitby 45), so I know the ups and downs of sailing. You have taught yourselves well! I hope this isn’t too buttinsky of a correspondence, but part of the genius of your videos is that they make the audience care for you and even feel like they know you a bit. Perhaps the arrival of your videographer friend is part of a bigger push for more exposure, but don’t be mindful of the charm that got you started.

    Kindest Regards,

  18. Both of you are so blessed to experience what the majority of us can only dream of as always great video great senery and thankyou for sharing your dreams

  19. Hi Both
    Great movie again, nice to see both of you in same shoot
    without a streached arm in corner of picture

    I was wondering if you ever have encountered the huge amount of plastic waste in the ocean
    both in the Atlantic and in the pacific ocean
    like I have read about following this link

  20. Great video guys !!,! I’m always lost on time . I’m thinking your in Australia right now . I knew you sailed to the Cook Islands but thought you departed right away to home I’m confused ! Not knew…..

  21. Watched your video this morning great again guys .the wife and i have loved your vids since August when a friend said i need to watch these , all the best ian

  22. Cool Canadian folks with their Infinity. I especially liked their answers when you quizzed them. It’s the everyday things while at sea that you may no longer notice because it has become your usual life and environment. For me, not having been on any crossing and just doing coastal cruises, these experiences are sooo interesting and insightful.

    With all the commercial aspects of SLV I think things are getting better again for me as a spectator. Thanks a lot for sharing your story.

    Fair winds!

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