Sunshine, Sailing and Beats on the Sea (Episode 146, 147 and the Q&A)

Sailing La Vagabonde Music

Thank you to this fortnights featured artists, from episode  146 & 147 and the Q&A episode of Sailing La Vagabonde. Your music smashes it like a bull in a china shop.

Hey Vagabonds welcome to this fortnights music blog, featuring the artists from episode 146, 147 and the Q&A episode of SLV. Before we go any further, we would like to thank our featured musicians whole-heartedly. We love you and what you do! Our videos would be a shadow of what they are without your glorious tunes laced throughout. So thank you again.

We have become quite tech savvy over the years and have managed to proliferate our reach to most of the realms of social media. Two of those medias relate to the music aspect of our show, utilising them to help us expose the featured musicians. The massively popular platforms of Spotify and SoundCloud enable broadcast to our worldwide audience and provide listening on the go. They are well worth a look and can be found embedded below.

Have a look below for all of the episodes relating to this blog, they are also embedded quite conveniently below.


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A Q&A this weekend here onboard La Vagabonde!

Go to to pick up your free audible book with a 30 day free trial or text slv to 500-500 to get started. Happy listening! Cheers to the weekend our dear friends. We had some great questions from our patrons and from the public on our Facebook page so we decided to get busy for you today with this video. Lots of love from us ? Questions covered below: 05:29 Q1. Problems we encounter on board such as the engine 08:46 Q2. Carrying firearms on board 11:00 Q3. Plans for the future 13:37 Q4. La Vagabonde old and new 15:57 Q5. How we find hot spots / history when we arrive to new destination 17:35 Q6. Where will we be in 20-30 years time? 19:25 Q7. What boat would we buy knowing what we know now if we had $200k before we bought our first boat. Mono or cat? Those books Riley recommended on AI, in order of where to start to finish. Search these titles once you’re signed up! Superintelligence Paths, Dangers, Strategies – Nick Bostrom How to Create a Mind – Ray Kurzweil Life 3.0 – Max Tegmark Rise of the Robots – Martin Ford The Economic Singularity – Calum Chace

The Time I Broke our Boom – Behind the Scenes ‘How To’ videos Ep. 146

A 25+ knot wind day practicing manoeuvres for our ‘How To’ videos coming soon, resulted in a broken gooseneck (don’t try that one if you can avoid it ?). Any guesses as to who it was? Join myself, Riley, Steffen our German friend and the lovely Matthieu from France with our behind the scenes episode of the making of our videos. We’ll be releasing them in the coming months! Super excited to share them with you guys as we’ve had a ton of requests. But first we’ve gotta fix this boom…

Caribbean dreaming.. this is BOAT LIFE in tropical Antigua! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 147

La Vagabonde is anchored in beautiful Falmouth Harbour waiting on spare boat parts. Although it’s never a nice thing having your sailing plans based around logistics, Antigua is certainly not a bad place to be stuck for a while. We get salty with some freediving and hangout with you onboard. Enjoy! Videos made with love. Please give it a like and share if you like turtles ? Elayna xo

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Featured Artists


Cold Weather Company –…

Art-folk three piece Cold Weather Company are making waves, with ripples starting on the East Coast of the United States, steadily spreading to an international audience.

Their style is undoubtably more than the typical facade of folk music, running considerably deep.

The collaberation of rich vocal harmonies, intricate and intelligent musicianship, interesting and quirky interludes and huge progressive crescendos, are the hallmark for Cold Weather Company.

Les Frangines –

French outfit Les Frangines write music that brims with passion and warmth.

Fundamentally expansive indie-folk by nature, the band has laced the sensibilities of the genre with their own somewhat experimental brand of music.

Classical guitar chops underpin most songs, however contemporary drumming is used appropriately. The occasional feature of unorthodox instruments set the tracks alight.


L U M E N –

Lumen has been quiet on the music scene possibly having disbanded, if this is the case it is a shame.

Lumen’s music is as eclectic as the word can be. Derived from a hectic mix of drum and bass, trap-hop and electronica, there is a hectic array of sounds to catch.

However pseudo-discombobulating, Lumen makes for a psychedelic and otherworldly listening experience.


Natalie Bouloudis –

Natalie Bouloudis walks a line somewhere between blues-pop and indie-folk and despite the rigidity of categorisation, she leans into each genre showing balance and poise.

At times upbeat and pop, she contrasts her lighter self with a gut-wrenching, smoky, Winehouse-esk shadow.

