Surviving a LIGHTNING STORM and serious Boat Repairs WEEKS from land! Ep.3

It was a crazy few days of electrical storms, massive downpours and repairs. Check out our third video of a six part series of crossing the Atlantic!
Thanks to everyone who supported our Kangaroo Island Bushfire campaign. We were advised by GoFundMe of another $5,000 AUD is due to come through since we did the transfers to the two nominated funds. We will be sending that through this week. Our campaign is now closed but if you would like to see how you can help, more information here.

If you missed the first episode with Greta click here to catch up!
Atlantic Crossing Playlist

Song Credits:
00:00 Iawo – Demand
01:21 Luis Trindade – Estranged
05:54 Jimmy Pinch – J’aime Le Soleil
09:31 Lies – Barack
12:21 Jack and the Weatherman – Rock Bottom
17:13 Airline Food – They Wouldn’t Want to Know

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    1. Greetings Mark,

      Once you are in their YouTube video, look at the little picture of Elaina and Riley just under the video where it says.:
      Sailing La Vagabonde 1,33 mio. subscribers
      Then you click that, it will take you into their YouTube channel, then you can just scroll up and down. You can start from episode 1, unless you are like me and just watch them through in non chronological order haha, I put a “Thumbs Up” on each episode to keep track.
      Best regards,

  1. Having a lot of fun armchair sailing with you across the Atlantic 🙂

    On an ocean passage like this you carry some kind of drogue or parachute anchor in case you caught in extreme conditions?

    PS: if you’re going to spend some time in Europe the West coast of Scotland can be really beautiful. Mountains, long sea lochs, ever-changing light, and so many islands to explore: Mingulay, St Kilda, Colonsay, Islay (with some of the world’s best whisky), Skye, Eigg…

  2. Outstanding video – possibly your best – it has humor ( Lennie’s smile is just wonderful – he makes me smile) – it has drama ( electrical storm) – and more drama ( Riley climbing up the mast) – it has human emotion by the ton ( testimonial from Kaola Island)

    My hat’s off to you all!

  3. love the matching red and black squares lenny and elayna had on. called buffalo plaid. great sailing video ryan

  4. always a great video, thanks. for something a little more fun and exciting check out seasondering .com. two girls having an sailing adventure of a life time.

  5. Great sailling video. Keep sendind them for our pleasure to sail with you! Love from Paulo Rio de Janeiro.

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