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  1. Hi guys ..

    Thank you for the guide , there is a lot of good and valuable information in it , for us newbes … Good formát , good presentation and language used .. It’s very readable and easy to understand , just keep adding to it as you go , that’s kinda of key …

    I stumbled on to your channel and videos completely by accident and have really enjoyed your antics and shaggans .. They do you smile , keep them coming , good format like that you make them between 10-20 minutes long . Good choice ,

    Keep safe and keep going , keep living your dreams , you got the rest of us beat .;)

    And remember take from the ocean only what you need , touch the earth softly and go gently

    Peace and luv …..

  2. I know this might not be the right page, but how can I get the book. I’ve started watching the series, and I’m super interested in the book. The links to get it won’t work. Please help if you can.

    – Alex

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