Ultimately, her music is cinematic and beautiful, yearning and soaked with pain and hope.

Alon Barak

Alon Barak writes and records expressive and interesting music.

Employing a sound that is almost exclusively acoustic, Barak redefines melodic multi-instrumental style on his debut EP ‘Core Values’. Performing for more than a decade, his music shines with experience and passion.

After more than two years since his debut release, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Alon Barak for hints of a new album.


Climbing Trees –

Welsh four-piece rock outfit Climbing Trees have been making their mark on the European music scene, including notable appearances on the BBC.

Having completed a European tour, they were ready to take on the US and promote their latest single, ‘Fall’. However, there hasn’t been any news from Climbing Trees in quite some time.

Regardless, their music is characterised by sweeping soundscapes and perfect musicianship that floods your senses every listen. If you appreciate small details in music, please give Climbing Trees a go to satisfy your need for musical detail.

Dante Matas –

Dante’s music is so nice to listen to. Shimmering pop sensibilities massage against a practical and grounding indie rock sound.

Reminiscent of bands like Motion City Soundtrack and Ballpark Music, Matas’ latest work reflects upon contemporary indie-pop, while giving a sly nod to rock n roll forefathers like The Beatles and Paul Simon.

Where Dante really shines though is through his lyrics. Follow along and have a listen.


Gotam Sen

Gotam Sen has featured regularly on Sailing La Vagabonde, producing solid and versatile music that is well received by international listeners.

Sen’s vocal melodies are a standout; pensive and yearning, yet allowing the musical soiree to unfold with a karaoke style confidence.

Beneath the vocal charm, a bright musical composition pushes a driving rhythm. Bass lines walk a tightrope of standard drumbeats and features from other instruments introduce themselves sporadically.

Handmade Moments

Groovy, soul quenched music is the gold standard for indie-folk duo Handmade Moments.

Their songs ebb and flow along a slide of crescendos and breakdowns, keeping things alive and perking interest.

Anna and Joel harmonise like kindred spirits, the slap of the double bass pulsing behind them, bringing to mind visualisations of down stairs dive bars during prohibition. Notably, the whine of the violin stitches its own unique route through most songs.

Heeblay –

Producing an eclectic, calming and enchanting soundscape, Gold Coast local Heeblay successfully delivers a layered texture of sounds backed by a evocative and soothing vocal.

The low key chanting of words resonates amidst a cluster of stringed, wind and percussive instruments the likes of which would be difficult to pronounce let alone play.

Heeblay has recently released the album ‘Something Big and Beautiful Like the Sky’ which is available on Bandcamp and everywhere else.

Luciole Langevine –

Luciole Langevine moulds with a tremendously vast selection of genres, much to the pleasure of her growing fanbase on SoundCloud.

The recipe is straightforward, borrow music from various composers and fuse her vocals of mood and choosing inside.

The result is exciting and frankly refreshing, a good concoction of sounds, featuring Luciole as her own remix.

Rory Laye –

Rory has a strong following on SoundCloud, subscribers who are thirsty for hearty sing-songs that tell stories the way only blues can do.

Influenced by greats such as Marley, Dylan, Morrison, King, Hendrix and many more, Rory flexes his musical chops in a similar fashion.

Opting to record Lo-fi, the sound works well, each string resonating as it is struck against the plectrum like rain on a tin roof. Rory’s husky vocal provides a wonderfully emotive melody to follow as he shares his story.

Tashaki Miyaki –

Music conjuring an oh-so-tasty spin of the so-cal steering wheel down to a beach like Malibu, Venice or even Laguna, hitting the good vibes and sounding grimy as the local dive bar.

Downing dollar shooters never had a better soundtrack, and Tashaki Miyaki keep it quality, with reverb laden vocal tracks that palpate against the fuzz of lazy guitar riffs and the occasional violin for good measure.

Listen up if you want to dream of the Californian sun beating down on your surfboard while enjoying a dripping ice-cream cone, man.


More information about the featured artists above, can be found by clicking the links next to their respective names. The links will take you to a page personally selected by each musician or band, where you can listen to or purchase their music and merchandise. It would also be such a great help and show of support if you share this blog or the individual musicians you particularly enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog and see you next week!


Sailing La Vagabonde Music


Alon Barak –

Cold Weather Company –…

Climbing Trees –

Dante Matas –

Gotam Sen –

Handmade Moments –


Les Frangines –

Luciole Langevine –

L U M E N –

Natalie Bouloudis –

Rory Laye –

Tashaki Miyaki –













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